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| Trailer Anton Yelchin in Like Crazy () Katia Winter at an event for Like Crazy () Felicity Jones and Anton Yelchin in Like Crazy () . Anna and Jacob fall instantly in love when they meet as students at an L.A. university. Parents Guide: I first saw Felicity Jones last year in "Cemetery Junction" ( ). | Trailer. 5 VIDEOS | 32 IMAGES .. Bella and Hector, two reclusive country folk, become foster parents to Ricky, a problem child from the city. After some. | Trailer created 2 days ago Kodi Smit-McPhee in Let Me In () Chloë Grace Moretz in Let Me In () Cara Buono at an event for Let Me In ( ) Chloë Grace Parents Guide: $5,,, 4 October , Wide Release.

She, alongside Kosinski, collaborated with the writers on editing the characters so she would contain the characteristics of Joan of Arc. Also, she thinks she's in touch with some higher power and has one foot in another world. All of these were elements of Quorra. Legacy was evocative of a modern myth, adding that ideas alluding to technological advancement were prevalent throughout the film. I dig immediate gratification as much as anybody, but it happens so fast that if you make a decision like that, you can go far down the wrong path.

Think about those plastic single-use water bottles.

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Where did that come from? You can have a couple of swigs of water [ Microscopic animals eat the plastic, and the fish eat those, and we're all connected. It's a finite situation here. Producer Sean Baileywho saw the film with his father and Lisberger, was captivated by the finished product. Lisberger hinted that a third installment could be in the works, depending on the commercial success of the game.

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We grew up on it. It really helped shape us and get us excited about the possibilities of technology and film and all that stuff. Horowitz later claimed the challenge was to "homage the first movie, continue the story, expand it and take it to another place and open up space for new fans", and Kitsis claimed that the film would start a whole new mythology "of which we're only scratching the surface".

The writers also consulted Lisberger, to view Tron's creator input on the story. Legacy in writing the script, with Kitsis stating that "They both have very similar DNA, which is Tron really lives on, in a lot of ways, trying to get home.

You're put on this world and you want to go home and what is home? That's in a lot of way inspired us. Bridges liked the idea of the dual perspectives, and contributed with the writers for the characterization of Flynn as a sanguine Zen master by suggesting them to get inspiration from various Buddhist texts. Kitsis thought that illustrating the character's stories to be the most difficult task in writing Tron: Legacy in its early stages of production.

Plans for creating Tron: Legacy began to materialize inwhen Walt Disney Studios hired screenwriters Brian Klugman and Lee Sternthal as writers for the film. The two had recently finished writing the script for Warrior. We are contemporizing it, taking ideas that were ahead of the curve and applying them to the present, and we feel the film has a chance to resonate to a younger audience.

Kosinski admitted that at the time, he was not keen on the idea but it later grew on him as time progressed. What would your take be? In a post-Matrix world, how do you go back to the world of Tron? As neither individuals were in equal agreement on choosing a perspective to conceive the film, Kosinski asked Bailey to lend him money in order to create a conceptual prototype of the Tron: Give me some money and let me do a small test that will give you a hint for a couple minutes of it, and see what you think.

It depicted a yellow Program engaged in a light cycle battle with a blue Program, and it prominently featured Jeff Bridges reprising his role as an aged Kevin Flynn from the first film. At the end of the trailer, the yellow Program showed his face, which appeared identical to Flynn's earlier program Clu resembling the younger Flynn in Tron.

While the trailer did not confirm that a Tron sequel was in productionit showed that Disney was serious about a sequel.

In an interview with Sci-Fi WireBridges revealed that the test footage was unlikely to appear in the finished film. Bridges explained that the title is in reference to the story's theme: At the time, the film had just wrapped production and they had a year of post production ahead of them. Because none of the footage from inside the computer world was finished, they premiered concept images from the production.

Art included the Recognizer, which has been updated from the original film. Concept photos were also shown of Disc Wars, which has also been revised from the original film into a game tournament. The arena is set up so that the game court organically changes, and all 16 games are going on at the same time. The boards also combine in real time until the last two Disc warriors are connected.

It is said to be very fast, and has the unique ability to go off The Grid on its own power. The conceptual art shown at Comic-Con was shown in the session, along with some test film of the martial artists who play a more athletic style of Disc Wars.

A segment from the film showed Flynn's son entering the now-decrepit arcade, playing a Tron stand-up arcade video game, noticing a passage in the wall behind the Tron game and entering it, the passage closing behind him. Flynn's son makes the visit to the arcade after Alan Bradley receives a page from the disconnected phone number of the arcade. The footage was used later as part of the trailer released on March 5, The character of Yori and her user, Dr. Lora Baines, do not appear in the sequel, even though the film refers to Alan Bradley being married to Lora.

Fans have lobbied for actress Cindy Morgan to be in the film with active campaigns online, such as "Yori Lives" on Facebook, which is independent of Morgan herself. I can't tell you how warm a feeling I get from that.

It just means so much. Legacy had contacted Morgan, and she did not directly speak with anyone from the sequel's cast and crew. Filming[ edit ] A portion of Downtown Vancouver provided for the setting of Tron: Principal photography took place in Vancouver, British Columbia in April[50] and lasted for approximately 67 days. Stage shooting for the film took place at the Canadian Motion Picture Park studio in Burnabyan adjacent city that forms part of Metro Vancouver. It was important to me that this world feel real, and anytime I could build something I did.

X were brought on to collaborate with producer on the post-production junctures of Tron: Bailey stated that it was a challenge shooting Tron: Legacy in 3D because the cameras were bigger and heavier, and variations needed to be taken into account.

That is not interference or a production fault, but indicates that that sequence is a flashback and to simulate an older form of video representation technology. Stunt work on the film was designed and coordinated by 87Eleven, who also designed and trained fight sequences for and Watchmen. Legacy, Kosinski declared that his main objective was to "make it feel real", adding that he wanted the audience to feel like filming actually occurred in the fictional universe. As Bailey put, the Grid would not have any influence from the Internet as it had turned offline from the real world in the s, and "grew on its own server into something powerful and unique".

Kosinski added that as the simulation became more realistic, it would try to become closer to the real world with environmental effects such as rain and wind, and production designer Darren Gilford stated that there would be a juxtaposition between the variety of texture and color of the real world introduction in contrast with the "clean surfaces and lines" of the Grid.

As the design team considered the lights a major part of the Tron look, particularly for being set in a dark world—described by effects art director Ben Procter as "dark silhouetted objects dipped in an atmosphere with clouds in-between, in a kind of Japanese landscape painting " where "the self-lighting of the objects is the main light source"—lighting was spread through every prop on the set, including the floor in Flynn's hideout.

Christine Bieselin Clark worked with Michael Wilkinson in designing the lighted costumes, which used electroluminescent lamps derived from a flexible polymer film and featured hexagonal patterns.

To concoct a color, a transparent 3M Vinyl film was applied onto the phosphor prior to lamination. The actors had to be compressed to compensate for the bulk of the electronics. The two sought influence from various fashion and shoe designers in building the costumes. It was attached to the suit via a magnet, and was radio-controlled. The development of the costumes came from trying to develop the form language which came from within the film.

With a computer numerical cutting CNC of dense foam, a small scale output would be created to perfect fine details before initiating construction of the suit.

Upon downloading the participant's body scan, the illustrations were overlaid to provide an output manufacturing element. This would go onto the hard form; it would go inside the mould which was silicon matrix. Well of course nothing's ever as perfect as it seems, and a big hurdle comes along that stands in their way of complete happiness. Anna is not an American citizen after all. She was attending college in the U. So when she overstays her visa, she finds herself banned from the country.

Why did she overstay her welcome? She did it to be with Jacob, of course. When someone is truly in love, they will often do anything they can to be with that person; but they sometimes forget about the consequences of those actions.

At this point, the two lovebirds must decide on whether to maintain the new long distance relationship. It's not just any long distance relationship of course, it's an overseas relationship. That's a situation which is pretty tough for just about any couple to pull off. So the movie then shifts its tone to one of compromise and struggle. How much can one person sacrifice for the other? Can they somehow lift the ban, or will Jacob have to move to England thus leaving his current job in the U.

Is it all even worth it after it's all said and done?