The physics of twin flame relationship

the physics of twin flame relationship

Nov 5, CRACKING THE CODE: PHYSICS OF TWIN FLAME RELATIONSHIP by Angelina Heart Twin Flame relationship is the ultimate balancing of the. Twin relationships aren't necessarily harmonious; in fact twin flames when uniting can go through a lot of cleansing, purging and energy. CRACKING THE CODE: PHYSICS OF TWIN FLAME RELATIONSHIP by Angelina Heart. Twin Flame relationship is the ultimate balancing of the two primal.

Without need or want of anyone else, for you are love itself. Expressed through billions of unique vessels, you are the creation of your own imagination. Living each day through the creativity that lies within the soul. Our soul, the one soul, the one love. Piercing through the veil of illusion, mastering yourself and transgressing into the realms of higher vibration, of light and love. It takes a level of spiritual maturity to hold this higher vibration.

The temporary vibration you found through the fleeting glimpse with your twin. For now you see that you are the light, you are the love, mirrored through your every partner, reflected through your every relationship.

the physics of twin flame relationship

Your every encounter on this plane. Who was this being?. This twin whom has given you wings to new life. How could it be that another, had the power to deal death to your soul and what was this twin flame union? Was it you, or was it your true existence, your true essence, that small glimpse of heaven shining through. The synchronicities appear everywhere, manifesting into physical reality, with your every thought of the twin.

You feel their emotions, you experience their joy and feel their pain as if it was your own. The dreams shared, leaving a lasting impression in your mind of time passed together on a higher level, an alternate reality, a higher existence.

For this world is also real, as real as you living and breathing here, in this very moment. Time passes and with each moment you hold your breath, feeling a knowing, that something BIG is about to happen and yet, it is an absolution that never comes.

And so you wait, having patience, exploring yourself more and more as each day passes. Healing your wounds of the separation. Keeping the faith and feeding from the memories of your ascension into the light. Seeking answers, looking for truth. Only to know that your experience was a once in a lifetime.

Twin Flame or Soulmate concept explained - Deepak Chopra, MD

This longing is actually encoded within our DNA to ensure our conscious reunion. You may think you are in love with someone, but you are not. You are in love with what others mirror back to you about yourself. As we return to a higher consciousness, all will understand that the union we seek is, absolutely and only, the merging of the balance of the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine aspects of SELF.

Relationships in duality consciousness in this third dimension have merely provided an educational platform. A relationship with any person, condition, place or thing only mirrors facets of yourself back to you.

So, looking for love outside of yourself or seeking another to validate you or add meaning to your life is a waste of precious time. And as Twin Flames reunite, they become One. It is a dichotomy, a grand paradox of life, but this is how it works in our reality. Sounds like applying for a loan. You can only get one if you don't need one, eh? Regardless of how diligently you search for this essence, this identical essence within the opposite body of soul energy, you will never find it, for the search will lead you only right back to your own soul.

There is not a single method, exercise, or initiation that can bypass the mirror that reflects you back to you! The journey here is about two things: That primal force of creation is present on every level of life and is sexual in nature as it involves the combining of two primal energies. Every planet, star, and every life in every galaxy is born of sexual union. The truth of our beings encompasses the entire spectrum of creation. One of the primal energies is the divine feminine principle, the ocean of the substance of creation we refer to as Love, and the other, the divine masculine principle, the bolt of lightning, the WILL, the THOUGHT which penetrates the substance of creation, creating the pattern or energy mold B.

These excited electrons then begin to spin, following the pattern of the spiral, creating a vortex. As the electrons are pulled into the vortex they collide, creating massive amounts of holographic energy.

The key is this: Whatever is held as the thought mold in the center of the vortex is given LIFE as this e-motion is multiplied. In science we call this process "Fusion" God is always More. God is always a YES to creation. That's all there is. Whether it be frozen or fluid it is still only Love, qualified through conscious direction of the creator sout picturing in symbols of this dimension. It is only light vibrating at different rates of speed and it gets frozen more solid when the symbol moves away from its true nature.

There is no true duality only love and a world of ego dreaming it could be separate from Source —playing out limitless possibilities of that dream.

God, in its endless Love, the great size, strength and depth we can only imagine, realized that it was the greatest beauty and most magnificent Love with no object upon which to lavish itself. Then arose the idea of the other; the exploration of how to give Love, how to express who and what God is.

In spiritual terms it is commonly referred to as the Ongoing Moment of Creation. In this holographic expansion of the Source, each "cell" created from this union now reflected perfectly these two divine principles; the two who are one, re- creating the first moment of creation.

A pure hologram of God, yet with unique individuality and just enough of a degree of separation to reflect God's perfection back to one another in complementary energy.

These "identical" frequencies exist in opposite bodies of energies. These are definite charges, definite energies, with the female being negative and the male being positive, and are everywhere present in nature, the cosmos and every creation. These two energies, who are in fact one being for one cannot exist without the otherhave also been referred to historically by many names: You have only ONE Twin Flame; a unique, identical vibrational signature that is common only to individual Twin Flames from the First Split, Within the joint womb created by the Union of these principles, any desire held as a thought mold will draw the atomic energy from their fusion and will coalesce into the symbol of that form.

You have only one Twin Flame, though it has many manifestations within the multidimensional divisions of itself. These are the very heart cells of God, as they became the vehicle through which God expanded self, experiencing new and wonderful creation by ex-pressing divine love into new molds.

As these cells passionately created More Love through the same atomic process of Love-Making, they created worlds without end and billions of forms, which became worlds and dimensions of the radiant emergence of Love in relationship to that which is the Source.

the physics of twin flame relationship

Since they are holographic, God is the giver, God is the gift and God is the receiver in this great Circle of Life. All of their creations existed within them, as even they, existed within God. Let's call this History of the World, Part I.

But there came a knowing in the consciousness of God that in this state of holographic perfection, the "children" of God were not becoming individualized or sovereign powers with co-creative abilities due to the proximity of their relationship to the source. The only way to achieve this sovereignty would be to distance these "children" from the Source in a safe place where they would not be tempted to magnetically rush back into the Source's perfection.

Just as we send our children from our orbits to gain their sovereignty. So the children of the First Split Twin Flames began to extend PARTS of themselves into lower, slower, more dense levels of consciousness whose vibratory frequency literally create a veil of forgetfulness while each came to understand how to assume his creatorship and sovereignty individually. There was too much energy to be contained within one physical embodiment, so the atomic holographic replication of the Twin Flame energy was "split and split and split," so to speak, with some fragments retained in physicality and some in non-physicality, as all the parts of God went forth to garner intelligence and wisdom.

Tasting of the tree of Good and Evil. But — the hologram of the Source still exists within our individualized DNA patterns, and within this — the memory of not only our at-one-ment with Source, but also with our divine complementary pattern — our Twin Flame. Each half of the whole, the two who are one, were destined to always carry the vibratory signature of their original complementary pattern.

the physics of twin flame relationship

Therefore, even if you cannot see your Twin Flame, they are always with you. These are symbolized by the Yin Yang sign — the complementary dot in the other half. Because of the atomic nature of the creative potential when these two halves are joined physically, the two halves were separated in embodiment until such time as they could raise their individual frequencies to a certain level of consciousness.

Their untimely joining in ego consciousness could otherwise result in atomic destruction; destruction that can actually destroy soul matter. As these separated beings fell lower and lower into slower and more dense levels of consciousness the fall of man they each experienced multiple incarnations in both the male and female gender, though each being always retains the primary vibratory pattern of either the divine feminine principle or the divine masculine.

This allowed them the experience of balancing these forces within themselves and assisted in attaining their full power and individualized sovereignty. In this experience of education where individualized ego was intended to assist soul to evolve, the density became so congealed, so slow, that, for the most part, the soul lost conscious contact with the higher dimensional aspects of its multidimensional self and ego practically became the sole ruler of the identity.

the physics of twin flame relationship

The ego was never intended to create selfishness and negativity. In a world disconnected, however, belief in separation from source, our Twin Flame, one another and all life became the accepted mass consciousness. Survival became the ego's playground. This mutually agreed upon expansion of God was called the great "out-breath". The great "in-breath" has begun.

The lower dimensional aspects of the "children" of God are being awakened from the dream in the theater of duality for the encoding within our DNA for unity consciousness has been activated. During our sojourn we have indeed achieved our individuality, and now understand our Thoughts and Feelings create our reality and that we are responsible for our creations and how they affect the whole.

We have played every role: Our creative power will be expressed by the completely unique beings that we have become, with a strong awareness of ourselves that nothing else could have afforded save our sojourn through ego and back into spiritual individuality.

However, during this education, we have created countless destructive energy forms which need to be recycled back into their primary substance for re-use in a constructive fashion. Also, the vibratory signature of the belief in separation created by ego is still strong.

The energy required to shatter these energy forms is atomic in nature.

Twin Flame Physics

Hence, God is asking for the return in consciousness of Twin Flames. This is a special dispensation for they have never been allowed to join until such time as each complementary half had risen to the pure vibration of love.

Those beings called to this reunion will be of a certain level of consciousness who have agreed on some level to restore the cosmic DNA patterns-- the original divine blueprints of the immaculate concept-- and anchor it in this dimension. The birth of the Real Twin Flame energies on Earth is the most important, most critical ingredient to the transformation of this world, for they are on the leading edge of returning the Christ consciousness to the individual soul.

As above, so below, as within so without. God is both plural and uniquely singular in its omnipresence. Because there is a quantum nature to our interconnectedness, such things as telepathy or psychic phenomenon work OUTSIDE the apparent laws of time and space. So if we work through the pre-existing interconnectedness of the holographic reality inherent in the Universe, communication is immediate. When this planet was first formed, electricity in the primal form of lightning struck our atmosphere, forming in conjunction with sunlight, the four basic amino acids: These in turn became the sugars and phosphates present in every DNA structure in the body.

These utilize the basic molecules of oxygen, hydrogen, nitrogen and carbon to combine together and build the body at a rate of 50 million cells per second. Not only is your DNA a crystalline based matrix, but every system in your body is one as well. These are the computer components, but what binds this all together and drives it all in a never ending, organized direction is what we call God — the unifying force which is primal and eternal.

The DNA transmits not only physical characteristics or predispositions, but also our concepts of time, space, energy and matter, and our conscious and unconscious filters. It transmits our receptivity to the inward impulse of God. Living chromosomes function just like a holographic computer using endogenous DNA laser radiation. There have been controlled experiments in which certain frequencies were modulated through the sound vibration onto a laser like ray which were proven to influence the DNA frequency and thus the genetic information itself.

This is why affirmations, hypnosis, and the like, have a strong effect on humans and their bodies. This is the science of wave genetics.

DNA is an organic superconductor that works at normal body temperature, as opposed to artificial superconductors which require extremely low temperatures. They are able to store light and THUS information. There are carrier circuits within the DNA that transmit and even form an intelligence through a reality membrane that is sub-quantum. It's a tributary ingredient of the unification force that propagates NEW traits and Understandings in the few to the many.

From the master to the student, from the adept avatar to the masses. It's like an auto-down-load of information from a satellite transmission sending information on broadband that shows up on everyone's home page It's what enables the transmission of a new insight or a potent trait across a spectrum of species that resonates with the insight or trait and it does it without physical interaction. It is not transmitted like a broadcast tower. It's dependent on the receptivity of their DNA.

This is the critical factor in whether the new trait or idea is successfully transmitted to their field. Twin Flames are the lock and the key that together open the way to humanity's transformation and transcendence beyond the ego. The moment of conscious joining on any level of consciousness turns the key in the lock.

The moment you connect, whether together physically or in higher consciousness, you are eligible for direct delivery of pure light. Those who feel this powerful magnetic tug from the heart are now being instructed to put forth their individual call for their beloved NOW for several reasons; 1 To awaken humanity, 2 To use this conscious union to assist in transmuting the energy forms on this dimension within the agreed upon time frame and 3 To return this Earth to its true reality of rich, verdant life and beauty, to abundance and ecstasy in perfect pattern and form.

But it's not as simple as saying "I choose you to be my other half because the computer matched our personality profiles as compatible beings! If you do not recognize God within you, you will not recognize God outside of yourself as your Twin Flame.

Mindful~Heartful: Twin Flame Physics

Through Twin Flame love you may truly know yourself as love in form, as love in action, as God's Love and as God's child in the world. If you call your beloved and cannot see them, then you can be assured you are still caught in the illusion. Obviously since the first split then took on limitless "splits" thereafter, much like the cells replicating in your own body our beloved Twin Flame has been replicated in holographic form as many times as have we.

God is a hologram and everything that exists in the vastness of your being, exists in the microscopic cell. In a hologram there is no end.

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We are limitless cosmic beings choosing to send forth our energies through layer after layer of creation. It is exponential-- as exponential as familial replication as we understand it in our earth lives. Duality affords the swiftest method of education for it provides extreme contrast between constructive and destructive thoughts and feelings. What you are calling into tangible experience is the pure vibratory signature of your beloved other half that originates from the purity of the First Split and it can infiltrate by spirit, much like food coloring can be dropped in a bowl of water and infiltrate every molecule of the water.

The minute you accept the other's existence, and the possibility of the Twin Flame's manifestation, you begin to move toward each other. The ego's agenda is always about "getting.

Not because they have not been there! But because you have been unable to recognize them. When our relationships are less than harmonious or if we are proving that love hurts, abandons, or disappoints, it is only an energy form from within us that is reflecting without.

You could be with your beloved at this very moment and not know it, for they may be reflecting only the symbols of your inner landscape for you. Do not assume that they are unworthy or that too much water has passed under the bridge of your relationship. You must be willing to see your current partner as your Twin Flame, and unconditionally pour forth your love to them "as if.

Remember, as you move in pure love and make the call for your Twin Flame, that energy will be drawn from the First Split and will overshadow the one who can contain it. Your Twin Flame will respond magnetically by resonance with your specific individualized vibratory signature.

As your Twin Flame is acknowledged, and nourished with your love and purity, your heart will begin to broadcast the signal of this vibrational resonance to bring your Twin Flame into full manifestation before you. As your Twin Flame is brought into embodiment, it means that you heart is pure enough and loving enough to have this reflected to you in form. This means you must live from the heart and that takes effort in the face of mass consciousness, for you cannot see that for which you are not ready.

If something is out of your range vibrationally, it simply cannot enter your consciousness, even if you are standing right in front of it.

It requires perfect trust and faith in Love that is so powerful that it will displace the ego's view. This does not mean abandoning the relationship you are in to go searching for your true soul's mate who is "out there somewhere. Twin Flame love will never break up another relationship. If the relationship is out of reach, it merely means the energy is tantalizing you, but far enough away for safety usually because of some fear you are harboring. It means you are not allowing the manifestation of your Twin Flame.

Never allow ego to use its games to justify any action that is out of integrity with love and life, for a relationship begun at the expense of pain to another with someone who has not completed the lessons where they are, cannot ever be the basis for the true Twin Flame reunion or Sacred Sexuality.

If you give forth this love without limit, if your current partner cannot contain the energy, they will harmoniously leave your field. It changes, illumines, raises in vibration, everything to which it is delivered! The Twin Flame dispensation is the most important thing that has happened for humanity since the coming of Jesus and his accomplishment for humankind, for through their union they tap into this all-inclusive Love and generate more Love through the Twin Flame heart.

Then as they give forth this Love, which is the substance of what they are, the very essence of life, this Love, will then draw unto them its reflection as abundance, as beauty, as integrity of alignment, as everything that reflects Love and life in the symbols of the world. Why would you want to do this and how can this possibly serve the whole?

Light equals actively moving love.