Meet the press donald trump interview 2016

Meet the Press interviews, throughout

meet the press donald trump interview 2016

July 24, Roger Ailes. (Charles Sykes/Invision via AP). Donald Trump this weekend defended longtime friend Roger Ailes, the ousted chief things about him," Trump said in an interview with NBC's "Meet the Press" on Saturday evening. An interview with Fidel Castro aired April 19, Every U.S. President since John F. Kennedy has appeared on Meet the Press, although not necessarily during his presidency. Donald Trump has appeared on the program a number of times, most recently in October Donald Trump just had one of his most combative interviews yet Republican U.S. presidential candidate businessman Donald Trump speaks on "Meet The Press," Todd pushed Trump on a wide range of issues with.

Senate Judiciary releases transcripts from testimony surrounding Trump Tower meeting While the Magnitsky Act was discussed, it was later revealed that the meeting was held on the promise of damaging information about his Democratic opponent, Hillary Clinton. A look at the evolving explanations from the administration on how the statement was drafted: The response came from Donald Trump Jr.

It came from Donald Trump Jr. So that's what I can tell you because that's what we know. In response to a Washington Post report that Trump had dictated the statement, Sekulow issued a statement: White House spokeswoman Sarah Huckabee Sanders said that Trump "certainly didn't dictate, but he — like I said, he weighed in, offered suggestion like any father would do.

He said he didn't know, and that he had never spoken to his father about it.

Fact-checking Mike Pence on 'Meet the Press'

Asked again, Trump Jr. Investigators then asked if Trump Jr. In the letter to Mueller, Trump's then-lawyers wrote: His son then followed up by making a full public disclosure regarding the meeting, including his public testimony that there was nothing to the meeting and certainly no evidence of collusion.

meet the press donald trump interview 2016

Asked about the discrepancies on Monday, Sanders repeatedly declined to answer and referred reporters to Trump's personal lawyers. She also frequently graced local radio hosts with her calls.

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These interviews were not, however, all conducted by reporters or journalists. Nearly a fifth of the total, or 65 interviews, were conducted by people NPR did not classify as journalists or in settings that would be considered journalistic, even using expansive definitions. Clinton spokesman Nick Merrill, who provided the database to NPR, did not take issue with the network's conclusions when they were shared with him. The range of those interviews includes some unlikely questioners, such as: Levine has a political talk show on Sirius XM satellite radio.

Neha Gandhi of Refinery 29, a lifestyle website aimed at millennial women, in conversation with Planned Parenthood chief Cecile Richards.

Has Hillary Clinton Actually Been Dodging The Press?

You have tendencies of Libra. You're great at getting people along and creating harmony. And Trump granted interviews to the right-wing conspiracy theorist Alex Jones and the industry magazine The Hollywood Reporter, among many other outlets. Clinton gave 35 interviews to newspapers and magazines, averaging barely one a week, from the Times-Democrat in Orangeburg, S. Clinton turned frequently to broadcasters and targeted publications who reach Latino and African-American voters, both key elements of the Democratic electorate.

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A spot-check of interviews found most hovered between about three and eight minutes in duration, enough time to be seen on television screens and heard on the air, but short enough time to limit how deeply an interviewer could drill down.

Tapper had complained of failing to land an interview with Clinton while two rivals did.

meet the press donald trump interview 2016

His state and his region are considered vital swing state territory. Notoriously, she hated doing Sunday show interviews. Betsy Fischer Martin, former "Meet the Press" executive producer Nonetheless, Delano had just three minutes the first time. He asked Clinton about fracking and gun control, issues that matter both to western Pennsylvania voters and to the national electorate, with little opportunity for follow-up questions. Clinton has entertained questions a dozen times in so-called gaggles with the reporters who travel with her.

Only in rare moments does she grant them individual interviews. Clinton also participated in nine town-hall sessions from Jan.