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Meet the Fockers () Dustin Hoffman as Bernie Focker. Photos (22); Quotes (28) . Greg Focker: Hey, Dad, you shouldn't take Moses into the RV. Meet the Parents / Meet the Fockers / Little Fockers (Triple Feature) : Click image to open expanded view . RV (Widescreen Edition) and Editor Jon Poll; Feature Commentary with Cast Members Robert De Niro, Ben Stiller. Meet the Fockers () on IMDb: Movies, TV, Celebs, and more. User Reviews . Pam and Jack as they take their RV down to Florida to meet the Focker family. .. Thirty years ago, such a cast would have indicated a Major Motion Picture.

Jewish people, a Latina housekeeper beloved, but played as a broad caricatureuptight "WASP" behavior, law enforcement seen as either harsh and rigid or inept and buffoon-like. Violence There are a number of minor pratfalls and accidents, all intended to be funny. In the background of one scene, a clip of a violent moment in the film Scarface appears on a television screen. Focker is a sex therapist and is introduced conducting a "sensuality class" for elderly couples.

An oversexed dog simulates sex with a cat, a doll, and anything else he can find. There are breast-feeding jokes, "boob" jokes, poop jokes, fart jokes, and jokes and conversations about vasectomies, virginity, masturbation, circumcisions, and more. Language includes multiple uses of "s--t" in various forms, plus "ass," "crap," "hell," etc. A baby repeatedly says "asshole" his first word.

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Some typical lines are: A former CIA agent administers sodium pentathol truth serum to an unsuspecting victim.

What parents need to know Parents need to know that in the pursuit of laughs, Meet the Fockers stretches the PG rating in terms of subject matter and language. Every family tends to have its own customs and norms, its own take on ethics, etiquette, politics, religion and so on. Naturally, when we try to merge families through marriages, uncomfortable, often embarrassing, and frequently tense situations abound.

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Aside from the humor, this is the crux of Meet the Fockers. Another important subtext that occurs in various guises through the film and for which the potential was there in Meet the Parents even if it wasn't capitalized on in quite the same way is opening up to "free", honest expression of one's thoughts, feelings and desires versus showing a "proper" public face.

This is particularly amusing and poignant in the case of Jack, whose job involved obtaining honest expression, but who is the strongest case of putting on a false public face--to an extent that he's bought into the persona himself. In a way, Roach and crew are suggesting that if we can really reach that ideal self-expression, maybe those family mergers, and even other kinds of cultural encounters such as the Fockers' run-in with the police could proceed more smoothly.

So it's not so important whether Meet the Fockers is as funny as Meet the Parents. Roach isn't just trying to make you laugh, even though he does so frequently. Despite all the comments in others' reviews about sex-oriented humor how could you not expect that in a film with a title like this?

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That means that you're not going to laugh out loud, with tears streaming down your face, as often as you're going to be sitting there with a big smile on your face watching scenarios such as Bernie trying, and mostly succeeding, to hold on to his hippie ideals no matter what the short term costs. This is more a humor of slightly exaggerated but realistic folly, played fabulously by a stellar cast.

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