Inside the freak show meet barkers

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inside the freak show meet barkers

ghost story but a freak on display in a sideshow" (76). . Heeding the barker's command,. "Come one! . meet the character's or the camera's gaze. Instead. Where Cinema's Dark Sisters Meet Paul Meehan The film begins with a carny barker giving his spiel at the freak show in front of a crowd of ordinary. especially the locations and functions of the so-called freak shows and other Inside, you will meet the lecturer (still not a "barker"), who will introduce you to.

Singing your pitch can reveal places where a pause or change of volume can have a big impact. You might want to find The Carl Stalling Project: Music From Warner Bros. Cartoons, — ; the music here is very emotive. It is episodic, rich, and full. Look at the script of your words and pretend to assign a musical phrase to each one.

Consider the importance of the word to your overall message. What word needs to bleed? Which ones need to dance, which ones to crawl? This gives you creative hooks to experiment with both cadence and dynamic range. What you are doing here is learning to emphasize words: Imagine Meryl Streep enunciating her best part to a Bugs Bunny soundtrack as she is learning it.

There is an added benefit of fun to squeezing and unpacking your pitch into cartoon music. You sweep the cobwebs out of the dusty corners of your mind and you may even get an unexpected creative spark — or simply lift your spirit as you elevate and hone your words.

But there is so much to learn by carefully listening to some of the great musical vocalists. Their delivery of lyrics can take words from ordinary to sublime. Try this exercise for yourself.

inside the freak show meet barkers

Read these Amy Winehouse lyrics. Now, read them out loud as entertainingly as you can. Now, find her performance of the same song and listen to Amy craft those lyrics into a rollercoaster ride. She climbs, climbs, climbs and then jumps onto a balloon made of cotton candy.

She simmers on the kettle of a popcorn popper, getting hotter and hotter, and then unexpectedly explodes! She growls and whispers, intimates and betrays. She takes you to school on how to vocalize a boring script. Find a great vocalist you enjoy and study their delivery. Look at their lyrics before listening to them craft them into something more.

Where do they pause, punch it up, or suddenly soften? What inspiration can you find for your own pitch? Deliver with dynamic range. Use cadence for impact. Use arrows to show where your ups and downs are volume, speed, and intensity. Where will you breathe? What speed do you use to deliver certain lines? Use fluorescent highlighters for emotions and feelings.

Then use this to practice. Mark up your script to remind yourself of pauses, inflections, speed, and other elements to remember during rehearsal. Actors learn over time how to mark up their script. They can do it in the hallway minutes before an audition. Using their own symbols, they transform a handful of sugar into a giant cotton candy confection.

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With experience, you too can spin a dull pitch into impactful verbal art in minutes. Use this to push the words out into the world. The more you find and use your emotive vocabulary, the easier it becomes. Use your marked-up script to hone your pitch into a performance that no one can turn away from.

Word is, no special words are required. A few good cracks, and an explanation or two, and a few promises. Strain your credibility a time or two. Make some phony misleading guarantee. Bullshit them about your acts. Play it by ear, fly by the seat of your pants. Use words that will cause your prospects to create images in their minds that they cannot resist the desire to examine.

He is real, he is alive, you can talk to him, he will answer your questions. Johann truly did have huge hands, and this was very impressive, and noisy. Exploit the monkey side of Curious George. The crowd wants to go with them and see what they do. The Bally Talker facilitates this. He pulls rank, he insists, he has the authority, he is in charge. This has been previously established. During the bally, it was established that he is in charge, the freaks obey him, a volunteer from the audience obeys his instructions.

It is firmly established in the minds of the crowd that he is to be obeyed. He is the Ringmaster of oddities, The Hype master General. With a dash of Freud.

Publicist to the Freaks. I hope I do as good a job teaching this as you did. The customer is served directly over the counter from the griddle, juice bowl, etc. Circus grab joints had no seating of any kind for the townspeople.

inside the freak show meet barkers

Only seating for them was in the big top. Some carnival grab joints do have seating all around stand. Most of the shows on carnival midways today are grind shows, the grind blaring over the midway from an audiotape loop and sound system.

GRIP — A wad of money. Some of them were. Much of the game was given over to broad comedic shenanigans on the court. Most heat was caused by illegal activities of a show, but not always by the show involved.

Performers use nails-called spikes-screwdrivers, icepicks, etc.

P. T. Barnum’s 10 Most Famous Human “Freak” Show Attractions

Often, the act also included bringing the objects back up at will, in which case it became a regurgitation act. Any number of wolf boys, lion-faced men and dog faced boys were born with the condition. In a fair, for example, the independent midway could consist of booths for local businesses, food stands raising money for fraternal organizations, even shows such as might appear on the carnival midway such as reptile shows, motordromes, etc.

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Troupers also referred to rowdy places of business and whore houses as joints. Often, acts lecture on themselves, especially the human oddities. In the history of the business, there were also white performers with an over-pigmentation, giving them a reverse appearance of the black performers. LOT — The show grounds. MARK — A carnival term for townspeople. The shows would usually consist of some amount of performance small plays, stand up comedians, minstrels, etc.

How to Seize Attention with the Secrets of a Sideshow Barker

MIDWAY — In its broadest sense, the location where all the concessions, rides and shows are located in a circus, fair or carnival. Of course, a carnival is basically nothing but midway; in a circus, the midway is just that: There were also sketches, jokes, etc. Such individuals might also be called Wolf Boys, Dog Boys, etc.

Grace McDaniels, perhaps the most famous mule-faced performer, purportedly owed her appearance to facial tumors. The show might contain specimens that are preserved, such as taxidermied or mummified freak animals, or other exotic items of interest, such as the weapons used by famous murderers.

Also called a still show. NUT — The operating expenses of a show daily, weekly or yearly. The story is that the word came into usage after a creditor came onto a circus grounds and took the nuts off the wagon wheels.

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The nuts went back on the wheels and the show moved that night. Such paintings were often scenic or historic in nature. Famous examples have been Betty Lou Williams and Laloo. Two-headed human babies, joined together twins, etc. Also normal specimens from one to eight months. Not India rubber as many believed, these specimens were repulsive to some, but highly educational for millions of others.

PINHEAD — Human oddity afflicted with microcephally, the head coming to a point, a fact which was often further emphasized by leaving a top knot of hair to emphasize the head shape. The spectators stood around the four sides and looked down into the pit.

It can refer to those inside the show or the bally platform on the front of the show. It was seldom a true indicator of academic pedigree, though it could well represent a wealth of knowledge about the public at large.