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School closings: Muskogee, other area districts closing Thursday for "Meet the Deedles" gives us Phil and Stew Deedle (Paul Walker and. Anita Gates reviews movie Meet the Deedles, directed by Steve In the end, true love prevails, Dad is proud and there's surfing in Wyoming. In a scene towards the end, the Furious team sit on a beach and watch Walker play in the sea Paul Walker in 'Meet The Deedles' in

For some very fortunate souls, the magic will then begin to take place. Just think the letter that Elizabeth left in Scot's desk bring them together through time.

This was a wonderful, subtle film about love, in its many different forms. The idea of a fantasy lover reincarnated, and the expectations of love placed upon the fantasy lover. I watched this Hallmark film on TV.

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Is it re-incarnation, mistaken identity or just a strange coincidence luckily it is all explained in the end. Truly a beautiful ending that touched me Okay it's a "chick flick" And I loved it.

Even if this love story doesn't turn out the way typical romances do, it didn't give me false hope about romance in general, but it still helped me to believe in deep love.

The kind of love few see in their lives. This movie proves that love can be great no matter how imperfect it is. Watch this movie and you'll get that feeling even if it is just for a moment. You have modern era folks and scenes from the life of the young lady who wrote the letter during the US Civil War. The main characters begin writing each other across time. The costuming is exquisite for the Civil War clothing. Helfand caught it all on tape in her toxic comedy, Blue Vinyl.

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When Blue Vinyl screened for packed audiences at Sundance, audiences were offered the opportunity to participate in a "direct action" to influence the PVC market by signing postcards to Intimate Brands, the parent company of Victoria's Secret and Bath and Body Works, encouraging them to use readily available alternatives to PVC packaging.

By the end of our Sundance week, and 1, postcards later, Intimate Brands called Greenpeace -- who had initiated the activist fax and e-mail -- to discuss their PVC policy Heckler and Shea are clearly city folk, so why would they -- or, more importantly, the voters who'd be inclined to back them over Sonleitner -- care about the commissioners' court? Well, if you own a house, look at the property tax receipt you just got in the mail.

The Travis County revenue bite is comparable to that taken by the city, and three-fourths of county residents also live in the city This change in schedule is good for our TV nights, but the best part of his being employed is e-mail. I had five from him on Monday and six on Tuesday The mailbox is emblazoned with an eagle amid streaks of red, white, and blue, though Shaver has his mail delivered to a post office box in nearby Hewitt I hear that Dave Prewett has moved back into town, so I dare say we'll be seeing lots of local music programming coming from him Melissa Marciano of Ursula's Curse reports that she recently e-mailed Courtney Love aka the Queen of the Internet with news of the Curse's demo and received a nice e-mail in return, "complete with instructions on how to address the envelope properly so that our demo would end up in her hands.

Leffingwell consultant Mark Nathan qualifies that, noting in an e-mail: Phone calls are far fewer than they used to be, however. Even email's been supplanted by a more insidious form of communicating with bands: Patricia Butler was pissed about the review of her book: If nothing else, the Flores case reminded everyone that the stakes were higher than ever before Six days after our lively interview at an Arboretum-area Starbucks, Don Graham sends me an e-mail that contains the following quotation from The New York Times: Forbidden Fruit, for example, could probably get by, financially speaking, on its piercing and fetishwear businesses alone, not to mention its massive and perfectly legal collection of bondage gear.

They're even branching out into e-commerce, but unlike such massive mail-order companies as Xandria and Adam and Eve, they won't let any "questionable" merchandise cross state lines In the version, most of the action takes place within the small shop.