Linebeck and link meet

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linebeck and link meet

Linebeck together?" - Page 3. I hope there's some Link/Linebeck the third soon . DAT HAT. People even pair up characters that never meet. Link meets Linebeck in the Temple of the Ocean King on Mercay Island early in his journey. He is told about Linebeck by Oshus, an old man. So i think Linebeck whished to be in Links world after Phantom grave at the Trading Post, where you'll meet Linebeck III, that mentions "Here.

Even though it's our day off, I wanted to go to the festival today. It's starts in a few minutes, so who's in with me! Of course the others were excited about this-a festival was a perfect idea.

Maybe Linebeck could stop thinking about the lad over there. He knew that his eyes never left Link's tiny body. Link's big blue eyes shine against the rusty mirrors, his golden locks always had a sweet and warm sweet of the sun.

Everything about this boy was making feel all strange inside, he just needed the break right now. Linebeck couldn't help chuckle at this. The waitress should be here soon,'' Linebeck said as he was looking the other way so he wouldn't look at Link's pretty face. You better be right, mister 'cause the Miss hates her food to late,'' Gonzo said as he was trying to be the tough guy around the group, of course Tetra gave him a look saying ''you're crazy I was just telling the lady it's going to be okay You don't need to get fussy about it,'' the man said as he didn't look at Gonzo.

Gonzo was about to say something when Link placed a hand on his face. He looked at his captain who was acting a bit funny at the moment.

He was about to say something to his captain when he noticed the waitress coming towards their table. Linebeck felt safe now Well for now though The pirate crew were so excited that they were talking and laughing with each other.

linebeck and link meet

Tetra couldn't help smile at them. The town is so pretty when it's morning,'' Link said as he walked around in a small circle. It felt strange having a break, usually they were doing something-but today was very different Tetra knew that her crew needed a break. She swift her ocean blue eyes at Linebeck who was looking at the other direction, but she knew that his eyes were trying to look at Link.

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He then looked at Link who was making faces to Niko, who was laughing. The man couldn't help just chuckled at the slight of the young boy. He knew that he needed to control himself at the moment because he was in the public; he swift his eyes to the other side to see the others going to a different direction. Even though he didn't really know the others pirate's name, he just wanted to follow them so he could stop thinking about Link.

Tetra looked at Link who was with Niko and Gonzo. He looked so cute having so much fun like that. Link turn away with a big warm smile on his gentle face. I'll be there soon Have fun, tetra, oh yeah, tell the Captain I say 'hello'' for me,'' Link said as he waved to her. Tetra waved back at him; he was such a sweet and brave kid She wondered why Linebeck couldn't just tell him the truth.

She shook her head and waved back as she walked away. As Linebeck was walking anywhere so he couldn't see the lad. He then saw a Tetra looking around, he shook his head, he seriously didn't want this drama to be helping. Wait, why was he calling hr 'drama' for, she didn't do anything wrong at the moment.

Maybe it was because he was so stressed out that he didn't know what the hell he was thinking right now. Of course, he knew when she had her smirk on-it meant trouble. Tetra, however, knew that he was just trying to say that so she could just leave. He grin at her. I know the rules, lassie Why are you here, I thought you were going to play the games,'' Linebeck said as he was reaching into his pocket. Of course he was going to smoke, seriously he was going to smoke on a beautiful day. Everything was making Linebeck just upset at the moment, he wanted to be alone.

At the same time, he didn't want to be rube to the pirate girl, once he got the cigarette out of his pocket-he lit it up. He placed the stick in his mouth. Tetra just shook her head and did the same thing, expect she was using the candy ones. Linebeck could tell everyone was having fun, he remember that when he was a young lad-he used to love the big festivals, but today was very different Oh dear, it seems like the captain was very upset at the point where he wanted to say something He let out a sigh; however, when he did that it let out of fog of smoke.

Tetra let out a giggle, Linebeck swift his eyes to her. Is that a bad thing? Tetra asked as pretend to blow out smoke from the candy. She turn her head to see people having lots of fun laughing and doing other things. She smiled at this. However, Linebeck knew that pirate girl was very clever at these types of things like these, he swift his muddy green eyes to the other side to see some women talking and giggling-he knew that they were talking about him.

The man smirked, of course he didn't really care for the women he only cared for one person and that person was The Hero of Winds, Link. Tetra noticed this and just rolled her eyes at this, why would women like these do these types of things in front of children.

She just found it very disrespectful and stupid at the same time. The pirate bit her candy and turn to Linebeck who was taking a other smoke form the cigarette. When he said the name ''Lee'', Tetra knew that he was trying to say Link's name, but the captain was stubborn like a cat.

The pirate girl started to chuckle very lightly at this. She bit her candy and began to walk away from the man. Linbeck sigh and followed the girl who was heading to a candy store, of course she was going there. Tetra nodded too, and went inside the store to get more candy for herself.

Once she went inside, Linebeck closed his eyes and wondered why was the haunting him now? Now what the hell am I supported to do right now! As he was trying to find a way to hide from the hero, he didn't notice that Tetra was standing behind him. What on the earth are you doing getting so work up about? Of course Tetra was going to say something when her ocean blue eyes landed on her male best friend. She knew it-ahe knew that the man had a thing for the boy, but he was afraid to admit his feeling to lad.

As Link, Niko, and Gonzo were laughing and having such a wonderful time. Link giggled when Gonzo said something funny, and of course Linebeck blushed of the slight of hearing the voice of the young boy, he turn away. Link swift his blue eyes to Niko and began to talk to him.

My, my, the captain seemed like he wanted to attack the boy so badly right now. Well it's just say that Link won a game, got a prize, gave it to his captain and said in a very sexy-like tone, ''I got this for you, captain I'm you like it 'cause it remind me of you''' the rest-Linebeck didn't want to remember at this point. Tetra came back with a candy apple. I may be a girl; however, I know when a fellow like you want that 'treasure','' she said as she gave him her usual wink.

Linebeck turn away from her. He knew that the girl was right about this, but how was he supported to get the treasure he waited for so long. He needed a plan out of this. The man tap his chin and turn to his attention to the girl. Tetra smirk faded and was replaced with a big grin on her beautiful tan skin.

What on earth was she looking like that for? He was getting a bit freaked out about that, his muddy green eyes swift to Link's body. He felt himself licking his lips.

Everything about Link was driving him insane. I never did anything with him. Crap, now he was in trouble. Tetra was smirking, it was so childish of him lying to her about some person named Lee. She knew from the start that it was Link, but she just wanted to tease him. She bit her candy apple and spoke again.

Seriously was this guy dumb or something. Tetra didn't mean it like that, she meet how did they met in the first place, but no he was taking it the wrong way and this was starting to piss her off. I just want to know how did you meet Link? And besides, why on the hell should I tell you!

Tetra knew that he was just being dumb about this, she knew that it was scary to admit your feeling to that person. Tetra groan, and grab his arm as he slowly turn his head to face her.

What did you just call me! Of course everyone hated being called 'bratty' but he wasn't in the mood to play around now. I called you a little brat because you are one! He was making a big deal out of nothing, she just wanted to have a friendly tease with him but no, the big baby take it too far and his stupid feelings get hurt.

Tetra moved her eyes to see people were staring at this and she turn red,; however, they stooped and they began to mind their business. That is why I hat big cry babies, also he's embarrassing! She looked up to stare into Linebeck's muddy green ones. You know something, ever since I met you, you have been one rude and sassy little girl! My, he was getting upset.

Ha, let's see who could come with the better comment. Tetra looked down at her feet for a minute, Linebeck thought he hurt the girl. Great now he was feeling guilty by calling her a rat-face. He open his mouth to speak. It's just that I wasn't in the mood right now a-and-'' he cut himself off when he saw Tetra lifting up her head and smirking at him.

You actually that those hurt me, my dear, Linebeck. You are so dead wrong,'' she said as she giggled making the man angry. Linebeck shouted, ''How dare you think of me as a fool! I'm no fool, who the hell do you think you are little spoil brat! She smirk and said,'' Well at least I'm not some pedo-bear! Tetra did also actually, she was planning to make something up but that came to mind. Was someone just insulting me? Oh well, back to de story However Linebeck didn't have time to play games with a child.

He just needed time alone. His swift to Link, who was playing with the other two pirates; the captain didn't give a crap right now! He wanted Link right now!

Link was playing ring toss and he was excited that he was winning. Gonzo clapped for him, while Niko was cheering his name on. He nodded at his friends. When he was about to throw the last ring he felt someone gripping his wrist tightly, he turn his head to see his captain! Why did he look so angry at the moment?

Gonzo noticed this and was about to do something when he noticed how Linebeck had a very scary expression on his face. The man knew that he wasn't doing the right thing by hurting his 'treasure' but at the moment he didn't care. Link let out a tiny groan. It hurts, let me go! Once they gone, Niko picked up the ring and tossed it onto the bottle. Let's go see the others. It hurts, Captainm please-Ahh! He felt his back was in pain that he was trying to raise a hand when his captain grab it by surprise.

Why was his captain acting so strange. Linebeck nibble Link's neck. It felt so strange why did it feel so familiar, as he was kissing the neck; Link tried to speak but nothing came out. Linebeck wanted him to make the noise. The sound was so sweet coming from Link's pinkish lips. The older man let his left hand do the job down there. Link tried to fight back the feeling but it felt so thing, then he felt his captain kissing his ear, cheek, and he felt his breath.

My goodness, was his breath smell so good at the moment. Link never felt so good and scared at the same time, he was pleasing his captain to spotted this to him, but the captain wanted him to make feel good. Please Captain just stop! He closed his eyes tightly trying to think of happy thought but nothing came to mind. Make the captain stop Linebeck stopped what he was doing.

He closed his eyes letting the tears falls down his tan skin. Why was he hurting the only thing that truly freaking matter to him; he didn't want to lose to him. He felt his captain trembling with sadness, Link knew that in his heart that he needed to comfort him. The Hero of Winds placed a free hand on Linebeck's back and began to rub his back. Linebeck kept letting the tears fell from his eyes, he didn't care for anything right now I was a stupid idea to think that Link will love him back.

linebeck and link meet

Ha, yeah right, that was child-play, why would he love a young boy like Link. Linebeck hated to show his emotions to anyone.

Link thought for a bit when he wiped the tears of his captain. He smiled making Linebeck look very confused why was he doing this for Did he really say ''I love you'', but how even though they weren't nothing This was so confusing right now; Link lift up his head and spoke in a gentle voice, ''Captain Not to be mean or anything but why was this kid playing dumb, didn't he see that he was trying to do something bad to the hero.

Of course, Link saw the good in people. Link began to walk closer to the captain. Of course, Linebeck let out a chuckle. He wanted to toughed this kid up but something in him was stopping him from doing that. Link blushed at the touch of his captain finger touching his chin, he couldn't himself-he tipped toe.

linebeck and link meet

It wouldn't take long The kiss was so sweet and different; different in a good way because the kiss was coming from someone pure, The Hero of Winds. The captain gently closed his eyes, wrapped his arms around Link's tiny waist. The kiss was so gentle and warm that Linebeck apart. Linebeck smirked and slid his tongue in.

Their tongues were playing with each other Linebeck kissed the boy's chin and said,'' I know Sometime Later Linebeck pant as he got off the boy's, my goodness, that was one wild ride.

He never do it before, and never with a boy as the matter of fact. He began to catch his breath. Link, that was great, I think we should Linebeck wanted to wake up the sleeping hero but he stare at him.

Link was just laying on the ground sleeping like a kitten. He swift his round trying to cover his nude body, while Linebeck was putting in his clothes back on, but he stare at his blue coat.

The was nude, the man didn't want to wake him and put on his clothes. This was going to be very hard to decided, leaving the boy nude or waking him up, he sigh as he ran a finger there his locks. Then he decided, he gently began to folded the clothes of the young hero, once he was done doing that, he turn to Link. My, it was so strange The feeling of being love by your treasure dog but the strange thing was when they were making love, Link kept saying that he love Linebeck but the captain didn't say a word to him, maybe it wasn't the right time The captain let out a sigh.

The older man couldn't help but chuckled at this. As they were walking to the hotel, the blond girl turn her head to the right side to see something coming. She wasn't scared one bit because she knew who it was, she crossed her arms and gave the shadow figure her usual friendly smirk. It took you that long, eh, captain,'' she joked as the figure reveal himself. Linebeck just made a very low growl while Tetra giggled. She stopped giggling when she saw a bump in the man's arms, she got closer to see Link sleeping so peacefully.

The young pirate girl began to blush. Why was she blushing, she had seen nudeness before but this was. She spoke very gentle so she wouldn't wake the hero up.

Knowing you,'' she said. Linebeck let out a chuckled. His muddy-green eyes landed on Link's gentle face Why must the boy be so damn cute at a time like this, Linebeck glared up to see a blushing Tetra who quickly tried to clear her throat. I just wanted to tell you that I'm-'' Linebeck cut her off.

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I should be the one saying sorry to you, my dear I wasn't myself and I was thinking things that I shouldn't have Of course he began to walk passed her when he realized what he just called her. The captain slowly turn his head. Usually when someone called her ''dear'' she would be furious or tell them not to do it again, but this time she had a big smile on her gentle tan face.

Well kinda annoyed by the dear thing but whatever, I'm not going to do anything bad because I don't want your lover boy to wake up,'' Tetra lightly joked as she walked passed him.

Linebeck III

Tetra waited the answer. Linebeck gently open his eyes half-way, with a smile on his face he said, ''He's my treasure dog Even though it was weird, Tetra knew that Link really did care for the man, maybe it was it was for the best.

She smiled at herself trying to be happy for her best friend; she was indeed happy. Linebeck kissed everywhere, didn't leave a spot. He nibble it making the blond moan. He noticed that the mark was still there, he licked it making Link say captain.

Damn it, Linebeck wanted the boy to say his name instead of freaking captain! He was getting furious was this.

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Link moan more, my, my, my, he loved the feeling of being touched there. No matter, Linebeck stopped playing with the boy's penis. Mo-'' ''Shh, just wait okay, pup,'' Linebeck said as he kissed him on the lips. Link din't care anymore, he wanted the touch of his captain right now, everything about him was making him go wild. His face was soft, red from blushing so much, also he looked so delicious wearing the coat over his tiny sixteen-year0old body.

Linebeck looked at him for a moment, was he serious about this, of course they did in once in the wood, it felt good by taking him but Link wanted it now, and the man could tell by the way Link was making a sexy smile. I love you,'' Link's voice was so soft as he closed his eyes to enjoy the kiss.

The kiss was so gentle, pure and wonderful; Link wrap his arm around his captain his neck while Linebeck grabs his treasure dog's legs and wrapped it around his waist. Ahh, nnn, I love you Link swift to the other position as he let put a very soft whisper.

Once Linebeck was done putting everything back on, he turn away from the boy. He stood there for a moment trying to remember those wonderful sweet memories of Link moaning, swearing, and saying nothing but sweet things. Even though it was just to realize that he truly care for the treasure dog, he didn't say those three little words, maybe it wasn't time yet Of course he knew that Link said it to him when they were in the middle of making love. Linebeck shook his head and walked away from the sleeping boy, he gently open the door, and got out of the room quietly so he wouldn't wake up Link.

Once he was left the boy's room, he closed the door behind. Thanks goodness, he knew that everyone was in the mess hall. Linebeck turn his body to the right to head to the mall hall when his eyes wide when he saw Niko standing there with his mouth hanging wide open. Niko still stood there with his mouth hanging open, seriously a bee was going to fly in his mouth. Linebeck was about to speak when Niko said something very shocking. Niko closed his mouth, he smirked.

Niko laughed and walked while; however, he turn to see Linebeck giving him a very scary. He nodded his head and ran to his room, while Linebeck smirked and walked to the mess hall. Once he was at the mess hall, he looked around to see if the others were sitting. He saw a blond girl laughing with a older man, Linebeck knew that it was Tetra and that fellow that calls her miss, Gonzo.

The captain felt a bit strange thinking of the day with Link. The man looked up to see Tetra waving at him. Linebeck waved back at her and walked towards the table trying to hide a blush that was appearing on his tan skin. It was strange because it felt different, he looked around to see if Tetra or Niko were trying to surprise him. Link then swift his eyes to see himself naked, at first he was scared because he thought the stranger got him but his worry expression soften when he remember the sweet loving making with his captain.

Link smiled and had a blush thinking of the sweet smell of that night. He leaned towards it. Link thought it was milk, so he sniffed it, it kinda smelled it bit funny.

Maybe it was Niko trying to make a rank on the youngest. The Hero of Winds shook his head and placed a finger on the white stuff, once he did that. Why does it-''he cut himself when he realized that the stuff wasn't sour milk it was- ''! Crap, Linebeck knew that he was in trouble right now, he knew this because she was giving him the smirk. He let out a sigh trying to pretend that he didn't see that.

Twice, hee hee,'' Tetra said in a rather joking way, but of course Linebeck was getting upset at this. He had been quiet when him and Link were in the wood, but when they were at it the second time, he only said ''Link'' and ,'' Damn Linebeck just chuckled as he saw the waitress walking towards the table.

It felt weird because they were used to used to sleeping in warm hotel rooms, but Tetra wanted to leave to find the next treasure. Everyone was sleeping, while Tetra was talking to the man who were in their room. I'm glad everything went well,'' Tetra said as she took the pins out of her hair letting it fall gently against her back, Linebeck nodded. They were talking about Link, in the morning he seem so angry but his voice was calm. Everyone was asking him questions to see if he was alright and he said that he was fine, there was nothing to worry about.

Maybe Linebeck was acting silly but he felt like this was his fault, great now he needed a smoke. He was going to head to the door when Tetra knew her knife against the wall; thank goodness it mess. The man slowly turn his head. Tetra smirk at this. The leader of the pirates just rolled her eyes, she stood up from the bed, got her knife from the wall. Once she got it, softly in a gentle voice, she said, ''I know. Linky has a side that might scare you,'' she smirked as she said this.

What the hell did she mean by that, Link had a side that will scare him, of course 'nothing' scared him. Linebeck shook his head and turn to the bed to see his coat and short there. He liked sleeping shirtless, he didn't know why but he did, he sat on the edge of the bed trying to clear his mind. However, Linebeck didn't noticed that someone was coming in the room.

The figure bit their lips and tried to speak louder this time. Linebeck made a very low growl, he wanted to be alone, he slowly turn. It was showing of his legs, thighs, and his curves. Linebeck couldn't help but blushed at the slight of the boy, he looked so delicious right now. Why was Link wearing a robe and looking so sexy at the moment, the man wanted to touch him but he knew that the kid wanted to talk about something. Link shocked his head, he sat on the sat on the bed having a very sexy expression on his gentle round face.

The man was so confused at the moment, he swift hi eyes to Link's neck to see the bandage was gone. Link, on the other hand, didn't seem so scared right now, he crawl over to his captain. The was already dim and it was getting the feeling of lust in it. Linebeck gently pushed the boy off to see him with a smirk on his face.

Don't worry, Captain, I'm not upset at you. He stood there knowing that was the truth, his muddy-green eyes were looking at the blue one's of the hero's. Link slid a finger to touch Linebeck's cheek, Linebeck wanted to say something but stood quiet letting the uke do whatever he wanted.

He smirked, let his hand hold the boy's head up to kiss him everywhere. Suddenly, Link is captured by Bellumthe monster who controlled the Ghost Ship and was behind the petrification of Tetra. A terrified Linebeck uses the Phantom Sword dropped by Link to stab the weakened Bellum in one of his tentacles, freeing Link. However, he manages to attack Linebeck and possess him, [16] turning him into a monstrous knight akin to a Phantomand forces Link to fight him. Link eventually triumphs, defeating Bellum without injuring Linebeck, freeing him.

Linebeck seems disgusted with himself for attacking Link, even though he had the excuse of being possessed. Linebeck coming out of hiding place after Jolene leaves the S. Linebeck People on the islands Link visits seem to have a respect or admiration for Linebeck, calling him brave and wishing to travel the seas like him. Instead, Linebeck shows himself to be for the most part a coward, running away from trouble and staying with his boat instead of going into the dungeons with Link.

The two rarely call each other by their real names, instead using insulting nicknames, and are almost cruel to each other at points. However, by the end of the game, they have reluctantly gained respect for each other.

Because he travels with Linebeck, Link meets Jolenea pirate girl who travels the seas to get revenge on him.