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meet the creeps jim norton

While Florentine and Jamieson shopped “Meet the Creeps” to Side of Bad News,” Florentine's new NSFW series with comic Jim Norton. MEET THE CREEPS VOLUME 2 FEATURING: KC Armstrong (The Howard Stern Show), Jim Norton (Comedy Central's "Tough Crowd With Colin Quinn), Club. Prekindle - Hyenas Plano presents Jim Florentine on 12/8/ at Hyena's Plano , with Jim Norton on HBO, Red Eye on Fox News Channel, Meet The Creeps.

He has stated in various interviews and in his stand-up act that he disliked his religious upbringing. Florentine was interested in a musical career growing up because of his love for heavy metal music but would often joke that he never had the talent to play an instrument. Florentine lived for several years in Fort Lauderdale, Floridawhere his father wanted to set up a family-run hot dog vending business.

meet the creeps jim norton

The business, however, proved unsuccessful, and the family moved back to New Jersey. In his late teens, Florentine had drug and alcohol problems and was in and out of rehab. He has stated his love of hard rock music set him on a straight path in life. He later mentioned after seeing Andrew Dice Clay [2] for the first time on a Rodney Dangerfield Comedy special, he wanted a career in stand-up comedy.

He would often joke on air that marriage and kids were not for him. His girlfriend of six years committed suicide in December Due to the attention this garnered, Quivers became tight-lipped about the topic. On July 28,Quivers announced on the radio show that she and Florentine had ended their relationship.

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She stated that the breakup was amicable, that Florentine was "genuine and honest," and that he was the one who initiated the breakup. He was married to lacrosse coach Samantha Warner from to The only artist ahead of him was the Backstreet Boys. Florentine played Special Eda developmentally disabled teenager, and Bobby Fletchera despicable, alcoholic slob who is the older cousin of Ed.

After season 1, Eminem took a liking to Florentine's characters and flew him out to his Detroit studio to do prank calls together for the upcoming season of Crank Yankers. The following year inEminem and Florentine did a bit together on the MTV Music awards show where Eminem beat up Special Ed, who kept annoying him and tore his leg off.

Crank Yankers lasted three seasons on Comedy Central.

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The show moved over to MTV2 in for one season. Florentine's Special Ed character that he created is still played at various sporting events at stadiums across the USA.

Meet the Creeps, Vol. 1

It is described[ by whom? In this segment Jim has the waiter grinding fresh pepper for 35 minutes.

meet the creeps jim norton

He goes through three pepper mills full of pepper. After the mill gives up they start crushing the pepper in the kitchen with a mallet.

meet the creeps jim norton

Four bowl fulls later, Jim has enough pepper and proceeds to eat the piece of chicken that was buried in pepper. KC does something similar with fresh Parmesan cheese but stops after two bowls full and has his meal wrapped to go.

There's also a little bit of animation on this DVD. Jim and Don did a call for the ''Terrorizing Telemarketers'' CD where they pretended to be brothers and passed the phone back and forth as the telemarketer asked them questions. Each one would say ''Hold on, let me put my brother on the phone'' and pass it to the other every few seconds. They took this call and had it animated. There are many other great bits on this DVD including Jim drinking and smoking a joint while he test drives a car, the guys going to a supermarket and throwing stuff in people's carts when they walk away from them, Jim and Don performing ''Upper Deckers'' in hotel rooms and more. - Reviews

The very tall and sometimes intimidating Club Soda Kenny makes a couple of appearances in the DVD and steals the show when he and Jim Norton go shopping for gum. Sounds normal enough until you see Jim Norton acting as Kenny's autistic friend. There's nothing like seeing the uncomfortable look on the store clerk's face as Kenny slaps Jim's hand away from the gum as he goes to grab it. Kenny tells Jim to get the gum but ends up slapping him away saying that he'll get it for him.

Meet the Creeps - Pepper

They also go to a supermarket to get some free samples of ice cream.