Meet the new chewbacca

Meet the New - and Hot! - Chewbacca in The Last Jedi |

meet the new chewbacca

Finnish actor Joonas Suotamo is interpreting Chewbacca for a new How is the Chewbacca we meet at the beginning of Solo different from. 'Star Wars' fans will be delighted that Chewbacca, Han Solo's faithful buddy, returns for a prominent role in 'The Force Awakens'. It's also. Meet the new Chewbacca, 'Star Wars' fans! 'Star Wars': New Chewbacca Actor Pays Tribute to Peter Mayhew. Joonas Suotamo is the 6-foot actor who has.

There are subtle changes for sure. But also there was a much more demanding shoot [for me]. I think there were five or six suits made just to be able to go from one weather environment to the next. It was a tremendous challenge. So it was difficult, and there were some minor injuries.

meet the new chewbacca

Just something where I had to take a few days to rest, you know. But I was back on my feet after those. Nothing was at fault — just the taxing shoot.

Meet The New Chewbacca Actor In Star Wars: The Force Awakens

The suit is [extremely hot], and just composing yourself for 10 hours of filming to deliver what the director wants, shot after shot [is a challenge]. What was it like to be the more experienced vet in this buddy relationship? So, I can withstand heat exceptionally well.

meet the new chewbacca

So, I was basically born to play this role. What was the biggest obstacle with that where you were like oh, no?

meet the new chewbacca

The biggest one probably is just respecting the legacy of Chewbacca, because he was played by Peter Mayhew, the legendary, original Chewbacca. Did you consult with Peter? Yes, I consulted with Peter. I had a week long — we called it the Wookie Bootcamp.

He showed me the original films and clips. And we looked at his walk, and he told me why he did it such a way and what he did and what was he thinking at the time.

And it was so helpful, because I had done some studying up myself previously. But to hear from the master himself how and why did he do those things helped me tremendously in preparing for this role.

Meet The New Chewbacca Actor In Star Wars: The Force Awakens

When I first met him, I went to his trailer and they really embraced and gave me their blessing for me to play this part, which was a huge deal for me, because, Star Wars is so beloved that I would hate there to be any kind of bad water when we do this.

Action scenes can be difficult enough to film. How does the Wookie suit make it even more challenging?

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The main obstacle is the heat and the endurance throughout the day. If I would make a roll suddenly on the floor, they would be very, very angry with me. So, I have to be careful. And I trust the directors, but I still want to see and if I could do something myself to improve the next day. I know that you and Peter [Mayhew] both worked on that movie.

meet the new chewbacca

What can you tell me about working on that scene? Yeah, I remember it being a more solemn day than the other days, absolutely. What was your take on porgs as you were gearing up to shoot? Yeah… I knew we were going to do the porg roasting and there were going to be some awkward moments in that shot. After I saw it in the finished film, I realized exactly what Chewie was going through, and I thought Rian [Johnson] did an amazing job directing me in that scene, because it was so difficult.

Meet the New Chewbacca – Joonas Suotamo

What did he tell you? We had two different eye lines for the porgs, and I was supposed to turn away from the first porgs, and then see this whole batch of new, cute-looking porgs. And he was just taking me through the beats one by one, because I remember struggling a little bit because of not being able to visualize it in my head.

But in the end, I think we got a great scene out of that. I was very happy with that scene.

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I think it has, yeah.