Meet and marry the man of your dreams

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meet and marry the man of your dreams

I Manifested and Married The Man of My Dreams After our meeting, I meditated on what was important to me in a partnership and the. Shutterstock. Behind every cynic was once a wide eyed hopeless romantic who had their hopes up until they got shot down by the same person. A series of simple yet powerful strategies you can use immediately to meet and attract more and better men than you ever thought possible.

meet and marry the man of your dreams

Once you have landed a few first dates you must follow the guidelines of how to win a rich man by avoiding these common mistakes. This is the time to intrigue and lure a man into your life.

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After dating one or two men seriously for about one year it is time to get married. You don't exactly have to be walking down the isle after knowing a man for only one year but you should feel very secure with the idea that he wants a future with you. If you don't feel secure about he being serious with you, its time to place him on the back burner and focus on another man.

The reason for this is that it only takes about one year for a man to make a decision about you, and too many women let themselves become used for years on end while the guy strings her along. Men don't let themselves get jerked around in the same manner and will usually strike at their goals, succeed or fail, and then move on, but women will stew and be tormented until their self esteem is shattered.

Don't let this happen to you! The cure for one man is another. Where to Find Rich Men If you have decided to swim with the goldfish and don't know exactly where to start then you have come to the right place. The first thing you must do is place yourself where rich men go and then make yourself extremely attractive to them.

Rich men often belong to country clubs and play a lot of golf in their free time but the expense of joining a country club would put most people in the poorhouse if they could even scrounge up the initial payment. This creates a bit of a challenge for the average woman to be seen on a regular basis by rich men and therefore get the opportunity for a date invitation.

The smartest way around this little obstacle is to apply for a job at the swankiest country clubs you know of. This is a brilliant strategy in that you will actually be paid to meet rich men. You can work as a waitress in one of the cafes, or behind the counter of the golf driving range, it does not matter; just as long as you are positioned to watch, observe and be seen regularly.

In no time at all you will be privy to who has the most money, who is the most generous, and who is married. Rich men tend to feel comfortable asking a woman for a date if she is a familiar face and he has been able to have casual conversations with.

meet and marry the man of your dreams

So, if you can get a part time job in a country club, do it! Also, you should learn the game of golf because it is so dear to the hearts of rich men. If you take a genuine interest in the game and are able to if not play the game, at least talk the game with rich men you will be that much higher regarded. In your spare time you should make a point of going to the racetrack a few times per year.

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Yes, rich men love the horses and wealthy thoroughbred owners can be spotted and mingled with at every racetrack. Be sure to pay the extra fee for the advanced entrance.

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The poor people pay a general admission and the big money men go to the club house, turf club, or whatever the particular place has for the upper crust. Some racetracks even have special days in which the rich and famous get dressed up to be seen on local news and society columns. Never miss out on the opportunity to wear elegant clothes and be seen.

This could be a golden opportunity, just be prepared to pay for it. Earn a Man's Respect The only way to make it from a date to "the girlfriend" is to earn a man's respect. Once you have landed a date with a rich man what do you do?

You should not do this with a man of any means but you need to be extra careful about sleeping with a rich man too soon. He needs to see you as something special if you want him to be interested in you.

meet and marry the man of your dreams

When a man conquers a woman too soon he loses interest, and believe me, once you have lost his interest it will be lost forever. You cannot lure him back with sex. Ten minutes into our session I was in tears.


After exploring deeply rooted secrets no one knew, she told me my future husband would teach me how to love myself and that our wedding would be quiet and simple.

At this point, my heart was still hopelessly committed to the musician who was too determined to become a rockstar to ever commit to a relationship. Her prediction of a future with someone who would value me and teach me how to value myself gave me hope. After our meeting, I meditated on what was important to me in a partnership and the beginnings of my non-negotiable list were formed.

When J and his wife broke up it caused a huge shock in our friend group.

meet and marry the man of your dreams

No one saw it coming, including me. Eventually, we split into two sides. I made the unpopular decision to support J. Shortly after their breakup I realized that the man who fit all the criteria on my list, with his willingness to dance and outdoorsy skills, was J. Within a few weeks of their separation, we realized we would soon become closer than just friends.

Our strong foundation made it easy for us to establish boundaries, express our deepest feelings and fears, and to eliminate any of the falsehoods we might have hid behind to protect ourselves when dating someone new. He had seen me at my worst with my previous breakup, and now I was seeing him—raw and broken, but, ultimately, relieved that he was finally listening to his heart. I sought the guidance of my closest friends and family, opening up about everything.

Telling my parents I was falling in love with a legally married man during his divorce was not something I ever thought I would do, but, to my surprise, they supported me. They saw my heart, met J, and immediately loved his heart, as well. The biggest test came when my musician-ex caught word that I was moving on and confronted me at work. He confessed his love, saying everything I had wanted him to for years. Watching him, I knew that even if my relationship with J fell apart, in it I had finally found my worth in a partnership.

After a year and a couple of signed divorce papers later, J and I decided to get out of our small town and establish ourselves somewhere new.

We needed to give our relationship a real shot. Six weeks later we moved to Los Angeles. We put the idea of marriage on a high shelf. I knew we would take that step whenever we felt comfortable.

meet and marry the man of your dreams