The doctor and donna meet again tat

Martha Jones first met the Tenth Doctor in , on her way to her job as a The Doctor extended Martha Jones's trip in the TARDIS again, going to New York .. The arm tattoo sported by Martha Jones is Agyeman's own real-life tattoo . The Doctor discovers that the tattoo is actually a chronolock, the death mark of something called a Quantum That's one reason why I so loved the 10th Doctor and Donna's sibling-style bickering. . "Until we meet again". I Am The Doctor, Bbc Doctor Who, Good Doctor, Tenth Doctor, Donna. Visit .. Marty McFly (of Back To The Future): I knew my parents before I was born. What if the Doctor meeting Donna was in the wrong order, like with River? What if .

the doctor and donna being a comedic duo

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