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south park meet the internet stars youtube

YouTube and other Internet video website celebrities parodied in the waiting room scene Q: Who is the only Canadian at "South Park Elementary School?". The latest episode of South Park "Canada on Strike" features a segment where the South Park kids visit the Department of Internet Money and. Meanwhile, the boys wait in line at the "Colorado Department of Internet Money", where they meet other YouTube phenomena such as Tay Zonday ("Chocolate.

It aired on April 2, It is up to the boys to talk them down.

south park meet the internet stars youtube

When "Canada Appreciation Day" in the US is mocked and doesn't bring Canada the respect its' citizens believe it deserves, the leader of the ' World Canadian Bureau ', Stephen Abootmanleads a nationwide strike of Canadians to garner respect and more money, without actually specifying how much they want and for what reason they would need it. They demand, "some of that Internet money" from other UN nations, but are denied.

Meanwhile, Kyle Broflovski is worried about his brother Ike Broflovskiwho is also on strike out in the freezing weather.

Canada on Strike

Kyle's concern for his brother and reruns of Terrance and Phillip episodes convince the boys that they need to try and negotiate an end to the strike. Canadian spirits are down when there is no world interest in the strike and Terrance and Phillip talk about ending it.

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Things get worse when the Danish who share the Canadian's trash can heads flock to the U. The other YouTube celebrities begin to argue about who is the most famous, which quickly descends into violence, and most of them end up killing each other. The boys manage to be first in line; they receive 10 million "theoretical dollars", 1 for each viewing of the YouToob video.

Mackey informs the students that it is Canada Appreciation Day.

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WGA[2] asks the students to remember all of Canada's contributions to the world. When he asks, "When you think of Canada, what's the one thing that comes to mind?

In Canada, Abootman learns of the world's lackluster response to Canada Appreciation Day, and resolves to have the country go on strike, spurring the Canadians to break out into a choreographed song and dance number.

south park meet the internet stars youtube

When Abootman and his cohorts announce the strike to an assembly of world leaders, the other countries' delegates are confused as to what exactly Canada wants. Abootman responds "more money", and when asked where this money should come from he exclaims "the Internet makes lots of money. Give us some of that money!

Later, Kyle is watching Ikehis adopted brother from Canada, stand outside his house, picketing. Kyle approaches the other boys with worries about his brother, but they are too busy watching Terrance and Phillip to care.

south park meet the internet stars youtube

After realizing that all the Terrance and Phillip episodes are reruns, they attempt to call Abootman to end the strike, as they refuse to watch horrendous American comedy, represented by a pastiche of Family Guy. While on the phone with him, they agree that Canada deserves more money but they do not have any to give. In an argument over who is more famous, most of the other Internet celebrities kill each other.

The boys advance in line, and they receive 10 million "theoretical dollars", which are printed on clear plastic cheques with no monetary value. Still striking, many Canadians are dying of starvation, and a news report shows that the United States has brought in Danish people to fill their positions.

Despite protests from Terrance and Phillip, Abootman vows to continue the strike.