Meet the amazing medic piemations friendship

[SFM] TACTICS (Saxxy Awards ) - Самые популярные видео

meet the amazing medic piemations friendship

What happens when an amazing Medic mistakenly injects the sniper with https :// ‣ Twitter ‣ ‣ Twitch Channel ‣ ‣ Second Channel Friendship!. It's a mix between a rivalry and a friendship. Medic! Medick! MEEEEDIIIIIICCC! I played a lot of tf2 before overwatch, .. Even if "Meet the Amazing Tracer" was eh in itself, very few jokes hit. Out of all the "Meet the Amazing ____" videos Piemations has ever made, I feel like this is his absolute weakest. Original Animation Funded through Patreon! ‣ ‣ Voice actors ‣ itsannachloem - CoffinJockey.

Blue Shift Platforms: Microsoft Windows, Linux, Macintosh operating systems, Dreamcast Day of Defeat Platforms: Microsoft Windows, Linux, Macintosh operating systems Garry's Mod Platforms: Condition Zero Platforms: Half-Life 2 Platforms: Counter-Strike Neo Platform: Lost Coast Platforms: Extreme Condition Platforms: XboxPlayStation 3, Microsoft Windows Murder Party Platform: Episode One Platforms: Age of Chivalry Platform: The Orange Box Platforms: Episode Two Platforms: Team Fortress 2 Platforms: Devil May Cry 4 Platforms: Counter-Strike Online Platform: Left 4 Dead Platforms: XboxMicrosoft Windows, Macintosh operating systems Left 4 Dead 2 Platforms: XboxMicrosoft Windows, Macintosh operating systems, Linux Alien Swarm Platform: Portal 2 Platforms: Global Offensive Platforms: Counter-Strike Online 2 Platform: Dota 2 Platforms: Microsoft Windows,Linux,Macintosh operating systems The Lab Platform: Windows, macOS, Linux In the Valley of Gods Platfomrs: You should check it out: Saxxy Awards Action Category Credits: Midtown Maniac, Sentry Ahead!

Corel Video Studio 16 Music: But again, thank you all for being patient, and I hope you enjoy this!! But it got delayed because I've been sick for 2 weeks. I am terribly sorry. Finally, after 8 months in development, hopefully, this next part in the story will have been worth the wait.

Friendship Is Viloinet

No, seriously, I'm sorry this took so long to finish. The transition to Gmod 13 was certainly a big factor, but then there came college again and other things. Now, for those who haven't kept up with this story recently, or any new viewers of mine, I strongly recommend you click the annotations at the start of the video to see the other parts of the story in chronological order. Trust me; it'll help you catch up with the current goings-on.

The Legend of Zelda: Here's what's been eating up a majority of my time for the past months. But to those who answered, I thank you. In fact, I am grateful to all of the VAs who provided their talent for this dub. I know this isn't the most professional grade of dubs, but I did what I could, and I hope you all are still entertained for it.

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When he discovers one of them is in great danger, what sort of nasty secret will he discover? After much laziness and toil, I've finally gotten this done.

I really hope you guys will enjoy this series, since I really wanted to try and tell a story here. I've also been fixing up on my animation again, since I used Ragdoll Mover extensively here.

meet the amazing medic piemations friendship

And I am proud with the end result. I hope with the later episodes, I'll be able to continue said story in a way everyone can understand and enjoy. And hopefully, they won't take as long as this one did. But regardless, thanks for watching!

meet the amazing medic piemations friendship

The Elder Scrolls V: After months in development, I sincerely hope this was worth the wait. This is officially my longest Gmod video ever, and it shows. I practically put my heart and soul into this finale, and I really hope it's good enough: Thank you all once again for being patient, as you've always been.

meet the amazing medic piemations friendship

And I do hope that you find this finale to be close to what you expected! Who knows when Christian Brutal Sniper will strike now? And yes, Medic will be joining Dick Sandvich and Spyane now. Will she be able to face the dreaded Painis Cupcake all by herself?? I said I was gonna take a little break from this series, but ya know what?? It's just too much fun to stop working on it: P Music Used in order of appearance: HEAVY QUEST Adventures in Video Games n'Shit Years of procrastination have put this video and all others on hold cause i didnt want to focus on something different until this was donethis is by far my most ambitious projects and i am glad that its done.

You can Expect more regular videos from now on as well as a brand new series. Special Thanks To all the people who helped out in small or large way to makeing this a thing. Featured on Equestria Daily! In all seriousness, though, apologies for this taking months to finish. But A I was occupied with a ton of other projects that were nearing completion, and B I wanted to make sure everything was right with this video.

As you'll notice, I was trying to better improve my lipsyncing and fight scenes to some extent. Stop Motion Helper's still a bit tricky for me.

Meet the Amazing Medic

But by God, I love this final product. Master Hand Monkey Island 2: I seriously was not expecting to get this many entries, as with the first Birthday Collab of mine. Considering this will be the last Bday Collab I do, the amount of content, best wishes and support I received was overwhelming. The fact that this was twice as long as the first collab shows just how much you guys really surprise me. My heart once again goes out to all who participated and gifted me elsewhere, so thank you so much!

Weaselcake was created by Sonicrulez He is credit to YouTube!!!

meet the amazing medic piemations friendship

With a common love interest suddenly popping up, how will the two coexist? Either way, show some love to MikotoNui here: I mean, come on. Don't you think these two characters deserve some more attention?? I'd also like to give a big thanks to my friend, TrexHunter, for providing me with the Spy Krueger theme, and Asahnoln for that totally badass Painis Cupcake theme Oh, and yes.

I did use Source Recorder in the part where Painis Cupcake is thrown against the roof. This tool has become my new friend XD Music Used: The start of a new story of mine with help from West Coast Psycho, a long time friend of mine. And of course, to everyone watching, to everyone who has stuck with me for this long, and to all my friends, family, fans and supporters; Thank you.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you all. I would not be continuing to animate to this day if it were not for all of your support. You all are wonderful people, and this milestone is possible because of all of you. To address the details this idea was originally conceived by Michael Pitts of Piemations. His input and direction allowed me to recreate this piece with the power of the Sourcefilmmaker. The original concept and ideas stem from this work by Piemations Note: I know I could have done better, but with a 3 person team With me handling all animations, it's the best I could muster in the time given https: Of course, not all medics are perfect either.


So yeah, be sure to vote for it provided you actually like it which is unlikely imo and sorry and I will try harder next time ; Music: Source Filmmaker and After Effects for the sniper scope and Premiere because SFM likes to mess up sound Thanks for watching, be sure to rate, comment and subscribe if you want to see some spy highlight videos and hopefully more SFM videos as well.

Machine Backwards Because Meet the Classes wasn't enough It's taken 3 years of teasing but it's finally here. Mann Vs Machine, the newest addition to the game that keeps on giving! Machine is a new co-operative game for Team Fortress 2 that lets you and five friends wage a desperate battle to stop a lethal horde of robots from deploying a bomb in one of Mann Co. The game mode lets you take advantage of breaks between waves to upgrade your abilities and weapons and gives you items, including hats and weapons, upon completing missions and surviving waves.

The game mode launches August the 15th and is a free update! It's a discussion that's been around longer than the time between my uploads. The actual voice of the Scout: Check out the age-restricted version: Grey Lizard suits by BonkNickeltoon https: Did you like this?