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meet the robinsons goob fanfiction websites

The first one is called LEWIS ROBINSON. Just a blog for oc/fanfic references . Michael “Goob” Yagoobian / The Bowler Hat Guy from Meet the Robinsons. An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works. Explore Brookelin Bonura's board "Meet the Robinsons" on Pinterest. | See more ideas about See more. Art by Elena and Olivia Ceballos a.k.a Elioli* • Blog/ Website | (www .. with Michael "Goob" Yagoobian from one of the funniest Disney movies, Meet the Robinsons. "violet and wilbur fanfiction - Google Search".

But Franny wasn't paying attention to the sound coming from her relatives. Rather, she was focusing on the opposite end of the table where a man with spikey blonde hair and round glasses was sitting. This was in fact her husband, Cornelius Robinson. Famous inventor and world-renowned for his latest creation - the time machine. To picture a grand scientist such as he would have one immediately imagining a tall and proud member of the family, sitting up straight and offering all kinds of fascinating theories to the dinner table.

But while Cornelius did in fact have days where he acted as such, tonight was not the case. Instead, he slumped in his chair and stared at his food with no particular interest, staying silent and looking rather depressed.

Hence, why Franny was focused on him. As head of the household, Mrs.

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Robinson was use to understanding when someone tried to hide their true emotions from others. There were plenty of occasions where she had offered advice to a guilt-ridden family member and to ease their pain.

It was what she did best. With just one look at Cornelius' face, she could tell something was wrong. But what Franny didn't understand, however, was what exactly was wrong. Robinson had, in actuality, been acting strange all week. And not once had he offered any kind of hint as to what might be on his mind. Twirling her fork between her fingers, Franny's eyes squinted with frustration. She was determined to figure out her husband's upsetting and ultimately, to fix it.

But it worried her that he didn't come out and say it first. Their relationship had always been built on trust and whenever one had doubts, they would come to the other for advice.

This was the first time in a very long time that Cornelius was refusing to be the first to speak up and it bothered her.

Michael "Goob" Yagoobian

Whatever it was that was on his mind must be truly troubling if it meant keeping it from her. What could it be? After a moment or two or brooding, Franny finally decided she had had enough. Standing up, she walked over to the other side of the table narrowly avoiding a thrown tomato by an outraged Tallulah and placed her hand on her husband's shoulder.

Finally registering what she had said, the inventor turned his head away with embarrassment and looked around at the table quickly. But I think you know that since we're both the ones that grounded him.

It was a bad attempt to avoid the question but at least he had tried. Cornelius took in a large breath before letting it out slowly. Yeah, I guess I should.

With the plates cleared and having stopped a moment to give her son Wilbur an encouraging word to clean each dish carefully, Franny was finally ready to talk to Cornelius privately. As soon as dinner was over he had taken the liberty of whisking away upstairs before anyone could ask where he was going, which concerned her. Making her way upstairs, Mrs.

meet the robinsons goob fanfiction websites

Robinson entered her husband's laboratory. It was a giant domed conservatory filled with many types of machinery for experiments old and new. There were machines larger than an elephant and there were machines that could fit in your palm. Colorful or plain metallic, each was unique and each contained the power to do something extraordinary. Tables were spread across the room covered with tubing and random vials filled with liquids. Papers were scattered around with notes here and there on different hypotheses.

It was Cornelius' safe haven, a place of intellect as well as play. And because the room was known for its exciting birth of new ideas, Franny was almost startled to see it at night. With only the moonlight and stars bouncing off of the shining surfaces, the room felt heavy with sadness rather than alight with gaiety.

Lewis and Wilbur taste each other's spit and discuss dinner. That's literally the whole thing. Not fully explicit, but does have some rough language and mentions sensitive topics.

K - English - Angst - Chapters: Meet the Robinsons Series: Magena decides to take matters into her own hands and created her own chaos. But her plan backfires and takes a tole on Todayland High. Now, the teenage duo must to protect the student body from the vilest monsters of them all Time to Tell Franny by papillonrose22 reviews Cornleius can't keep the secret any longer!

He must tell Franny what happened before they become engaged. Ghost Town E2 by MidnightWillow reviews Every year on Wednesday the eleventh, at Todayland High, strange things occur that scare the student body and faculty. Some say it's a simple prank. Others say it's a ten-year-old ghost. Whatever it is, Wilbur and Magena will get to the bottom of it.

And whats worse is it's caused him to fall into a coma that he may never awaken from! However, Goob finds it easier to blame Lewis than take responsibility for his own life. Goob prepares to depart in the time machine when Lewis escapes with the help of Carl and Wilbur and reveals that he knows the truth about everything. But before they can get back to the house, but they are attacked by Doris who destroys Carl and steals the Memory Scanner.

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Wilbur pleads with Lewis to fix the time machine and history, but Lewis lacks the confidence to do it, saying they should call his future self, but Wilbur calls Lewis "Dad" and tells him he's the only one that can do it.

The change in the timeline then causes Wilbur to be erased from existence. Lewis finds the Robinsons mind-controlled by Doris hats in a world where Doris rules and discovers what happened from the Memory Scanner records which show she eventually betrayed and killed Goob. Chased by the Robinsons, Lewis manages to fix the time machine and escape.

As he is chased by an enormous Doris and eventually by a small swarm of hats, Lewis starts to beat himself up for having invented Doris in the first place before having an epiphany and travels back to where Goob is about to sign a contract with Inventco, where he reveals Doris' planned betrayal. Lewis promises never to invent Doris, erasing her from existence and takes Goob to see the future she created, which turns back into the original future. After Wilbur is restored, Lewis convinces him to get his family to adopt Goob, but Goob runs away, leaving behind his binder with a question mark next to what he wants to do next.

He is reunited with the worried Robinson family and reveals that this experience has caused him to feel better than he has in a long time. He then meets his future self who arrives home early and shows him all of his inventions, revealing that the Memory Scanner is their first real invention and the one that led to this great future.

Seeing this causes Lewis to regain his confidence in going back to his own time and showing the Memory Scanner and he asks Cornelius if he ever does meet his real mom, to which Cornelius simply tells him to go back to the Science Fair and find out for himself.

Lewis says goodbye to the family, getting advice from Franny and Wilbur reminds him before he leaves that he will see the Robinsons again as they are his family after all.

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To Lewis' surprise, Wilbur takes him to see his mom like he promised rather than to the Science Fair. Lewis goes to stop her from leaving him, but realizing that he already has a family, the Robinsons, Lewis stops himself and slips on a step, scaring his mother and causing her to run away, forgetting to knock on the orphanage door, so he knocks on the door himself, and watches from the time machine as Mildred finds his infant self.

Returning to his time, he explains to confused Wilbur that he doesn't need his mother as he already has a family.

meet the robinsons goob fanfiction websites

He then hugs Wilbur who expresses his surprise that Lewis ended up being both his dad and best friend. Wilbur gives Lewis his taped back together plans for the Memory Scanner and promises to return if Lewis screws up the future again.

Lewis watches as Wilbur returns to his time and sky-writes "see ya later, Dad. At the fair, Lewis convinces Mr. Krunklehorn to let him try the Memory Scanner again and uses Dr.

Krunklehorn as his test subject as he no longer needs to find his mother. He plugs in the date of her wedding and the Memory Scanner shows the event perfectly, and, to his shock, reveals that she is Grandma Lucile from the future. Bud arrives and calls Lewis a special kid, saying he doesn't look like a Lewis to which Lewis replies he's told a lot that he looks more like a Cornelius. Lewis wins the Science Fair and meets young Franny who tells him she believes that frogs have more musical ability than people and people think she's crazy for that.

When Franny demands to know if he thinks that too, Lewis, remembering Franny's band in the future and her telling him that she's "always right," tells her that he thinks she's right, endearing him to her. A reporter asks for an interview and Lewis, seeing his future parents and wife realizes that he faces a great future.