One direction meet and greet toronto contest

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one direction meet and greet toronto contest

"We know other bands do meet-and-greet tickets but we couldn't find any for One Direction, so we thought we'd make our own way to meet. With a passionate, devoted fan base from his five-year stint as a member of One Direction, Styles confidently released an adventurous and mature self-titled solo . Harry Styles, Jun 16 @ PM | Scotiabank Arena (formerly Air Canada Centre) | Toronto.

They sang like angels and even showed off some dance moves.

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The boys had a great set list for their concert, with most of their songs being the more recent ones. One Direction looked great, which isn't a surprise, because they always look fabulous. One Direction moved around the stage and had a nice graphic background at all times, they even had picture lyrics for a song. The boys introduced their band and each member played a little bit of a song, and the boys jumped in, as well as the audience and sang along.

One Direction Meet and Greet at Hot 99.5

Just when you thought that the best night of your life was over, One Direction came back out for their encore to sing some of their most popular songs. The encore was massive and left you amazed. There were fireworks here and there throughout the show, but the encore had a so many, which made for great pictures.

Each of the boys said their goodbyes and told the audience to stay safe while going home. One Direction has grown so much and have become such a big hit all around the globe. The boys are always thanking their fans for all their support and everything that they've done to help them with their career. One Direction will continue to become bigger, especially with their amazing songs and albums, performances, and their dedication to their fans.

We hugged and introduced ourselves to Harry, then Liam, then Louis, then Niall.

Harry Styles's intimate concert at Massey Hall was one for the fans - NOW Magazine

I wish that I could give every single detail of everything that they said, but I think I blacked out a bit from shock and starstruck-ness at this point.

They asked us where in Canada we were from, how long we were here for and how we liked London. They took the picture, and before we knew it, we were being ushered out for the next turn. They had people interview us as soon as we walked out, and Sam gave a detailed description of what had just happened, but I just kind of stood there in shock. After the meet and greet, it was time for the band to perform. It felt like they were singing directly to you.

They would lean over the edge of the stage with their mic stands and be directly over you. And all the boys rotated, so we got to see everyone up close.

one direction meet and greet toronto contest

They sounded so amazing on all the songs, but the stand-out performance for me was Infinity. Everything about it was unbelievable.

Harry Styles, Jun 16 @ PM | Scotiabank Arena (formerly Air Canada Centre) | Toronto

Come Sunday, the last day of their trip, Sydney was feeling a bit of post-1D sadness, but still felt incredibly lucky to have had the opportunity to fly to London and meet the band. How lucky we were that out of all the fans in the entire world, Sam and I got to be there.

one direction meet and greet toronto contest

There were only maybe, people who got to experience this with us? And of course, meeting the boys. I am SO happy to say this was not the case for me.

They are exactly as amazing and sweet and cute and funny as I imagined. If you want to have an amazing experience of your own, have the chance to fly to London and meet your idols like Sydney, be sure to keep up with all our latest contests by following us on Facebook and Twitter!