Everyone you meet theyre jamming in the streets

Songtext von Lionel Richie - All Night Long Lyrics

Everyone you meet they're jamming in the street. All night long, everybody c'mon! be good, feel good [Chorus 2] All night long, all night, all night long, all night. See you then. Amy and I wish you all a Happy, Hopeful New Year full of Peace, Love, Amy set up our home for everyone to stay here, looked after us and cooked her On another note, please check out our 80 minute Blind Date Jam video Tom and his band have been healing our planet with their music for decades. See, on Carson Street after dark, people are mingling all up and down the street and in the joints. Everyone was in the streets, the fundamental place where the magic was created. there in the cellar, you get up every morning, you are going to make their fire, and And we used to have little jam sessions on the corners.

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