South street where all the hippies meet

Lyrics: South Street by The Orlons

south street where all the hippies meet

Read or print original South Street lyrics updated! Where do all the hippies meet? / South Street, South Street. / Where the dancin'. Where do all the hippies meet? you Meet me on South Street The hippest street in town Oh you take West Street, East Street, North Avenue But I know South. The bohemians and hippies of the South Street Renaissance will soon be celebrating a 50 year reunion. "We all started in old rundown buildings with little money in our pocket," They used to meet every 10 years or so.

south street where all the hippies meet

Despite having one male member, Stephen Caldwell, the Orlons really had the classic girl group sound. Think of the Exciters as a parallel entity.

south street where all the hippies meet

The quartet's first big hit "Wah-Watusi" was one of the many dance related songs that sprung up after the success of the Twist. Caldwell sat out of the sessions in protest because he thought the Orlons should have been allowed to record the songs first because the band was with the label longer.

south street where all the hippies meet

The Orlons cover them both here and sing the heck out of them, suggesting Caldwell was right. The songs urged teens to express themselves physically and the suggestiveness of having sexy black performers urge white adolescents to do so was acknowledged as lewd by many at the time.

south street where all the hippies meet

Like the dance songs, these passionate declarations could only lead to one thing -- sex. While this was often guised in the idealized cloak of marriage check out "Happy Birthday, Mr.

south street where all the hippies meet

Twenty One" for a good examplethe implications were always clear. The other album here, the Orlons' third release, shows how much music had changed in such a short time.

Where do all the Hippies Meet? - South Street

The dance crazes had ebbed in popularity and the folk revival was the latest fad. Here you'll find a many-splendored promenade alive with bizarre boutiques, eccentric shops, singular restaurants, bars, night clubs and cafes — and where the people-watching is as fun as the window-shopping. Aging hippies, the fashionably unfashionable, tongue-piercers, spike-haired skateboarders, and even nuclear families commingle comfortably on this eclectic and electric swath.

If you feel a bit self-conscious because you're old enough to remember the above lyric from the hit rock-'n'-roll tune, just relax — like the song says, "it's the hippest street in town.

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Chain stores and restaurants arrived in full force in the '80s, but have done little to homogenize this center of counterculture. Though the occasional big chain appears, South Street retains its chic boutique mystique. A party atmosphere prevails, especially on weekend nights. Mardi gras in in the air all year 'round at Fat Tuesdays. Other popular bars and night clubs including Tattooed Mom and the self-proclaimed legendary J.

Historic Philadelphia Tour: South Street

Bob and Barbara's bar at 15th and South is a throwback to the smoky bebop days, with cracked red bar stools and a bar sanded smooth by decades of beer bottles. Jazz-lovers will bow before the jukebox — a shrine to Basie, Parker, and Lady Day. Interested in getting your navel, nipple, or tongue pierced? Or getting some new ink?

Tattoo and piercing parlors are concentrated in this area, especially on 4th St, between South and Bainbridge. By the time you read this, there may or may not be a Starbucks on South Street. Rest assured there will certainly be several non-Starbucks options for hot beveredges.

These come and go frequently, but you won't have to go more than a few blocks down South Street before you can get your java fix.