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meet the president saints row download free

GameStop: Buy Saints Row IV, Deep Silver, Xbox , Find release dates, customer reviews, Ships to U.S. addresses only; Pre-owned Guarantee; Certain downloadable content and The only thing better than one malicious super-powered President is two. . Download on the App Store Android App on Google Play. Now, meet with CID in the star-marked warehouse. CID will start going crazy, so just follow him. It'll find a rabbit drawing on the wall. Approach it and press E. A. Buy Saints Row IV [Download]: Read Everything Else Reviews Download Alexa for your Windows 10 PC for free . Saints Row IV - Meet The President.

Pierce's loyalty mission will once again have you and Pierce singing to a song.

meet the president saints row download free

Basically "Opposites Attract" this time. Many homie conversations are full of this, especially after you unlock the old rival gang leaders as homies. They also provide plenty of background for the series as a whole. After first being dumped into the Steelport simulation, the Boss asks Kinzie about whether the White House was destroyed, because if it was, they would build a newer, better one Which, as it turns out, had already been added to the White House. It's right where you left it, south of the airport.

The only major thing that's different is that Arapice Island is no longer overrun with zombies.

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The 50's-era simulation starts off with the simulated Shaundi giving few namedrops of previous characters, with appropriate references to what happened to them. Benjamin Kingwho left Stilwater at the end of the first game and never returned in the next two, is noted as having "left town for a few weeks".

Pierce, a still-active Saint, is treated as an old friend who's probably going to get into some hijinx with the Boss. Dex, who left the Saints after the first game and never met the real Shaundi, wasn't recognized by the simulated one. The mission to rescue Ben King takes the player to a simulation of Stilwater as it appeared back in the first Saints Row. The Boss even arrives on the very same street they were walking down in the original game in the opening cutscene where they got recruited into the Saints, meeting the same people they did there - the guy hawking watches, the hooker offering a good time, and the trio of Vice Kings spraying over another gang's graffiti, although the last three turn on the Boss rather than getting into the fight with all three other gangs from the first game.

The Boss also finds a bag of Freckle Bitch's food on Julius' desk while exploring the church, commenting that they're surprised one never opened in Steelport and blaming a Councilman Phillips for not having a sense of humor.

Inverted with Telekinesis and Buff, as they are very reliable sources of Cache. Briefly discussed during a mission, when the Boss says something will be easy. It is Chekhov's Gun. Saying it is too easy now means something must go wrong later, or else there was no point to this conversation. The rest of the mission plays with this, with everyone involved blaming the Boss for "jinxing" them when things do start getting more difficult.

Saints Row IV

The President has access to superpowers in the simulation regardless of what he's wearing - T-shirt and blue jeans, tuxedo, spandex, full nude, et cetera.

The President's swears end up being filtered while trapped in a 50's-style simulation. Oh my stars, it's the president! When you go to rescue Kinzie from the 50s, it shows back up. Kinzie delivers this to digital Cyrus Temple after gaining her superpowers and beating the snot out of the late STAG leader.

Talk about a vulgar overkill. Boss Male Voice 2: Zinyak stepped on Biz Markie! Man, I can't wait to kill that bitch! Future Shaundi, when it comes bringing back Christmas cheer and good tidings of the season, acts like it's a matter of saving the entire world and forces the Boss to do more and more ridiculous stunts in order to save Santa and Christmas.

meet the president saints row download free

It's even funnier when compared to the Boss being a total Grinch and worse yet everyone agreeing with her over the Boss. In the third "Enter the Dominatrix" mission the Boss infiltrates a sex club dressed as a gimp. Not a bit of their hair is visible even if you're using a female Boss with a voluminous hairstyle.

The vehicle system has been greatly expanded, adding several new and unique vehicles including tri-wheel motorcycles, retro 50s trucks and sedans, and freakin' monster trucks. You also don't have to lug cars to a specific spot to save them, you just get in and hit the reload button and its yours forever. A great expansion all around Once you fully upgrade your speed you can outrun any vehicle at all, even jets, and with the addition of Super Jump, Super Glide and Wall Sprint, helicopters become the least convenient option for ascending tall buildings.

Certain missions strip you of your superpowers, leaving vehicles as the only efficient way to get around. Unfortunately you usually have to use a specific vehicle, or at least are cut off from grabbing ones from your personal garage. Also, a number of missions require driving, so it can't completely be avoided. That said, many missions requiring you to drive a car to a specific place can instead be completed by picking up the car with Super Strengthcarrying it to your destination, and then getting back in.

Monster trucks and retro cars from the second game return as available rides. You won't get to see a giant Saints Flow can attacking Washington D. In fact, you don't even get to play in Washington. The entire game, save for a brief section at the beginning in the White House, is set in a virtual Steelport. The evisirator is this. It's unique upgrade is infinite ammo, otherwise it's just a decent ranged weapon.

Early game this can be quite useful as you don't have access to all the ammo upgrades yet, but once you do its lack of a gimmick outside of ammo and the fact you can purchase infinite ammo for every other weapon will see it lose use quickly.

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After the final story scene and before the credits roll. Virtual Steelport is Always Nightbut throughout the game the time slowly changes to reflect the mood, becoming daytime near the end of the game. He's an intergalactic conqueror with an appreciation for classic Earth literature. In the simulation, the Boss from almost the very start has insanely powerful attacks, including punches that make cars fly across the street.

There's still challenge from cops and aliens, but if the player decides to attack pedestrians, there's no match at all. Once the Boss gets a tank for their vehicle inventory, most ground-level "flashpoint" battles can be concluded with one shot.

This isn't the case if there's a Warden boss fight afterwards as the Boss has to be on foot for those. Cutting Off the Branches: One developer in particular mentioned he couldn't live with a continuity where Burt Reynolds was dead.

The first mission involves hunting down and killing Cyrus Temple, having gone terrorist.

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However, Shaundi was somehow alive in this version, despite being supposedly blown up. Shaundi herself is bothered by it and says it's best not to think about it too much. Future Shaundi, who came from a Bad Future Damn You, Muscle Memory! Minimal compared to the previous game, but still present.

The "fast hijack" key combination has been changed from using the "hold sprint" key to the "toggle sprint" key, and is not remappable. Fortunately or unfortunately it doesn't come up much since hijacking vehicles quickly becomes pointless. Radio tuning is now mapped to completely different buttons, rather than using the same buttons used for taunts and compliments.

Unfortunate but necessary, since you can listen to the radio when on foot. The plane controls in SR2 and 3 used the forward key for up and back for down. This game applies the usual flight simulator controls: One of the promotional images proudly proclaims Johnny Gat is Back! Matt Miller, one of the main villains from Saints Row: The Thirdends up becoming an ally in the game. Benjamin King, as well: Additionally, when you defeat the simulation of a previous antagonist, you generally get to reprogram them and have them on your side The series is on its way to becoming a metaphor of its own.

It's even lampshaded in the final mission name, "Punch The Shark". Also lampshaded by Pierce and Shaundi if you call both of them.

meet the president saints row download free

That about sums it up, yeah! You think you've gone crazy, don't you? Johnny Gat could be considered one as it's said that he was stuck in his Ironic Hell simulation for years yet still never cracked. Additionally, though he could never save Aisha by himself, that didn't stop him from trying every time he got to that point.

The Boss is also one, and even gives a speech on the point to their crew towards the end of the game. There is a hidden room in Let's Pretend that contains cut-outs of the development team's faces, as well as a secret weapon that is otherwise unobtainable: Respect points can be earned in two ways; by progressing through side-missions called Activities and by completing mini-games and stunts called Diversions.

Many of the game's Activities made appearance in Saints Row and a variety of new Activities have also been introduced in the game. The Activities have been designed to suit solo and co-operative play. There are numerous Diversions playable in the game, such as acts of indecent exposurecombat and driving stunts, car surfing and a survival horror minigame called Zombie Uprising.

Through an online network or through System Linkingthe player can progress through the game with a cooperative partner. The Xbox versions of the game were unaffected as they use Xbox Live for matchmaking.

meet the president saints row download free

Following the sudden disappearance of founder Julius Little, the 3rd Street Saints fell apart. In its place, three new gangs divide up Stilwater: Johnny Gat, Julius's former chief lieutenant, is charged with counts of murder and faces the death penalty. His girlfriend Aisha, despite having been forced to fake her death in the previous game, has become a record producer in her own right. After an earthquake leveled Stilwater, the Ultor Corporation bought up most of the land and converted it into a massive financial district run as their own personal fiefdom.

The other remaining Saints have abandoned the gang; Dexter Jackson is now a security consultant for Ultor, and Troy Bradshaw, who was responsible for Julius's downfall, has been named the new Chief of Police.

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Plot[ edit ] After the explosion on Alderman Richard Hughes' yacht, the player fell into a coma and was taken to Stilwater's maximum security prison to undergo extensive plastic surgery. Five years later, Carlos Mendoza, the brother of a former Saint, infiltrates the infirmary and helps the player escape. After arriving at the city, the player is informed by Carlos about the demise of the 3rd Street Saints; Julius went missing, Troy Bradshaw became the Chief of Police, and many Saints members were either killed or jailed.

After arriving at a bar, the player discovers that Johnny Gat is on trial for murders and looks set for death row. The player breaks into the courtroom and rescues Johnny, taking him to Aisha's house, where they discuss on how to revive the Saints.

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After learning that the church was turned into a tourist trap, the player and Johnny take over an underground mission and establish as their new headquarters, and soon recruit high-ranking lieutenants for the Saints in Carlos, Pierce Washington and Shaundi. The player then officially becomes the new leader of the Saints and is then referred to as "the Boss" by the rest of the gang.

Maero, the leader of the Brotherhood, calls a meeting with Carlos and the Boss. The Brotherhood and The Saints's meeting is interrupted by cops. After escaping the police, they go back to The Brotherhood's headquarters. Insulted, the Saints refuse and declare war on the Brotherhood.

meet the president saints row download free

With the help of Donnie, a former Westside Rollerz member who now works as Maero's head mechanic, the Boss blows up several of the Brotherhood's prize trucks and laces Maero's private supply of tattoo ink with toxic waste, leaving him with severe facial burns. As revenge, the Brotherhood kidnaps Carlos and drags him through the streets tied to a moving vehicle. With his injuries too severe for medical treatment, Carlos begs for the Boss to put him out of his misery, which the Boss sadly does so by shooting Carlos in the head while holding his hand.

Furious at Maero for causing Carlos's death, the Saints abduct his girlfriend Jessica at a bank and lock her in the trunk of a car which is then destroyed by Maero during a Brotherhood-sponsored demolition derby, crushing her to death. However, The Boss blows up the prison buses and prison boats before they reach their destination.

Vogel orders his company's security forces to confiscate a Brotherhood weapons shipment as "compensation", but the Saints steal it first. Using the stolen weapons, the gang lays waste to the Brotherhood's dockside headquarters. The Boss then kills them before confronting the dying Maero. Before Maero can finish his last words, the Boss shoots him in the head, killing him and putting an end to the Brotherhood. Working alongside Shaundi, the Boss moves to take down The Sons Of Samedi by killing their dealers and destroying their drug farms and labs.

DJ Veteran Child, Shaundi's ex-boyfriend and a Sons Of Samedi lieutenant, has her kidnapped and brought to his club, where the Boss confronts and kills him. The General, the founder of The Sons of Samedi, arranges for the Boss to be drugged while his men assault the Saints at their base. Despite being severely intoxicated, the Boss rallies the Saints to fight off the attackers.

Sunshine, the creator of the gang's product, is killed by the Boss whilst attempting to defend his manufacturing plant from a Saints raid. Unable to locate the General, Shaundi and the Boss pose as repair workers and hack the police station's street surveillance cameras to find him. Finally, the Saints organize an ambush of the General's motorcade, eventually tracking down and killing the General in the Stilwater Mall.

To get the Ronin's attention, Pierce, Gat, and the Boss rob their most profitable casino. Fearing disgrace, their leader, Shogo Akuji, orders his enforcer Jyunichi to use Aisha to lure Gat into a trap, which results in Aisha being decapitated and Gat getting severely wounded after losing a katana duel with Jyunichi.

After killing Jyunichi in a fight at a restaurant and saving Johnny from Ronin hitmen trying to kill him at the hospital, the Boss receives the location of the Ronin's headquarters from Vogel, angered by Shogo's father, Kazuo, cutting all business ties with Ultor. As a last-ditch effort, Shogo leads a group of Ronin to kill Gat at Aisha's funeral.

However, Gat and the Boss kill Shogo's men and bury him alive in a coffin as revenge for Aisha's murder. Kazuo, after surviving an attempt on his life at Wardill Airport, orders a direct attack on The Saints, but fails. Wong, an old ally of the Boss, is subjected to another attack at his heritage festival in a bid to lure The Saints out. Wong, the Boss beats Kazuo in a sword fight and leaves him to die on a burning boat.

Meanwhile, an increasingly power-hungry Vogel plans to destroy the Saints so he can expand Ultor's control over all of Stilwater. When an initial effort to kill The Saints' leadership is foiled by The Boss, the Saints respond by destroying a high-security Ultor lab.

The company's board of directors try to rein in Vogel, so he sends their locations to the Boss, which he uses to kill them.