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As an unlucky bride-to-be in 's Meet the Parents, Nicole DeHuff took a serious hit—right in her nose—from a volleyball She died Feb. A crafty cat manages to flush a rat-sized dog down the toilet of an RV in "Meet the Fockers," a gag that literally sums up the pervasive. James Rebhorn, Veteran Character Actor, Dies at 65 Meet the Parents, The Talented Mr. Ripley, Cold Mountain, 30 Rock, Enlightened, The.

There is a reason. He'd shoot just with a guide track because everything is dubbed there, and I thought it would compromise the performance. I said I'd pay for it to be done in direct sound, and he said no, that's not the way he worked.

Nicole DeHuff

I love Fellini, and I turned him down. It was called City Of Women. Not one of his best films. Now Hoffman's champing at the bit, desperate to top the Fellini and Bergman snubs. It was to myself, and it took a few years. Some people are alcoholics, some people are drug addicts. Some people turn down great moments in their life, and I guess I fell into that category. He can only explain it in a complicated loop that takes him back to childhood.

I would have been much more comfortable barely making a living out of acting, which is all I expected to do. Hoffman wasn't a great student, didn't get the grades to go to university, and took up drama at junior college only because a friend told him, "They don't flunk you, it's like gym, nobody gets an F. He compared his acne-ravaged face to a rifle range, he suffered from polypshis mouth was wired with a brace and he was short. Yes, he thought he could just about make a living from acting, but that was all.

Did he think he was leading man material when he started out? You're told what you are. What did casting directors tell him? You're the funny-looking Jew that's alongside Robert Redford. You had to be an idiot to think you could be Brando.

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Dean, you could buy a red jacket and look in the mirror. Not really, he says, it's all of a piece — knowing there are options, striving for perfection.

Hoffman is always demanding them, and he knows just how difficult that can be for film-makers. You can tell the directors who don't want to be surprised, because you see them mouthing the words while the scene is going on.

And you know you're in deep trouble. He's shot it already in his head. He doesn't want any other intonation. It becomes the truth if you repeat it over and over. He uhms and ahs. Some of those directors have been very verbal about it.

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I don't do that. He was a very good director, but he was the arsonist and the fire chief, and only he knew how to put out the fire. It's too bad, because there are directors who would rather fail in a film they could say was completely their own than collaborate and share the victory.

It's an interesting phenomenon. And there are directors who aren't like that. Barry Levinsonfor example, is extremely collaborative. Ronald Grant Archive He's still thinking about his reputation.

That was the word, 'difficult'. Jews usually do it by negotiation. He gives me another look. I don't know what slightly verbal means. If you disagree, you disagree. Hoffman looks peeved, tells her we're enjoying ourselves and we want to go on longer. Ach, he says, the industry has changed — years ago, you could natter for hours on end. Now, they expect you to do interviews in five minutes. So we talk about the new film, and how he finally banished that demon.

Unlike the first time he tried to direct, he doesn't appear in Quartet. While the film, an adaptation of the Ronald Harwood play, makes the point that old age is not for sissies, it is also a hymn to the human spirit. Conventional and rather old fashioned, what emerges is Hoffman's ability to get the best out of his starry British cast Michael GambonBilly ConnollyPauline CollinsMaggie Smith.

Was he scared of her? I'd love acting if it was just something you went to work at every day. The same with plays: If you don't like it, we'll do it again, but I think we've got it. Time really is up now, she says: Just a bit longer, he says; there's so much to talk about. I ask if Lisa works. Sing something for us, Barbra. You want the other person in a scene to look good, and vice versa. Was that in Death of a Salesman?

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One song, in Jimmy Shine with Cleavon Little. It was a beautiful song. Cleavon Little played my husband in the play in which I met my real husband Bruce.

You remember the guy who farted a lot from Blazing Saddles? He was a lovely man. What movies are out now that have questionable moral values?

You know what I think has questionable moral values? Can we talk about my career, please? Meet the Parents was a really good comedy. It had layers, and it hit some interesting notes. Why do people seem so interested? Well, Bob just gave his opinion.

How would you write that out? I loved the scene in this of Ben getting electrocuted. Because the beats of comedy are in the cutting. Any kind of movie. And you know before the first week is over. You go to the producer. Always to the producer. Bob is not at all a Wasp, and yet you totally buy it.

Do you guys like to talk about acting? Inside the Actors Studio? Yeah, with that guy, uh, Lipton. Honey, go to bed, and get some hot tea with a little liquor in it. Try to sweat it out. Yeah, that was Bob enjoying himself. But he really is. You know I was never intimidated by anyone. You have good self-esteem. Actually, yes, I was intimidated by one person. I sang at a fund raiser once with Sidney Poitier, Harry Belafonte and Marlon Brando, and I did it basically to meet Brando, who was my idol from age