The word bette and jodi meet press

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the word bette and jodi meet press

Before Bette met Tina Kennard, she dated Alice Pieszecki for six weeks. Bette and Alice . Bette returns Angelica to Tina, who doesn't press charges. Soon after. In the context of the six seasons of The L Word very little is said about Tina's Bette and Tina met when Tina's then-boyfriend Eric took her to the Bette Porter. That's right: Tina and Bette are back in love/made out. This L Word recap was originally published on The Road Best Straddled in , before the Autostraddle .. Bette & Jodi meet Tina & Brenda and Bette's so jealous she can't even work. .. Meet The Team · Press · Advertise · Contact Us · Write for Us.

Shane is pissed because Alice has invited everyone. Gold Starfucker Jenny pulls a fast one on Stacey to steal her away from Lindsay for the weekend. Jenny is good at being French because she likes to sleep with French women. Oh, and, speaking of girls from Europe: Hello, Mister Henkel, this is Harvey Johnson.

Alice looks really cute in that dress. I was just thinking how good Helena looks in those scruffy baggy jeans. Helena looks good in everything. Finally, something I can relate to! Bette calls Angus out.

the word bette and jodi meet press

As the Grateful Dead might say: You have to put Brooks on the blog! Is it weird that I have this photo on my computer to begin with? Yeah push it…push it real good.

Lindsay is cute when she cries. Not as cute as Shane is when she cries, but still: Lindsay tells Jenny that Stacey has canceled the romantic weekend. Kit Pam Grier has picked up the comic slack this season, but entirely by accident.

Because, apparently the robbers not only took her money, but her entire vocabulary. And her common sense too, because what does she do when she is in danger of losing The Planet to Dawn Denbo and her Lover Cindy?

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Pleaaasse bring her back, because it is not worth watching without her. You know who else it is not worth watching without? They are so freaking cute together. And you know what? Until fashion designer Clea came into the picture.

Bette Porter

In the first place, I do not understand why anyone would want to cheat on Tasha with Clea Melanie Lynskeyor why Alice is attracted to Clea at all. I do not understand why, on The L Word, every relationship has to end with someone cheating on someone, or meeting someone else.

At least Alice resisted the temptation — thank you, Leisha, for showing we lesbians do have some amount of self-control.

Bette & Jodi 409

In the words of my friend — is she wearing her RGS pinafore? Self-control is something someone should have taught Shane Katherine Moennig eons ago. At least, enough self-control not to have sex with the real estate agent in the house you and your girlfriend are planning to lease.

While she is still in the house. They both agree to keep the affair a secret until after the Subaru Pink Ride. The truth of the affair comes out during the camp fire " I Never " game.

Lady of the Lake

Bette admits to her sister Kit that she loves Tina while Tina also admits to Shane and Alice that she too still loves Bette. After Bette breaks off the relationship and endures a shocking public humiliation at the first exhibition of a new Jodi Lerner piece, the future seems bright for Tina and Bette as they dance the night away at the Lez Girls's wrap party. Season 6 Edit Bette moves back in with Tina, and they decide to adopt a second child using a surrogate mother.

In preparation, they begin to add an expensive extension to their house. The pair finally meet their chosen surrogate Marci in Nevada, an underprivileged caucasian woman expecting a half African-American son. Despite the fact that Marci's family rejects the notion of giving the child to a lesbian couple, Marci agrees to give Tina and Bette her child.

However, this transaction is threatened when Joyce Wishnea informs the pair that Nevada law does not permit adoption to same sex couples. A solution is reached when Bette and Tina agree to board Marci during her pregnancy, but when they arrive to the Los Angeles bus station to meet her, Marci is not on the bus.

the word bette and jodi meet press

They later appear to abandon the hope of adopting Marci's child. Tina unknownly accepts a lunch meeting with filmmaker Dylan Morelandonly to learn that Dylan used the meeting as an excuse to recruit Tina to help her win back her ex-lover Helena.

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Tina refuses this request. Meanwhile, Tina's job at the studio is threatened when the Lez Girls negative is stolen. Tina's boss Aaron believes Jenny is responsible for the theft and orders Tina to retrieve the negative from her. But when Tina confronts her, Jenny claims innocence and soon suggests that the film's hedge fund millionaire producer William was probably the true thief.

the word bette and jodi meet press

Later, the negative is ransomed via correspondence faxed to the studio, signed by Tina and thereby implicating her as the thief.

Tina is incredulous and afraid for her job, but finally snaps when she sees Aaron and William at a dinner meeting with new clients that she wasn't informed of. Believing herself to be already fired, she causes a scene, angrily accuses Aaron of mistreatment and William of theft, and quits.

Also in this season, Bette reconnects with her college crush Kelly Wentworth, and the pair open an art gallery together. Tina seems largely nonplussed at Kelly's attempts to flirt with Bette, as she has accepted Bette's apologies for prior indiscretions and believes she will now remain faithful. However, Jenny managed to film an encounter between Bette and Kelly on her cellphone, mistaking it for a sexual tryst the two were actually just picking up broken glass from the floorand threatens Bette that she will show the footage to Tina unless Bette confesses the alleged indiscretion first.

Tina soon finds herself in a new business meeting in New York, where she is offered her dream job. She and Bette decide to move to New York so Tina can take the job.

At their going away party in Los Angeles, Jenny prepares a video montage of several friends wishing them farewell. During the party, Shane leads Tina to Shane and Jenny's attic, where she has uncovered the missing Lez Girls negative. Tina is enraged, believing Jenny has stolen them and lied to her The true thief is later revealed, via online interrogation tapes to be Jenny's ex-lover, Lez Girls actress Niki Stevenswho planted the negatives in Jenny's attic.

Shortly afterwards, Jenny is found dead in Bette and Tina's pool.