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Listen & view Dexys Midnight Runners's lyrics & tabs. Dexys Midnight The Teams That Meet in Caffs - Remastered Version · The Teams that Meet in the. Searching for the Young Soul Rebels is the debut studio album by English pop group Dexys . Rowland's lyrics have been described as "a mixture of punchy bravado, deep disgust and a . "The Teams That Meet in Caffs", Kevin Archer, 4: The Teams That Meet in Caffs official lyrics by Dexys Midnight Runners.

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Archer left to form the Blue Ox Babes, and most of the rest of the group wound up in the Bureau, leaving only trombonist Paterson with Rowland. After the single "Plan B" which featured a new wardrobe of boxing boots and ponytailsthe new lineup left EMI and signed to Mercury.

Their first single for the label, "Show Me," became a Top 20 hit, but the follow-up, "Liars A to E," flopped, and Rowland considered modifying the group's approach. Allegedly, he heard a demo tape of Archer's folk-influenced Blue Ox Babes material, and decided to reinvent Dexys in a similar fashion. He infuriated the Babes by not only borrowing from their sound, but recruiting violinist Helen O'Hara out of their lineup; he also added Steve Brennan and Roger MacDuff on the same instrument.

The second Dexys album, Too-Rye-Ay, was released inand while their soul sound was still easily audible, it was now sitting alongside a strong Irish folk influence, making for a striking hybrid.

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Dexys introduced their new sound on the single "The Celtic Soulbrothers," which was a mild success; however, the follow-up, "Come on Eileen," was a smash, becoming their second British number one. A few months later, helped along by the group's highly visual, MTV-ready appeal, "Come on Eileen" broke in America and went all the way to number one there as well.

With their new folky direction thus established, the entire horn section even the loyal Paterson departed in the summer ofas did keyboardist Billingham. Unfortunately, at the peak of the group's success, the rest of the lineup proved unstable as well, due in part to rifts with Rowland; eventually, the core of the group was whittled down to Rowland, guitarist Adams, and violinist O'Hara.

Rowland took Dexys to New York to work on the follow-up album, which -- slowed by his perfectionism -- took a year and a half to record. In the meantime, EMI released the singles compilation Geno in Paterson rejoined the group when Rowland decided to blend his soul and folk phases more thoroughly, and the rest of the instrumentation was filled out by hired session musicians.

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When Don't Stand Me Down was finally released inRowland insisted that no singles were to be pulled from the album, wanting it to stand as a cohesive piece of work in the manner of '70s LPs. As a result, it sold much more poorly than expected and wasn't helped by lackluster reviews that slammed Rowland's attempts at Van Morrison-esque poetry. After a few weeks, a panicked Mercury -- who'd spent quite a bit of money to make the record -- released "This Is What She's Like" as a single, but the damage was already done.

Rowland mounted a solo career and returned in with The Wanderer, a mellow record flavored with country and lounge-pop, which failed to sell. A disheartened Rowland spent the next few years in a deep depression, fighting off bankruptcy and cocaine addiction.

On "a hot night in July " [3] Rowland decided to form a new band, which would eventually become Dexys Midnight Runners, telling Archer "I'm going to do what I really want to do: We'll wear great clothes and make soulful music.

Later that summer the band would create their name, after the drug Dexedrine which was used by fans of Northern souland began a rigorous rehearsing and writing schedule, practicing for about 9 hours every day. In November that year the band adopted their signature look for their early recordings, consisting of donkey jackets and watch caps.

The Teams That Meet in Caffs Lyrics

Theft[ edit ] I sort of dived in the back of this car and just took off with police cars chasing us Being chased by police cars up the A40 at 90 miles per hour is not my idea of fun. Mojo summed up the sound of the album as "an energetic mix of pop, Northern soul and punkish attitude.

Rowland's lyrics have been described as "a mixture of punchy bravado, deep disgust and a rather heroic flaunting of his insecurities, sobbed rather than sung," [11] and concern subjects such as ignorance towards Irish people "Burn It Down"an open letter to the dishonest music scene "There, There, My Dear" [8] and a tribute to the soul singer Geno Washington "Geno". Release[ edit ] The album was released on 11 July It reached number 6 on the UK Albums Chart.