Meet the press nra transcriptionist

meet the press nra transcriptionist

Today Raj Shah did a press conference and “senior administration officials” did . I don't think the White House transcriptionist has gotten to today's Is there a chance that this meeting won't take place? But is there a single thing in this proposal that's from the President that is not supported by the NRA?. / DRILL PRESS OPERATOR Apply at LSC Engineering l La Loma Clr Anaheim lonall 'ori MEAT CUTTER Will train, F/T. Helping students succeed in meeting their educational goals by providing comprehensive instructional and student support newspaper, magazine, radio, or television media and prospective Medical Assisting: Transcription Requirements - complete. units NRA Nursing Assistant/Home Health Aide.

If the Republicans let that slide, and it feels like they would — then sayonara, democracy. It was good to know you. He started off by saying he had signed more legislation and done more things than almost any other president. I just got that from the headline. Sessions has already lied under oath, so why expect him to tell the truth?

Indivisible and other organizations are doing what they can to rally the troops, but it feels like a losing proposition. I really want the option of changing jobs. But they made that leap for the health insurance.

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In other court news, Maryland D. Puerto Rico voted overwhelmingly for statehood and everyone seems to be downplaying it. Sean Spicer took questions for eleven minutes. And then in those eleven minutes, he managed to be combative, snitty, an obfuscating liar, a bully, a dodger, an evader… it was a sorry display.

It was so far beneath the dignity of the journalists in the room. Those people really know their shit.

They could swap places with the other people in the White House and do a better job running things. The questions reporters asked today: What steps does the President want to take in his next four years, or eight years, to implement his promise he made to the community here? Two questions on trade.

Number one, you talked about the beef arrangement. Is that beginning today? And can you flesh out a little bit more about what it looks like? I understood there was going to be an announcement from USDA. Are we waiting for that to actually make this is a fact?

meet the press nra transcriptionist

Or where are we in the process? And secondly, my other quick question is on steel and aluminum, and the review that the administration is doing. The President said — and was quoted in one of the pool reports as saying that there is legislation being drafted on antidumping.

The process goes to Congress anyway. Was he referring to additional legislation, or this review that you had already initiated as reported by Secretary Ross?

A couple questions for you. Do you have any sort of timeline on when that announcement will be? And a quick follow-up on the Attorney General.

meet the press nra transcriptionist

Sean, to that end, when Jeff Sessions testifies tomorrow, do you believe that he should invoke executive privilege on conversations between himself and the President as it relates to Jim Comey? Is the President okay with him testifying in this open setting tomorrow? But just to follow on that, the President seemed to indicate that he thought that it was a mistake for Jeff Sessions to recuse himself in the Russia investigation. He said that his preference would have been to the contrary, off-camera.

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Is there anything in here that the NRA opposes? And why did he name this DeVos Commission less than 24 hours after ridiculing the idea of Blue Ribbon commissions? At that February 28th meeting with lawmakers, President Trump sort of made an example of Republican senators who were afraid of crossing the NRA.

But President Trump — he could have put out a proposal for legislation. He could have called for raising the ages in the states. It feels like someone is missing from the transcript here—the black woman reporter sitting next to Kevin Corke in the front row—she asked about California—I need to look at the video again Zeke Miller, AP Sarah, I was hoping you could comment on news out of Great Britain today.

Theresa May saying that the British government believes that Russia was behind the attempted murder and poisoning of a former spy with a nerve agent that has a Russian manufacturer.

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Is that the assessment of the United States government, number one? Right now, we are standing with our UK ally. Theresa May said it was either Russia using it themselves or that it had given its chemical weapons to a third party to murder a British citizen, the latter being highly unlikely, given the nature of this weapon. Like I just said, Zeke, we stand with our ally.

meet the press nra transcriptionist

And we certainly fully support them, and are ready if we can be of any assistance to them. Did he see the interview last night? I have a question about Congress and possibly blocking or delaying tariff implementation. How concerned is the White House about that?

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And a follow-up on China, if I may. And then on China, if I might. I know the President sort of made a tongue-in-cheek comment about President Xi having the ability to rule for quite some time, perhaps indefinitely. Is there an administration position on something like that? Is that healthy for the relationship between our countries?

That would be a determination for China to make, not something for the United States to weigh in on. He can push that policy forward if he so chooses — if he chose to.

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Thanks a lot, Sarah. I have two questions.