The help meet journey

The Help Meet's Journey (Spiral-bound) (Journal), Debi Pearl - No Greater Joy

the help meet journey

With just one outstretched thumb (the universally-understood hand sign for “I need a ride, please”) and the help of kind souls enabling his. The Help Meets Journey Spiral-bound – April 1, Created To Be His Help Meet 10th Anniversary Edition- Revised, and. Debi Pearl, author of Created To Be His Help Meet has authored fourteen books and eight booklets, which combined, have sold in the millions. Created to be His Help Meet has ratings and reviews. Melissa said: When I started this book, I did so with a day time bible study group and an.

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Mar 09, Melissa rated it did not like it When I started this book, I did so with a day time bible study group and an open mind. Truly there are some helpful nuggets in here, but they were almost completely lost on me because by the middle of the book I had had enough of her self-righteous and harsh criticisms.

the help meet journey

There was a great lack of love for women in general, her sisters, in this book. I am very hard to insult and my feelings don't get hurt easily, I am a lover of the truth and appreciate the need for the truth to be told, and somet When I started this book, I did so with a day time bible study group and an open mind.

the help meet journey

I am very hard to insult and my feelings don't get hurt easily, I am a lover of the truth and appreciate the need for the truth to be told, and sometimes we need to have someone to "shake" us out of our sin, but this was hard for me to read. Everything is woman's fault. If there is a problem in your marriage, it's your fault. If your husband has a sex addiction it's because you aren't doing your your job. If he's "being a jerk", it's because you aren't setting the right tone in the home. Something that really bothers me is her abuse of the bible at times.

She had said that David's sin of adultery would have been prevented if Bathsheba hadn't bathed on the roof Let's pretend that it wasn't the custom in those times to bathe on the roof, the only place that had privacy in homes those days.

I am not saying they she didn't bear any of the responsibility, because she did, but I am appalled at how that scenario was turned so that the Pearls could prove just how evil women are. Another thing that really bothered me was the twisting of Deborah. Certainly not God, for He had delivered the victory into the hands of a woman Jael because of Barak's ungodly response to Deborah's instruction! I don't know if his response "I will not go unless you are with me" is cowardly or scoffing her, I haven't figured that out, but it is obvious that God was displeased with BARAK, not Deborah.

the help meet journey

Also, she is great at advising women to go to their husbands with their emotional needs and I wholeheartedly agree, but warns that spending too much time with women and getting close may result in you becoming a lesbian she didn't use that word, but she definitely alluded to it, I would get the direct quote but I threw the book away as soon as I was done. Jesus said that the world would know who we are by our love for each other, and he didn't seem at all worried that a deep love for fellow sisters or brothers would become something unnatural perverted.

There was some advice that was given that absolutely scared me. One was advising women who were feeling pain during intercourse to suck it up meet your husband's needs Any pain during what is a normal bodily function means that there is something wrong, not that you need to deny yourself, merrily pretend there is nothing wrong and get through it.

Another thing that bothered me is a woman was confessing that her husband was breaking into cars and having her stand guard. Debi's advice was to call the cops and turn him in How about confessing herself since she was helping? These would be biblical and godly instructions. His addiction to travel gained traction and he found himself abroad again in — this time in London, on an exceptionally cold day in December that year.

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To make a little go a long way, Sufian also ate a lot of bread when he was in Europe. The Singaporean privilege In Europe, the average time taken to hitch a ride was 20 minutes.

In Asia however, it was the complete opposite, which perturbed Sufian, as it was contrary to his positive experiences in Myanmar and Borneo. Channeling the glamourous recruit life in Luzerne In China, he was stranded in Lanzhou for a whole two days; all the drivers he encountered drove past him.

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With the help of locals, he finally found out why. Due to his darker skin tone, the locals thought that he was Tibetan the frosty relations between Tibet and China are well documentedand thus were unwilling to give him a ride.

the help meet journey

In Thailand, Sufian found himself in a similar sticky situation. According to a Thai friend, locals are generally wary of picking up their fellow citizens, though he did not elaborate why.

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To get around it, he used the sign trick again, but this time with his destination written in English to let drivers know that he hails from a foreign land. The Human Connection 1:

the help meet journey