Saint row 4 meet the crew to bring down zinyak twitter

CCC: Saints Row IV Guide/Walkthrough - The Kinzie Gambit

saint row 4 meet the crew to bring down zinyak twitter

A page for describing Funny: Saints Row IV. When Zinyak is taking over and abducting people, Kinzie just stands there next to him silently geeking out about. Zinyak is a character in Saints Row IV and Enter the Dominatrix. The Protagonist into a Zin-dominated version of Steelport, threatening to destroy the Earth if they attempt to escape. Later . In real-life, Volition has a Zinyak Twitter account, which posts in-character as Zinyak. Zinyak, during the "Meet the President" trailer. Meet the Crew to Bring Down Zinyak. Go to Kinzie's warehouse in Salander to start this quest. Enemy troops will start flooding in the warehouse. Your power will .

The first thing you need to do is disable the devices creating a shield. There are two of them. Once done, the key keeps moving forward. Defend it some more until you need to destroy the three relays. Once destroyed, defend the key enough until it makes it all the way down the track. Loading Now you are done with the first part.

Choose your team for the second task now. Once selected, enter the simulation again. You need to get to a portal location, so ignore all of the craziness happening around you and run down the street.

Get up onto the floating platform, then kill 10 aliens. After that, defend the portal for a minute. Once done, head to the next portal location. Again, clear the area then defend the portal for 1: Once done, move on to the last portal.

You now need to defend this guy for a whole two minutes. Get something that shoots really strong, like the Thumpgun. Once you successfully defend the portal, you need to clear the area.

Jump to the roof of a nearby building, and watch as Paul shows back up. Now, you gotta jet. Get to the first gateway as fast as you can.

saint row 4 meet the crew to bring down zinyak twitter

Oh no, you can't use it. Try a second, then a third. Oh man, everything is freaking out now. Loading Now you are on the Zin ship. Go forward to try and find an armory. Simply shoot and move forward.

saint row 4 meet the crew to bring down zinyak twitter

You get to a huge room. Fight your way to the far side of it, and the door is locked. That you used me as a human shield? Or that you threw my Feed Dogs limited edition vinyl into a fire? Shaundi, I was stoned. Besides, the Feed Dogs are terrible.

I can't believe you ever liked We're not talking anymore. CID attempting to get Kinzie to date him: Are you sure you do not want to go out with me sometime, Kinzie?

It is just that I have been alone for so very long and you and I have so much in common. CID, I've been doing this hacking thing for a long time, I can smell bullshit even through a monotone computery voice like yours. Keith David Talking to Himself with Julius. You know, some folks say I remind them of you. Yeah, I get the same with you.

I don't see it though. Fun Shaundi trying to flirt with Matt but Matt turns her down out of fear about how the actual Shaundi might react.

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What are you doing after this? You wanna smoke a bulb? Maybe see where things go? She doesn't have to know. Older Shaundi knows everything. And Matt fanboying the hell out of Roddy Piper, which creeps him out. You were probably my favorite wrestler of all time.

saint row 4 meet the crew to bring down zinyak twitter

I even had one of your action figures. I had another of myself too, homemade, not professional of course. I'd pretend we were tag team partners and we'd obliterate our opponents with devastating moves.

As our co-op finisher you would throw me over your head and I'd land on the opponent and deliver a massive suplex in midair. Then you and I would go have a tea party with Mr. Fluffykins and Penelope Rabbit. Because Keith isn't the actual President. CID refuses; he normally does favors and requests only when being paid. For Fun Shaundi's ex, I will make an exception and just say, "Piss off.

saint row 4 meet the crew to bring down zinyak twitter

Especially since his Large Ham moments seems to remind most viewers of his Deadpool persona, whose brand of Crosses the Line Twice Screwball Comedy would fit right in with the Saints Row-verse.

Some of Nolan's dialogue is different from the subtitles, but what he says makes it even funnier. Don't forget about the block button! I have a block button? I labeled it for you. I don't pay attention to these things. I can't read, okay?

saint row 4 meet the crew to bring down zinyak twitter

Pretty much all of the 's world, from the Boss's goofy walking animation to the cheesy laugh track. Can I get porn? The effect of the Dubstep Gun is that everything in the vicinity, along with most aliens, starts immediately dancing. A fully upgraded Dubstep Gun causes the world to turn into bluish-purple wubs of explodey goodness for about two minutes.

Saints Row 4 GamePlay Walkthrough - Part 53 - Death From Above - Meet the Crew to Bring Down Zinyak

Even the corpses dance if you have it aimed right on them. There's the part where the Dubstep Gun is unlocked Assuming you haven't unlocked it from Keith's first sidequestduring the return to the '50s simulation where the Boss needs some Loophole Abuse with the "No Weapon policy" enacted by '50s Cyrus: You gotta give me some kind of weapon!

I'm telling you, the simulation is locked— starts getting excited Oh, oh, wait a minute Music gun it is Music to my ears Not what I meant by "music to my ears"!!

The Inflato-Ray's effect is also giggle-inducing. They then explode after a beat. The simulations the Boss and their homies are trapped in are tailored to mirror their worst fears, their most bloodcurdling nightmares, the thoughts that make them scream at night and reach for their blankie for comfort.

So, what does the Boss of the Saints consider terrifying beyond all reason? Zinyak realises his mistake a little too late: I should have realised that a prison of peace would never hold a sociopath like yourself.

Actually, the whole discussion is hilarious, not just the following part: No, I get it.