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meet the team interview techniques star

Read our advice on using the STAR technique for difficult interview questions. Task - The team was suddenly under serious pressure to meet a deadline on. From calming your nerves to using the STAR technique, this guide will talk you through Competency-based interview answers and tips .. Teamwork – “Tell me about a time you led or worked in a team. a head of department who had been partially involved in the project to take the meeting in his place. The STAR interview response technique is a way to answer interview . Third, I would call a meeting of the team and have a discussion about how our team fits.

The STAR method helps you create an easy-to-follow story with a clear conflict and resolution. Situation Set the stage for the story by sharing context around the situation or challenge you faced. Share any relevant details.

The account managers were setting unrealistic deadlines, which was causing stress for my team and affecting morale. If the action was carried out by a team, focus on your efforts. If possible, quantify your success or provide concrete examples of the effects of your efforts.

meet the team interview techniques star

The following quarter, we shortened our average project timeline by two days. To prepare for your interview, review the job description and required skills and consider what sorts of challenges might arise or what obstacles you may have to navigate in the position. No matter what stories you decide to share, make sure you define a situation, task, action and result, and showcase skills and abilities most relevant to the job. A customer purchased a dress online and had it delivered to the store.

One of my associates accidentally put the dress out on the floor, where another customer immediately purchased it. Before calling the customer to let her know about the mistake, I located the same dress at another store location nearby. I ordered it to be pressed and delivered to her home the morning of prom, along with a gift card to thank her for her understanding. The customer was so thankful, she wrote us a five-star review on several review sites. Although I was already managing a full load of accounts, I was assigned this new client as well.

How would you react if two teammates were embroiled in a conflict that kept the team from completing its task?

To build team spirit, it would be important that all team members are on the same page and agree on a common goal.

meet the team interview techniques star

Team-building exercises bring a team closer together and strengthen team spirit. Participants are tasked with bringing a team in conflict into harmony by perfectly balancing the hammer, string, and ruler on the table.

Team members should also be made to feel like their opinion matters and their input and ideas are valued by their manager. Your co-workers and supervisor are unavailable for you to ask for assistance. How do you handle the situation? My first inclination would be to sit down and review all the projects and examine a couple of key issues — things like deadlines, potential impacts, and involvement of others.

How to Use the STAR Interview Response Technique

Obviously, projects that are mission-critical and have the shortest deadlines need to be addressed first. If I were still stumped — and my manager and team members were truly unavailable — rather than sitting there paralyzed, I would probably consult a mentor within the organization and seek his or her advice on how to proceed. What action would you take so that morale in the department is not negatively affected? I would call for a meeting to let my employees know that their opinions about my decision are valued, however, I would also explain to them why the decision needed to be made.

Use The STAR Technique to Ace Your Behavioral Interview

Sometimes people are more empathetic once they know the reasons for a certain action. I would also explain to my employees what the positive impacts of my decisions will be down the line. The first thing I would do is evaluate how this person has been treated in the workplace to determine if they might be disgruntled.

Next, I would call a private meeting with the person and simply have a conversation about the situation and how and why it happened. Finally, if it turns out the person is simply unhappy and I feel I have heard their concerns and done all I can to smooth over the problem to no avail, then I would need to meet again with my boss to have a discussion about how to handle the employee moving forward.

You have been placed in charge of a project team for a new initiative. What are your first steps to get the team going and complete the project? I would call the team together for an initial meeting to make sure we all know each other and to set some initial expectations for the team.

Once the team has been established, I would move ahead with the project in these basic steps: First, explain the task at hand. We need to define the purpose of the project.

meet the team interview techniques star

Third, we divide the process into smaller parts and assign individual team members tasks to complete, based on their individual skill sets. Fourth, I would assign deadlines and budgets. Fifth, the team would execute the plan and deal with any circumstances that arise as we move forward toward completion.

Sixth, we complete the project — as planned, on deadline and budget hopefully — and meet as a team one final time to discuss any unanticipated problems or issues that arose and how we can prepare and better address them in the future. His comment surprised me.

meet the team interview techniques star

I thought I was good at delegating, as I would explain my expectations and all necessary steps to each staff member. I felt my staff was productive and consistently benefitted from my coaching.

I thanked my manager for the feedback and promised to reflect on my delegating style and consider a change. Firstly, in assigning tasks to my staff I only described the steps they needed to take. I had habitually failed to describe the background of product features we wanted to develop and explain how their work would contribute to and improve the overall product. My staff would just do what I had asked of them without understanding the context of their efforts.

Secondly, while explaining how to complete each assignment, I was micromanaging.

Interview Techniques - STAR Method

During the next staff meeting, I thanked them for the feedback and acknowledged I would change. They were no longer working on my idea alone: They were more enthusiastic about their work and realized they were an integral part of something bigger than they were.

During the next quarterly meeting, my manager praised me for empowering my team. What challenges did you face?

Use The STAR Technique to Ace Your Behavioral Interview

How did it impact your organization? Here is a sample answer: When I worked as a product development consultant at Indigo, a team of Acme Medical Systems designers hired me to develop the plastic prototype of a new Computed Tomography CT scanner.

Acme wanted to display their new cardiac scanner to their vice president who was visiting the following week. One of the primary challenges with prototyping this keyboard was that it was too large to fit into any standard manufacturing machine. We had just eight days, including the weekend.

meet the team interview techniques star

For the next week, I worked from On the first day, after studying the design, I proposed a modified, simpler version, which my clients accepted. The next day, I used my advanced CAD skills to digitally split the complex design into smaller components that could be manufactured individually and then assembled.

The new modular design, in fact, facilitated the assembly plan. I used a finite element model to reassure them and confirm that the assembly would be sufficiently robust. Since my clients were busy working on the rest of the CT-scanner, I offered to work with the suppliers. I visited five suppliers and prepared a manufacturing budget.