Still working out the kinks in a relationship

still working out the kinks in a relationship

Even in the best relationships there are bound to be moments of doubt or But when it comes to working out the kinks and differences of. Regardless, if you want to have a right relationship with God, you must deal with sin Let the grace of God work out your kinks today, friend. .. You died for me and yet still I am so hard on myself and feel bad I'm not perfect. Recent Examples on the Web: Noun. For starters . work/iron out the kinks to make a kink in blood vessels have been kinked and shut off— Benjamin Spock.

There was plenty of water. I tried to flap it out from where I was across the yard, but this kink was a good bit down the line. It required that I drop everything and address it. Once the kink was fixed, the water flowed smoothly and the rest of my plants got their drinks. What a picture of faith. Just like a hose is connected to a water source, our souls are connected to the Living Water — Jesus. And though as believers we are always connected to Him and always have access to the refreshment and nourishment we need, there are times when kinks happen and the flow stops.

I can think of a few times when, just like the hose, I flipped and kinked up the flow. Our kinks come in all shapes and sizes. We can get flipped over by disappointments, unmet expectations, other people, or simply by our own attitudes, unbelief, fears, behaviors, rebellion, or unhealthy emotions. How can we work out the kinks of our circumstances and relationships? By depending on the strength of God instead of our own.

still working out the kinks in a relationship

By going to Him in prayer, spending time in the Word, and by yielding to His Spirit. The biggest of all kinks, however, is our own sin.

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I said the s-word. How can we work out the kinks of our sin? If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness. If we say we have not sinned, we make him a liar, and his word is not in us. Regardless, if you want to have a right relationship with God, you must deal with sin honestly.

Let the grace of God work out your kinks today, friend. Sometimes we just have to drop everything and address them. The Living Water is waiting.

And who shall stand in his holy place? He set the bowl down and reached his arms over his head, stretching every which way to try and undo the kinks left by the position. Jeff offered a one-shouldered shrug and crossed his living room to where she stood with her canvas, examining the picture. Sure, it didn't look like him all that much, but he could see details that anyone else might have missed—like a small scar above his lip, and a birthmark on his side.

In fact, she'd gotten more of the minute details right than the obvious ones. His nose was a little off, and his lips were slightly fuller. His eyes were a little larger in the painting than they should have been, and his ears were a little smaller.

Working Out The Kinks

But those details—they were so intimate. She'd noticed things about him that went beyond "hot Adonis body. Jeff offered a half smile and leaned down, kissing her softly. Annie noticed his grimace.

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She took hold of his hand and led him to the bedroom. She rolled her eyes and gave him a little shove, urging him down. Wordlessly, Annie climbed onto his lower back and started kneading the tense muscles in his shoulders. Jeff let out a groan. She reached up and began rubbing his biceps before working her way back to his neck and shoulders. Eventually she shuffled lower, working over his lower back. A few moments later, she dipped her head down and placed a long, slow kiss in between his shoulder blades, and then another a little further up.

Jeff sighed contentedly beneath her lips and turned himself around, allowing her to settle down on top of him, still fully clothed against his naked body.

She rested her head against his chest and closed her eyes. He kissed her forehead lightly. She kissed his chest lightly before sliding her body down his, dropping her lips onto the soft skin of his sternum, diaphragm and abdomen, leaving warmth in each place she kissed.

She swirled her tongue around one of his nipples, then flicked it lightly, causing Jeff to let out a small sound of appreciation. As she worked her way down, Jeff closed his eyes, falling completely into the sensations of her mouth and hands on his body, calming, caressing.

It was much sweeter than usual. He wasn't accustomed to being cared for so gently. Annie dropped her mouth into the dip between his hip bones as she took his flaccid penis in one hand, squeezing it gently in the warmth of her palm. Easily, she lowered her mouth over it, lips grazing the base as she took him in fully. Soft, though he was, Jeff knew that wouldn't be the case for very long as Annie withdrew her mouth, sucking along him, tongue massaging him to life as she went.

As she pulled her mouth away, she began pumping the organ once more, pulling the foreskin back to reveal his head, and licking the underside of the newly revealed skin, causing Jeff to gasp in a small breath. The sensation was so sudden that it almost crossed the line from pleasure to discomfort, but she recovered it with her smooth tongue caressing his head in circles. She gripped him tighter as he gradually became hard in her hands, his length growing more with each swipe of her tongue, each suck that hollowed out her cheeks, and each kiss placed to each individual part of him.

She pulled her mouth from his cock and began pumping him faster in her hand as she dipped her face underneath and licked the small area where his balls met his base, sucking the skin there into her mouth before dipping lower and providing the same attention to each individual testicle.

Jeff groaned as Annie sucked each of his balls into her mouth, massaging them with her tongue, and then using her spare hand to push them in closer to his body once she released them, sending a surge of arousal straight through him, finally pushing his cock to its full potential.

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He kept his eyes closed, revelling in the sensations as she worshipped every part of him, creating a slow, but intense burn that started in his gut and worked its way through his entire body.

Suddenly, Annie pulled away from him completely, causing Jeff's eyes to fly open. He regarded her confusedly as she moved to his bedside table. Whatever it was, she kept it guarded from his view as she quickly returned to where she'd left off.

Jeff dropped his head back into the pillow and closed his eyes, opting to let her just do whatever she wanted. Annie reclaimed her previous position and began pumping him again as she resumed licking and sucking on his balls.

Suddenly, Jeff heard a strange buzzing sound from between his legs, and before he had a moment to consciously realize what it was, there was an intense vibrating sensation against perineum as Annie placed the bullet vibrator against it. Jeff groaned loudly at the sensation, spreading his legs wider to give her more access to the oft-forgotten bundle of nerves, providing the most intense pleasure as she returned her mouth to him, taking him in fully and sucking each time she withdrew.

It didn't take long after she began doing this, hitting nearly every major erogenous zone at once, for Jeff to lose control. His hands clenched and unclenched in the sheets as he began to shudder from the inside out. I'm gonna come," he warned, fighting not to thrust his hips up into her mouth as she provided him with the most intense pleasure. In response, she began sucking him harder and faster. She pushed the bullet harder against his perineum, a movement which sent a powerful surge through him as she hit a particular spot within him that forced him apart.

Overtaken with pleasure, he began squirting come down her throat, his breaths coming in short, loud gasps as his body seized and shook uncontrollably.

He could feel her swallowing around him, milking every drop from his overwrought cock, hand still palming him, pushing his balls up further, forcing even more intensity into his orgasm.

still working out the kinks in a relationship

She didn't remove the vibe until he had completely exhausted himself in her mouth. Once he was fully spent Annie continued to suck lightly on his now waning erection. The sensation was almost too much to handle as his head had become so incredibly sensitive.