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meet the mate contest

Posts about Meet The Mate Contest written by TwiFanfictionRecs. are located equidistant from two or more regionals, the MATE competition coordinator and the .. where the Juan de Fuca and North American plates meet. The Mate E. Palmer Communications Contest, open to member and non-member students, journalists, public relations personnel, bloggers.

Is Alice right that he's her perfect match? God has a plan for each of us. It' Twilight - Rated: She is about to give up hope but then decides to try something crazy. Period drama, British spelling used Twilight - Rated: It sure wasn't what Bella expected, but it might be exactly what she needed. Two brave heroes were there to honor their fallen friends in the best way possible. The guy who gets my sarcasm, who loves bad pick up lines, who can't say no to ice cream, and who won't make me a featured story on Dateline.

Are you man enough to be the cowboy of my dreams? Sometimes restarts are not a bad thing.

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We never should've let Alice decide a dare for one of her bridesmaids. But then again, maybe it was just what I needed. I have no idea what I'm going to do with him when I get him home.

She didn't want the rest of the world to know she was a freak. What if, when she transferred to a new grad program, someone discovered her secret? Is it true that there's nothing sexier than books? Edward is a prisoner there. Bella can't hold her temper and Edward can't hold his tongue. Childhood enemies meet again in the unlikeliest of places. A Prom at the high school. Two dinosaur-loving four-year-olds who have become fast friends.

Because nothing interesting ever happens in a small town, right? Where nothing ever seems to go right? Bella might end up having a happy ending to her day after all. Sometimes you have to left swipe a lot of Mr.

meet the mate contest

Wrongs to swipe Mr. Then again, who am I to argue with fate? However, it wasn't the sort of relationship they'd ever approve of. An encounter inspired by Bestie and her hubs. Why is there a naked man on your couch? Edward is filling in as the sonogram tech that day, but as you might expect, everything goes wrong. The last half century has been spent on the sidelines. It's time to step up to the plate.

Bella is having one today, all because of George. As Masen stood waiting at the executive elevator, he watched as his dream girl came into view. Now if he could get up the nerve to talk to her.

Can she help him find it in time? It's too bad she thinks he's just a client. The only freedom he could find was jumping. However, fate — as it always does, showed them the connection they never knew they always had.

Who is it from and what do they want? The second time I met him there was no room in my life for him.

Winners announced in ‘How I Met My Mate’ Contest

The third time I was ready and he fit perfectly. This is the story of those three meetings. You'll pretend you're not married. On the very first Sunday at my new church, I also decided to attend my first life group. I walked in, introduced myself to a few people, made a name tag for myself, and sat down. All of a sudden, a tall blonde stranger plopped down between myself and another life group attendee, disrupting my current conversation, and beginning his own with me.

He was very energetic and inundated me with questions until life group began. Before I knew it, life group was over. The discussion in the room turned to where everyone would meet for lunch. I had the intention of just sneaking out but who was waiting for me right outside of the doorway? None other than my chatty friend.

He asked me if I would be going to lunch and I made some sort of excuse. He told me I should definitely go and surprisingly, he easily convinced me. I attended lunch where he again flooded me with questions. Several days later I received a message from him letting me know that he had found my name tag while cleaning out his car and hoped I was having a great week.

We were married nine months later. Devin Smith CurtisRockwall resident. I had spotted her a few rows behind me and despite there being football in front of me I kept turning around. Does she have a boyfriend? I asked around, but no one really knew. Now this was the early days of Facebook, so I used my newly acquired stalking skills to track her down. After a little bit of searching I found her profile and about an hour later I worked up the courage to send her a message.

meet the mate contest

We started chatting and I knew I had to make my move, so I invited her to go grocery shopping with me before I had to go to work. For the next couple of weeks, we made sure to have lunch or dinner in the school cafeteria together. It was that Saturday, January 12, that we made it official. We have been inseparable since that day. After she graduated we made the move here to Rockwall, I proposed right before Thanksgiving in and we were married on September 22nd, Submitted by Shaun Kirkland.

Shaun works as the partnership development consultant for the Rockwall Area Chamber of Commerce. It was October of our sophomore year at Northwestern University. Bart saw me at a university event and mentioned to his friend that he would like to meet me. His friend quickly volunteered that he regularly went jogging with me and would be happy to arrange a meeting!

Our mutual friend set up a running date. The jog was going along great, with wonderful conversation and a nice pace. And then, suddenly, Bart tripped and fell. Not just a small fall, but a total wipe out.

We helped Bart to his feet and finished out the run. Bart claims to this day that he fell on purpose, in order to diffuse any nervousness that I might have been feeling. Bart transferred to Rice after our sophomore year and we seemed to go our separate ways.

However, right at the end of my senior year at Northwestern, Bart arrived back in Chicago. I agreed to a date and we quickly started long-distance dating while I was in graduate school and Bart working as a recently commissioned Naval officer.

Engaged on my 23rd birthday while on a hike outside of Pocatello, Idaho, we married just a few months later. After 26 years of marriage, Bart still holds fast to the claim that the fall on the jog was all part of his master plan!

Submitted by Sandi Miller. Bart and Sandi have been married 26 years and have three children — Wyatt, Grant, and Josie. Jason and Tiersa Reeves Jason and Tiersa Reeves When I was in the 7th grade I was acutely aware of the 8th grade girl who was an office aid at our junior high and came into Ms.

Her name was Tiersa and she was beautiful. Notice, however, I said that I was aware of her. Tragically, she was not aware of me.

That summer when I heard that she and her family had moved away to Georgia I thought for certain things were simply never to be. She was the love of my life but would never know it. I walked into a crowded classroom on the first day of school and there she was! And it was as if a light shone down from heaven at the empty chair next to her. Tiersa was hating life.

Her parents had recently moved their family back to Texas right before her senior year and she was none too happy about it.

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I slowly walked over, sat down in the seat next to her, looked her in those beautiful, green eyes, and in the lowest, most soothing voice I could muster at sixteen, uttered the most profound ponderance I could think of in the moment: She just rolled her eyes beautiful and green as they may be and turned completely away from me.

But, it eventually worked out. Submitted by Jason Reeves. Jason and Tiersa have been married for 25 years, have six children, and live in Rockwall, where Jason serves as the preaching minister at the Eastridge Church of Christ.

My best friend was dating his roommate, and on the spur of the moment they decided to set us up together. Believe it or not, we fell in love that night, so for all the skeptics out there, it CAN actually happen! I cried so hard that he had to ask me if that was a yes. We were married four months later, and will soon be celebrating our 18th wedding anniversary.

For all you newlyweds, a sense of humor can get you through quite a lot. Submitted by Abigail Kirkland, Heath resident.

meet the mate contest

Don is co-owner of Future Services, a local plumbing company. David dated a couple of my friends and I dated an older guy who was in college. After a period of time, our friendship grew and feelings began to get stronger. We actually started dating soon after our senior prom. David attended Vanderbilt in Nashville and I attended Mississippi University for Women in Columbus, Mississippi but we kept our relationship going through four years of college in different states.

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We actually got married in Mississippi the same evening that he graduated from college that morning in Tennessee I would NOT suggest this to anyone!

After a honeymoon in Paris, we packed up and moved to Dallas where David started work at Texas Instruments. We have been Texas natives ever since. We have been married for 37 years and my advice for a happy relationship is to marry your best friend — someone who you enjoy spending time with and who you have shared interests with. We have two adult children who live in Colorado and we love visiting them! We also love tennis, Mavericks basketball, movies, dining out, travel, and our pets.

Submitted by Susan Bryson. He had been partnered with a woman who relocated from Odessa. As their work relationship grew, they shared personal stories about each of their kids. I assumed my parents had picked out some straight-laced boring guy. They hosted a BBQ and I met him for the first time. Totally shocked with all of him!

meet the mate contest

But we were in two different places in life. I was still in college in Kentucky and he was a recent OU grad pursuing his first career.

meet the mate contest

The summer I graduated, he texted me asking to go to a Ranger game for his birthday. With lower inhibitions, I agreed. The next day, I freaked out because I hate new social situations. I tried so hard to pick up a shift at the airport to come up with an excuse. So, I ended up going. Turns out I was his third choice. Now we are married with two beautiful boys. My mom was right — he is the perfect man for me and the most incredible father to our children!

Submitted by Tristana Looper. School was cancelled that day due to snow. I was unable to make my normal commute back to Rockwall. That evening I met him at a party at his fraternity house. We began dating about a month later and four years later we were finally married. We bought our first home in Rockwall in December of and have lived here ever since.

We have been married 10 years and have a 5-year-old daughter who attends Nebbie Williams. We love working out and just joined a local CrossFit and you can find us at every Cowboys home game! Submitted by Jillian Le, Rockwall resident. Jillian and Cam have lived in Rockwall for 10 years. I am so fortunate to have been brave enough to go on a blind date with this wonderful man who became my husband, best friend and father to our two daughters, Chelsea Myers Poteet and Brianna Myers.

I love him dearly and pray for another 36 years together, if not longer. Submitted by Karen Myers, Heath resident. We were both working our first post-college jobs to repay student loans. She was a stunning, little waitress that immediately caught my eye from across the room. It was obvious that her work ethic was stellar, as she was also highly aware, intelligent and 5 feet of natural Texas beauty. After a few failed attempts to engage her in conversation, my persistence paid off.

I saw her out one night, off of work and with her date. A few weeks later, both of us off work, we were finally able to have a sit-down conversation at a chance encounter.

The talks were epic and engaging. In the midst of a crowded public atmosphere, it was just us there in that moment. I was hanging on every word as was she. We were both immediately drawn to one another. Afterwards, we left for her favorite karaoke place and have been singing our love story together for 9 years now! Submitted by Josh Sears. He was the new transfer running back, and I was the cheerleader. Attending the same college, we both graduated as single adults but never truly lost our love for each other.

Fast forward 22 years, after college, after living in different states, we finally figured out our way through life, and we are still together.

We have been married 17 years and have a year-old daughter who attends Nebbie Williams. Moving to Rockwall seven years ago was one of the best decisions we have made for our family. We love the small-town atmosphere, close proximity to major metropolitan areas and meaningful relationships we have made with so many of our friends and neighbors. This is the place we proudly call home! Submitted by Lori Ashcraft, Rockwall resident.

Bonnie recalls double-dating with Max in those days — except Max was with another girl and she was with another boy. She met and married a career Navy man who served on nuclear submarines. His career took them from Idaho to homes on the East and West Coast. As the years went by, they celebrated the birth of four children — one boy and three girls.