Fifth harmony meet and greet tumblr png

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fifth harmony meet and greet tumblr png

Camila-Dinah-Normani Relationship. Dinormila is the relationship between Fifth Harmony members, Camila Cabello, Dinah Jane Hansen. Fifth Harmony perform on the 'Today Show' Citi Concert Series on May. Find this Pin and more on Normani See More. tumblr_nqppmkZJIC1tl1hfwo1_png ( ×) · HamiltonFifth from · 5HonTour (Fifth. /music/artists/the/news/matty-healy-themeet-greet-guns-america/ .

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I walk over Demi says nothing, just stands there smiling towards the camera and the lady takes the one Then I real quick turn to Demi and I'm like "hi im bipolar and anorexic and you've saved my life twice tysm you're my idol and inspiration" she's still just smiling towards the camera, btw, intently focused on keeping the same face so all the pictures come out good and identical.

Then she turns her head for a second, looks me in the eyes still with the same smileand gives me the shittiest " I walk away like "ummm wtf just happened". The lady outside is like "how was meeting demi?

D" and I just did a "haha I'm glad I paid for it 4 months ago so I don't feel as ripped off". Kehlani and Khaled were great. Demi was good, but also she barely moves around the stage anymore probably because she doesn't want her extensions to fall out, so she was kind of underwhelming.

Her technique is a lot better than it was before, but her vocals in the Future Now tour were honestly a bit stronger. Her setlist was also kind of meh. In the middle, she preached about how "for anyone out there with an eating disorder, or bipolar, or insecurities, or self-harm: Also, she had an unhealthy obsession with the thing on the stage that goes up and down into the floor.

If I could go back in time or met her againI would love to say some of the following: Are you kidding me? You barely acknowledged any of them.

At least look at us. How are you about to go off in interviews about how you are so appreciative of your fans and so shook when they say you are their inspiration and that you saved their lives, then be so unaffected and dismissive when the cameras aren't rolling?

How are you about to build your career off of being an advocate for mental health, etc. You've had 3 top ten hits out of like 8 albums, and one of them was from Camp Rock. You have no right to feel like you're so "above" your fans who put you where you are today ie the least successful ex-act oops Your attitude is legitimately dangerous and irresponsible. The kinds of people that you pander to bipolar, eating disorders, self harmers, etc.

If you are literally a significant part of why they're alive and persevering to the point where they would pay half a grand to meet you and tell you that and you completely dismiss them and take that inspiration away, you are going to make someone kill themselves. She had just been removed from the drip upstairs to have another one inserted.

She was still putting on a brave face and smiled at me when I took a seat next to her. As soon as everything was set up, the nurse left and I only had eyes for the woman wearing her regular clothes again instead of the hospital gown. The voice belonged to the young man sitting next to Lauren in another chair and receiving medication as well. He was probably around our age and admittedly very attractive. He had light-brown hair, a pair of vivid blue eyes and an unmistakably muscular physique according to the exposed muscular arm that was also being injected.

Am I that obvious? This is a safe place. What happens in here, stays in here. But I can give a very important tip: If they like you, they let you choose where you want to sit. And right now we have the best seats in this entire place. This place is better than any soap opera. Genetic and very aggressive.

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And there was no jealousy at all on my part. It was relief more than anything. As empathic as I could be, I would never fully understand what she was going through. She always comes by in her lunch break and eats something disgustingly healthy. I put my hand on her arm and tenderly stroked the soft surface. To say anything other than that she was beautiful would have been a lie.

This is my wife Amber. If it were up to him he would eat hamburgers all day. Do you want one? Do you know where I can find a coffee vending machine down here?

It was probably true what they said about southern hospitality because the couple was very forthcoming. We chatted about what we did for a living and where Lauren and I came from until Amber touched upon the subject that was inevitable. Chemotherapy and recovery in general can be just as grueling to the spouse. He is the southern gentleman and always prides himself in the fact that he is the man taking care of the woman.

He had football scholarship and basically played every sport you could think of until…he became too weak to even get out of bed. It was giving up his independence. He needed my help for the most basic things and that really took a toll on him.

So much so, that he resented me for it. But when you make it through those hard times in the beginning, your relationship will be stronger than ever. You just have to keep fighting, just like Lauren. If you are mindful of that, things will work out just fine.

You just have to make it through those first rough patches and everything else will fall in line. We reached the Chemotherapy Unit to see Lauren and Adam laughing wholeheartedly. The image warmed my heart instantly as I took my seat next to her. I froze for a second when I saw the name flashing on the display. She took a deep breath before putting it on speaker.

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Even I felt guilty for not interfering or pressuring the older one to come clean about her illness to her family. Was she going to tell her? I have to prepare and get everything in order. Do you want to be the reason for that? You made me a mother; you made me a parent. I trust you, Camila. A secret that would really hurt her once she found out. I looked at Lauren and saw a little panic in her green eyes. She knew I was having a hard time not being completely truthful. Because we both know that if it were up to Lauren she would get married…in a forest somewhere!

My eyes looked up again to see Adam and Amber getting ready to leave. The couple waved at us with smiles on their faces before leaving the unit holding hands. Lauren and I waved as well before returning to the phone call.

fifth harmony meet and greet tumblr png

Clara kept talking about her wedding plans and Lauren vetoed every proposal. It was funny to hear them interacting and basically sassing each other until the older woman gave up. She was still going to plan but left if it up to us whether or not we would consider her ideas. After the phone call, Lauren and I talked casually about what Adam had told her concerning the hospital staff. It was definitely entertaining to hear the stories, or rumors, going around in the unit.

Time flew by until Lauren was done with her dose and finally able to leave the hospital. I just wanted to take her back to her apartment where she felt more at home.

She immediately wanted to lie down and I did the best I could to help her. Probably a mixture of all of them. Is it just me or is it freezing in here? Walking by her closet, I went in and pulled out a thick sweater for her to wear. She flinched subtly and I realized it was the drainage tube in her chest that apparently caused discomfort when she tried raising her arm. Leaning in, I assisted her by pulling over the sweatshirt so she dressed more warmly.

She smiled gratefully before lying back down. There was a big bruise on the back of her hand where the cannula had been so I avoided the blue area instantly.

Adapting is not that hard when I get to spend time with you in return. She could probably hang out with you or show you around and go shopping and stuff. I continued caressing the cold skin of her hand until she had fallen asleep. But that was justified in my eyes.

Remembering what the blonde woman had told me earlier in the day, I was definitely concerned on how this would all affect us. More worried than I wanted her to know. The following two weeks were rough on Lauren; especially the first one. Going from being constantly working and on the road, to basically being in bed all day was slowly a taking a toll on the older woman. It was almost becoming a habit of hers to push herself until she was completely exhausted. I hated it whenever we stayed outside for too long because it was freezing.

The fact that we were experiencing an especially cold October in New York made things worse. Her immune system was weakened and I was scared whenever we got home and she had become a popsicle.

Unfortunately, her ambitious ways made it harder on herself than it needed to be. I understood her need to get back to normal but I wished she would take things slow and listen to her body when she felt her energy levels dropping. Because every time she wore herself out, there was an even longer recovery time needed afterwards. I caught her watching old performances of herself many times. I did the best I could to care for her and make sure she was eating healthy and enough.

Her appetite was almost non-existent. She did it for me, I felt. The struggle was evident whenever she took a very long time to finish even the smaller portions. I was walking a very fine line between being supportive and overbearing. Today was the day of her second dose of meds at the Chemotherapy Unit.

I was extremely nervous. Lauren was not back to hundred percent and I was afraid the new round of meds would set her back even further than the last time. At least the drainage tube was gone and her incision was healing nicely. The surgery had been a complete success because her margins were clear.

It was the drip next to my chair that made me anxious. The green-eyed woman was sitting in the same chair as last time and halfway done with her drip when Dr. Phelps came by to check up on her. We talked about her status and how she was dealing with the chemotherapy in general. Even the doctor advised Lauren to take it slow in the beginning until her body had the necessary time to adjust.

I can give them your contact information when they come in the next time. Who is the patient? His first name is Adam and he was here with his wife Amber. It was important to have a support system beyond me and her friends. Someone she could relate to.

fifth harmony meet and greet tumblr png

Phelps revealed with genuine condolence. My heart sank but my eyes focused instantly on the woman sitting next to me. The last bit of color vanished from her face. Her lips parted slightly in shock and I detected a little tremble in her lower lip. The beautiful green eyes looked dangerously close to tearing up before she clenched her jaw and nodded. It was obvious how hard this hit her although she tried to remain calm.

He had been the only patient she had connected with and his positive attitude would have been so good for her. The idea that he was now dead was gruesome. A part of me wished there was a way to reach out to her because she had been so nice to me. But my focus was solely on Lauren and I needed her to focus on her own journey. I was unsure on what to do but placed my hand on top of hers so she would look at me.

She seemed a little in shock. This was an obvious sign that she did not want to talk about it right now and I saw no good in pressuring her. Instead, I held on to her hand and kept reading the book in my hand.

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Getting back to the apartment, Lauren had still not spoken a single word expect for a few mumbles when I tried making pointless conversation. We were standing on opposite sides in the kitchen when I made another attempt to get her to speak. It reminded me of what Amber had predicted. And I get it, ok? Maybe there was some truth to me being overly careful but I never would have thought it would amount to her thinking that. Once Lauren got started it was hard for her to stop and I prepared myself but also made a step towards her in hopes to calm her down.

Her eyes were visibly filling with tears. They both basically had a death sentences on them when they first got diagnosed. And like you said, they still fought and beat the odds for a long time. You made me a promise with that ring whether you want to or not. I am holding you to it. She slid down the kitchen counter she had been leaning against and buried her face in her hands. I walked over immediately now and sat down next to her on floor. My arms wrapped around her slim waist before putting her head on my shoulder.

She was shaking while the gut-wrenching sobs escaped her lips. Softly pressing my lips against her temple, she whispered something that sent a cold shiver down my spine. What could I possibly say when the love of my life was crying uncontrollably in fear, exhaustion, frustration and anger? There were no magical words to sooth her. All I could think of was holding her as close as I possibly could and kissing her hair, temple and forehead while she let herself feel what she suppressed so strongly.

There were only a handful of moments I was able to recall where she had cried like this. That was probably why it was so incredibly hard to witness when she did. It was rare but harrowing.

Lauren suddenly jumped up and stumbled towards the sink. I got up just as quickly when the sound of her laborious heaving reached my ears. She was vomiting heavily and I used my free hand to rub her back soothingly. This was the first time she had thrown up since her treatment had started. The new dose was obviously making an impact on her strained body already. She had been nauseous before but not to a point where she would empty the little content her stomach contained.

Her breakdown just now could be good thing if she started acknowledging the fact that she was indeed sick.