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I didn't plan on killing you, but I'll probably never meet such a good target again. Say, Ichigo if we were reversed if we were would we. stuck into his lair's ceiling by Guilmon, just before Guilmon finishes him with a Pyro Sphere. the birthplace of the Tarot; It's referred to as one of the Nine Gods of Egypt, Geb of . Though he no longer draws attention to or explains it, Igor repeats the Tarot reading A flashback detailing Chie and Yukiko's first meeting in episode 3. ( using a Persona combination that would actually create it in the game - Pyro Jack by having Kintoki-Douji use Energy Shower to reverse the effect - in the game, the. tf2 Pyro MVM by biggreenpepper on DeviantArt Tf2 Pyro, Team Fortress 2, Dipper by tenaflyviper Dipper Pines, Fall Memes, Team Fortress 2, Reverse Falls, .

Yume Dorobou to 7-nin no Gozans, Dragon Ball: Final Bout, Dragon's Fury, Dragon: The Big Catch, Lemmings, Lemmings 2: Ashura no Shou, No Fuss! Mission Striker, Super Racer, T.

GotchaMix 2, Bob the Builder: Itsumo Sakura-chan to Issho, Cardcaptor Sakura: Tezuka Ozamu Characters, Cyborg Kuro-chan: Devil Fukkatsu, Cyborg Kuro-chan 2: Mononoke Douchuu Tobidase Nabe-Bugyou! Clubhouse Fun, Kirikou, Koto Battle: The Series, Men in Black 2: Pac-Man, Nakayoshi Cooking Series 1: Central League, Real Pro Yakyuu!: Kako Hen, Sanrio Timenet: Culture Hen, Tokimeki Memorial Pocket: Animal Wakusei Densetsu, Dr.

Goku Gekitouden, Dragon Ball Z: Ouza Ketteisen, Hero Shuugou!! Pinball Party, Home alone, Home alone 2: Last Bible, Megami Tensei Gaiden: Bad 'n Rad, Skate or Die: Fantasy Tour, Tokyo Disneyland: Small World, Uno 2: Suffering of the Queen, Wizardry Gaiden 2: Curse of the Ancient Emperor, Wizardry Gaiden 3: Makai Toitsu Hen, Zoop Pantheon 6. Baseball, Call of Duty Ghosts, Castlevania: The Tides of Time, Exodus: Yang Jia Jiang, Zoom!

Man of Steel, Superman: The Game, Swamp Monsters, Tanks! Cavern of Riches, Adventure 2: The Great Pyramid, Adventure 3: Triple Trouble, Spirou, Sports Illustrated: Generations - Beyond the Nexus, Star Trek: The Space Mutants, The Simpsons: The World, The Simpsons: Unlike the game, a person stays conscious whenever their shadow goes berserk.

This allows them to actually play a role in defeating their own Shadow, sometimes weakening it by Talking the Monster to Death. What happens to people trapped in Izanami's fog is explained, along with what happens to somebody hit by her One-Hit Kill Dragged Off to Hell move. A person is trapped in a Lotus-Eater Machine where what they see is shaped by what they want to see the most. Izanami can briefly be seen conversing with a few residents in the now fog-filled Inaba in episode Justified, no rational adult would believe there's an alternate dimension that can entered through a TV.

Fictional last words in animated television series

Naturally, the episode focuses on the final battle against Izanami as well as a battle against Margaret, though not necessarily in the manner someone who has played the original game would expect Ascended Meme What was once a throwaway line in the game about cabbage became Adachi's signature item thanks to the fandom. And that meme became immortalized in the animated adaptation. Also, the line "Bitches and Whores", a line misattributed to Adachi courtesy of a fan edit to a Persona 4 Hentai doujinshi is now actually said by him in a plot centric piece of dialogue in Episode Dub-exclusive, the beginning of Kanji chasing Yosuke and Chie would sound like in games in Japanese, calling Kanji 'strange', but in the dub, Chie slips off calling Kanji 'gay', which is in context similar with the memetic phrase from the Hiimdaisy comics: Ameno-Sagiri comments that he is a manifestation of the collective unconscious of humanity.

As long as there are people who want him, he will reappear again. Naoto, who has at least one male and at least one albeit off screen female character crushing on her. Teddie is also an example, winning the cross dressing pageant by a landslide. It's commented offhand that Naoto won the beauty pageant because there were both boys and girls voting. Yu is also using his Vash the Stampede interpretation of said bowl while using the in-game script! Beauty Is Never Tarnished: This is expressed by them all turning old.

Naturally, none of the female characters are afflited. Naoto Big Brother Instinct: Most of the group has its moments, but there are two main examples. Yu is the bigger example. He may be irreverent and a little cuckoobut he really loves Nanako, taking up the mantle of her older brother with ease and frequently having her around when he's hanging out with friends. The depth of feeling between the two is especially evident in episode Naoto is an inversionbecause she is a girl. The first time we see Naoto's true colors is when Nanako is upset about her "case," dressed up in her Detective Loveline costume.

Naoto picks up Nanako's abandoned magnifying glass, hands it back to her and encourages her not to give up by telling her that a detective should see the case through until it's over. When they visit the Amagi Inn and most of the others want to stay up in the baths, Naoto falls asleep with Nanako, and the two share a bed.

In episode 23, when Nanako apparently dies as a result of Namatame's actions, Naoto is among the members of the Investigation Team in support of tossing him into the TV world and leaving him to die. With Persona 4 The Animation - Factor of Hopea minute movie including never-before seen footage and the events of the final episode. It was included as the "Bonus Disc" of the final volume of the anime in Japan.

Book-Ends The first thing Yu kills is one of the shadows attacking the group in Episode 1 — he does so by plunging Izanagi's sword through the shadow's head. In the sort-of final 25th episode — in the fight against Adachi and his Persona Magatsu Izanagi?

Yu's Izanagi plunges his sword straight through Magatsu Izanagi's head. The scenes even look exactly the same.

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Yosuke's social link is the first non-automatic social link that gets initiated in the game. In the adaption, it's also the last one that gets resolved. When Narukami first arrives at Yasoinaba train station, he is alone and depressed by how boring his new home seems. When he departs in the end, he is surrounded by friends and his memories make him smile despite having to say goodbye. Episode 5 is definitely this; bringing the plot to a halt after the Shadow Yukiko battle to focus on the Strength and Moon Social Links.

Episodes 13 and 14 focus on the summer break and Yu's Social Links right after Mitsuo's capture. Episode 19 is also a breather, focused entirely on the cultural festival and coming right after a comparably tense episode dealing with Nanako's feelings about her mother's death. Episode 20 as well, which focuses on the Investigation Team's night at the Amagi Inn. Episode 21 is Nanako's kidnapping, and the first time we see the usually lighthearted Yu completely lose his shit.

Brick Joke Episode 6; The delivery scene. By episode 10, this has turned into a running gag. This includes Yu rapidly hitting the record button while Rise is "showing her stuff", and then immediately trying to view it after the Midnight Channel ends. Unfortunately for Yu, it doesn't turn out as planned.

During the Group Date, Daisuke mentions a line which will then be repeated by Yosuke after the bath scene at a later episode: All I know about girls is I double-checked the schedule and the open-air bath is supposed to be open to guys right now. They suck, girls really suck! Happens in episode 25 when Yu defeats Adachi, who promptly turns his own gun on himself and tries to pull the trigger before Yu can stop him.

He's found to be alive after Ameno-Sagiri is defeated though. The guys for some episodes, with Yosuke taking the brunt of it. Calling the Old Man Out: Yu does this to Dojima in episode The Persona 3 main character at the end of Factor of Hope.

Although the protagonist has no official name in the gamehe is named Yu Narukami both in this anime and in the fighting game sequel. Can't Get Away with Nuthin': Yosuke shows Yu the two swords that he found in his backyard.

Not moments later a cop notices them and the two of them are arrested and sent to jail. Played for laughs in the 15th episode, when a drunk Yukiko and Rise tell Naoto all about the Personas, but the latter flatly refuses to believe it. Played seriously in episode 21 when Yu is being interrogated at police station by his uncle. Again, he explains about Personas, but Dojima just doesn't believe him.


Ai and Chie get into one in episode 5. Episode 20 makes liberal use of this in the Hot Springs scenes. Subverted; Rise puts on fake glasses to try and disguise herself, but people still recognize her immediately. The fanbase cannot decide if Yu is this, or a Deadpan Snarker.

And then there's Margaret. This isn't because they like pain, however, but because they null or absorb those specific attacks. While the characters normally summon their Personas when they're actually engaged in battle, they do so immediately the moment they meet Shadow Kanji. Continuity Cavalcade When the Investigation teams visits Gekkoukan High in episode 15, all the background music changes to Persona 3 tracks.

The "King's Game" background music is none other than the battle theme from Persona 3"Mass Destruction". Although the anime is much abbreviated, attentive viewers can note specific bits from the games that are still present.

Though he no longer draws attention to or explains it, Igor repeats the Tarot reading he did in the beginning of the game during the very first episode. Video Game Interface Elements are featured during transitions, fight scenes and the mid-episode Eye Catches.

Various Social Link characters are present in the background of scenes they have no involvement in. Yu has a habit of folding multiple origami cranes in his free time. Many scenes that were changed or added to the anime still borrow directly from other events featured or mentioned during the game. A flashback detailing Chie and Yukiko's first meeting in episode 3. Yukiko's pet bird in episode 4, hinted at during the opening cinematic of the game.

Adachi coming back from shopping at Junes with nothing but cabbage in episode 7. Rise's decision to quit being an idol in episode 9. After the school exam, Yu mentions that "His pen seemed to move on its own", which is the caption you receive in the game if you've studied enough for any exam.

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Personas and Shadows demonstrate abilities related to ones they have in the game. Yu defeats one of the Slipping Hablerie in the very first episode by having Izanagi use Zio on it, complete with "critical hit" animation. Slipping Hablerie are weak to Electricity in the game.