Meet the mormons auburn wa

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meet the mormons auburn wa

"Meet the Mormons" opens in theaters nationwide on Friday. Auburn Stadium 17 Theatres: Outlet Collection Way, Auburn, WA for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Auburn, WA. This is a LDS chapel where several wards meet for services on Sundays and have. I came into this meeting house looking for Auburn, WA This is a LDS chapel where several wards meet for services on Sundays.

meet the mormons auburn wa

It took place at a Saratoga Springs hot spring, by full immersion. Two piano benches are placed in the middle of the room. Bottles of wine with grape juice for the children and baskets of artisan bread are set upon them. They kneel and close their eyes.

meet the mormons auburn wa

Some hold their hands with upturned, cupped palms or reach their arms heavenward. He and others tear slabs of the bread. Each worshipper takes a hunk. The wine and grape juice are poured into plastic cups and served. Michaelanne A remission of sins, an unshakable testimony, emotional maturity, an incredible work ethic and lifelong friendships.

Ross My life was changed forever. Scott I continue to receive blessings to this day! A strong testimony of the gospel. Ricky What are some skills you gained? Anonymous I learned that people are not so scary.

With so many people in a small geographical area I learned to be outgoing and talk to anyone about anything. Mekenna I learned how to work hard, plan, navigate conflict with another person peacefully, study, live on a budget, and prioritize everything in my life. Danielle Effective scripture study, how to make cake shakes and Nutella shakes, learning to have the pure love of Christ and loving your companion, investigator or anyone else- even if your having a hard time, it really does help.

It gives you a different perspective.

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Michaelanne The ability to work hard, to focus on one goal relentlessly. To speak even when nervous, to approach a stranger, to love others.

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To recognize the Spirit. Ross Patience and teaching. Chris About to talk to anyone about the church and not be afraid about sharing your testimony. That it goes by way to fast. Anonymous Some customs of the Chuukese people. More about the scriptures and specifically Jewish history. Take time to be yourself and let go. It is important to remain you as well as a missionary. Have fun with the Spirit. Michaelanne That a mission is more like normal life than I anticipated.

You will make very close friends. The mission president and his wife become like your father and mother. Your missionary work becomes your job. It is hard, but there are many, many good times, there are friends who you will make and who will help and love you. You can do it.

meet the mormons auburn wa

I wish I knew how much the Lord supports His missionaries. I wish I had known how very valuable the experience would be. Ross I wish I never gave up on the piano when I was younger.

Playing the piano would have been a nice skill to have while serving. Curtis I wish I had a better knowledge of the scriptures. Scott More about The Church.

Robert Spent more time studying before I left. Chris Not a thing.

meet the mormons auburn wa

The Spirit will be all you need with you…the Spirit and the members will do the rest. Obey today, understand tomorrow. Forget yourself and go to work.

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Austin Find your testimony before you go on your mission. Anonymous Prepare as much as possible. Leland Washington is a glorious place! Commit yourself to the work and you will find miracles right and left. It will make everything easier. Humility makes developing all the other Christlike attributes easier. Danielle I guess the only advice I can give is to have fun with the Spirit. Michaelanne Many, many of the dearest and most cherished memories you will make in your entire life, will come during the next two years.

Perhaps the dearest and closest friends you will ever have will be made in the next two years. It is quite possibly the best thing you will ever do. But still be you.

If you enjoy cooking, show others how to cook. Curtis Prepare for many trials in your life, but know nothing is impossible.

Washington Seattle Mission

Scott Read The Book of Mormon more than once. Robert Enjoy every minute, obey the rules and know your Heavenly Father will lead you to those ready to hear the gospel. Chris The Church is true and Joseph Smith restored the gospel back to the earth and there is a prophet of God on the Earth today. Ricky What was a funny language mistake? Started talking to a Tongan in Samoan. Anonymous Trying to sing in Chuukese.

Leland Early in my mission, I thought I had asked a ten-year old if he would live worthy to enter the temple. Instead I had accidentally asked him if he wanted to drink wine.

Danielle Pork out was changed to Pig out. My companion told everyone about that one. For the first nine months, we would run everywhere we went. We ran from the church to our car, we ran from door to door. That was a rule my first mission president had. That blessed me a lot and helped me be diligent.

I ran for my whole mission. I hope alot of people who watched this will know more about Mormons. There are a lot of information on the Internet to fill in the details that time constrants did not allow in the program. You might want to a add a list links to web sites that provide more detailed information. Thanks for producing a well done introduction to the Mormons.

Marty Francom Bremerton, Wa Our editors respond: Readings and Links section of this web site offers links to further information, as does the large "FAQS" section of this site. Thank you for your thoughtful and insightful program about the LDS Church. Unfortunately I missed the first evening, but enjoyed watching the second program. As a former High Priest and Bishopric Member who lived 9 years in Utah,16 years in Alberta,15 years in Switzerland and now Nova Scotia, I have seen the church close up in many different areas.

Unfortunately, after 40 years of membership, I was forced to leave the church because am gay. I was happy to see excommunication was touched. For those of us who have endured this expiriance the thoughts expressed by those on your program touched my heart. Also, when you showed the closeness of LDS families I leaned over to my spouse with a tear in my eye and said, "See how difficult it is for a young gay people to leave their family and faith behind when it is everything to them?

It is all they have known,love and cherish.

meet the mormons auburn wa

I feel that we are the scape goats of the faith. At the same time I loved to see how the church helps the needy everywhere. They helped me when my young wife was dieing of cancer and I was left alone with a two small children. I saw how the church changed the life of a black convert and her family. My life too was changed dramatically for the better when I joined the church, alone, at the age of I enjoyed seeing the segment on missionary work I too was a missionary.