The young and restless 2005 ending a relationship

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the young and restless 2005 ending a relationship

The first actress to portray Diane Jenkins on Y&R, on-and-off from Thad played J.T. Hellstrom for 11 years, leaving in She played Brittany Hodges on Y&R from and had a 2 year relationship with Mike. Fans are worried Nick will leave The Young and The Restless, but the Their relationship also struggled when Sharon was raped by her ex, Matt, Unfortunately, in , Cassie was killed in a car accident and Nick went to. The Young and the Restless () Matt Harding in The Young and the Restless () The Young and the Restless () . 1, episodes,

Victoria Newman

Griffith was also named the sole head writer. Passanante, Altman and Thomson have been demoted to breakdown writers. Pratt was also named as co-executive producer sharing the credit with Phelps. Young's tenure as head writer aired on October 25, Wesley Kenney replaced Conboy as executive producer, he balanced the lighting of the scenes. Bell attributed this change to the show's fall from number one in the Nielsen ratingssince the lengthening of the show led to the departure of a number of cast members.

It airs at Exteriors used in the late s and early s and reused years later included locations in and around Pittsburgh, Pennsylvaniaincluding Allegheny General HospitalOne Oxford Centrethe Duquesne ClubHampton Township and the prison.

Phillip Chancellor died in the Richland, Pennsylvania area, where the police chief was not told and believed the accident really happened. On April 24,SoapNet began airing same-day episodes of the series. The Young and the Restless cast membersThe Young and the Restless charactersand The Young and the Restless storylines The cast photo of The Young and the Restless, taken in celebration of the soap's 11,th episode Victor and Hope came back to Genoa City, much to everyone's amazement.

She left Brad at the altar and rushed to Victor's side. Victor ended up choosing to return to Hope.

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While Victor returned to Kansas, Nikki married her doctor Dr. Joshua Landers Heath Kizzier. Victor's relationship with Hope ended, and he returned to Genoa City to stop Nikki and Joshua from marrying. Jealous of Diane, Nikki convinced Victor to have a vasectomy before she secretly stored his sperm in a bank. Joshua was shot and killed by his presumed dead mentally ill ex-wife, Veronica Candice Dalywho had disguised herself and had been posing as Nikki and Joshua's maid, Sarah Lindsey.

the young and restless 2005 ending a relationship

Hours later, having been the victim of emotional abuse from Nikki for many months, Veronica shot and severely wounded her employer, leading Victor to divorce Diane and remarry Nikki on her deathbed. Victor promised Diane that he would remarry her after Nikki died.

When Nikki miraculously recovered, Victor decided to be with her instead of Diane. Yet, Victor was still legally married to Diane and their divorce continued into Diane remained in love with Victor and stole his sperm to impregnate herself with his child.

However, Ashley and Nikki too stole the sperm and a mix-up was created. Ashley became pregnant with Victor's child and Diane with Jack's. Ashley gave birth to Abby Carlton Brad was thought to be the father and Nikki was engaged to Victor by Max was involved in a bad business deal with Victor regarding Julia Newman Martin's design firm. In the end, Lorie couldn't follow through, and Victor and Nikki remarried in September. Shortly into Victor and Nikki's remarriage, Nikki was kidnapped resulting in post-traumatic stress disorder and was shot by a carjacker.

Nikki began having more memories about her childhood and ended up having an affair with Bobby Marsinowho was the brother of one of Nikki's childhood friends whom she accidentally killed. Intheir granddaughter Cassie Camryn Grimes was killed in a car accident. Then, Nikki developed more of an interest in business.

Y&R 2005 short ending

Nikki then became a stockholder at the company and had a seat on the board; much to everyone's dismay. Nikki later sold her stock to start her own company, NVP Retreats a wellness spa company. Inshe ran against ex-husband Jack in the race for Wisconsin state senatebut after a few mistakes and being caught on tape kissing her campaign manager, David Chow Vincent Irizarryshe lost the election. Victor and Nikki eventually divorced, fueled by her involvement with David Chow.

It was revealed that he was addicted to gambling. Paul Williams investigated David and found that "David" was not even his real name. Upon learning David was going to drug her, Nikki was going to ask for a divorce. However, David died in a car accident, which also killed Victor's wife Sabrina Newman. Victor and Nikki's relationship as friends broke down around this time, too, after she tried to console him.

After Victor disappeared again, Nikki became determined to find him, however, she ended up getting involved with her early love, private investigator and long time friend Paul, while Victor and Ashley reconnected.

By MayNikki accepted Paul's marriage proposal, but the night before their wedding, she broke things off and left town. She once again returned, and after Victor was shot by Patty WilliamsNikki left with him after a heart transplant to undergo rehabilitation in a center in Europe. When Victor and Nikki returned inthey were engaged. Meggie McClaine, a friend of Victor, had moved in for her own protection.

Meggie sabotaged Nikki, getting her drunk so that she could marry Victor instead of Nikki. Meggie recruited Deacon Sharpe to help get Nikki off the wagon. Nikki went to rehab. When she learned of Victor and Meggie's marriage which was just a scam to have Meggie caught she had an affair with Deacon, ending her relationship with Victor. Nikki continued her romance with Deacon, without knowing the truth.

Nikki and Victor slept together after he lost a lawsuit against his children; however, he was involved with Diane Jenkins at the time. Upon learning the truth about Deacon's role in her drinking, Nikki left him but it was too late for her to return to Victor, who had married Diane.

Alone, she began drinking once again.

the young and restless 2005 ending a relationship

After several attempts at trying to get back together, Victor and Nikki parted ways, and she returned to rehab. Diane was killed months after, and Victor was jailed for her murder. After being missing from rehab for several months, Nikki returned home. She confesses that she escaped rehab to help her family in the aftermath of the Diane Jenkin's murder investigation. Deacon threatened to confess that he saw Victor, Victoria and Nicholas in the park the night of Diane's murder unless Nikki would marry him; she agreed.

Nikki began having memory lapses of her night in the park with Diane; realizing that she had killed her, not Victor. She confessed to this at Victor's trial. Detective Ronan Malloy arrested Nikki for the murder; however, footage from the night, shot by Deacon, revealed that while Nikki did kill Diane at the park, it was in self-defense.

Additional footage showed that Deacon finished her off, serving the last fatal blow to Diane's head. Deacon was jailed and his marriage to Nikki ended. Nikki's brief relationship with Victor failed; she began to reconnect with Jack who was suffering from a gunshot wound from Patty Williams that had left him paralyzed.

Their relationship heated up, much to the dismay of Kyle, yet he came to accept the relationship, and Nikki and Jack remarried. Yet, the day of her marriage, Victor remarried Sharon Newmanbut then went suddenly missing. Nikki ended up leaving Genoa City to try to find Victor, but to no avail.

Victor paid Ryan to leave town, but Victoria and Ryan got married in secret. Victor attempted to have the marriage annuled on the grounds that his daughter was only 16 years old. However, Victoria's youth and inexperience lead the couple to divorce anyway.

Eve Howard came to town with her son, Cole. Nikki hired Cole as a stable hand. Victoria told Cole she was interested in him. Instead, Cole had an affair with Nikki. When Victoria learned of this, she told Cole she was in love with him. However, she died from a mosquito bite and never told him. Later, Victor revealed that Cole was his son, which forced an annulment. While going through Eve's stuff, Victoria found a letter that cast doubt on Victor being Cole's father.

Cole and Nikki had another affair, and Victoria left town. When it was realized that Victor wasn't Cole's father.

the young and restless 2005 ending a relationship

Victoria came back and they got remarried. But their marriage started to crumble after Cole had an affair with Ashley. Cole, Gary and Ryan Victoria left town for awhile to sort out her life. She returned a few months later to save their marriage, but had to leave on business. Victoria then found herself pregnant with Cole's child.

She arranged a meeting with Cole to tell him, but it didn't go well. Neil proposed to Victoria, saying they could lead people to believe he was the father of her baby. Cole learned of Victoria's pregnancy and believed he was the father. Victoria admitted the truth. Cole said he intended to be a father to their baby, but added he was marrying Ashley. Neil and Victoria were then engaged.

Victoria and Cole were devastated when their baby girl, Eve Nicole Howarddied shortly after her birth because of infection. Victoria and Neil broke up shortly after.

The Young and the Restless

Victoria then dated Gary Dawsona shy man who turned out to be a stalker. Victoria ended up being kidnapped by Gary and tied up in the long-abandoned Newman children's tree house. Nick and Paul Williams rescued her and Gary was sent to a sanitarium.

Victoria pursued a relationship with Ryan again.

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They fell deeply in love. Ryan's ex, Tricia McNeilwent insane. When she realized that Ryan was aghast to see to her, she shot and killed him. She develops feelings for him and they begin a relationship.

the young and restless 2005 ending a relationship

Victor pays him to leave town, infuriating Victoria. Later, Diego was robbed and sought revenge on his assailants. Victoria broke up with him due to his dark side. Frustrated with her family, Victoria decides to move to Europe and study Art. While there she becomes close friends with Sabrina Costelana who is working on her Masters and works as an Art Curator. Victoria's return causes great tension with her brother Nick who feels threatened by her presence. However they reconcile after the sudden and tragic death of Cassie Newman.

Victoria eventually starts dating Brad Carlton. She becomes pregnant with his child but has a miscarriage. Victoria discovers that Brad cheated on her with Sharon Newman shortly after they married.

Victoria becomes pregnant shortly after, and is unsure of the paternity of the child. The father could be Brad or JT Hellstrom. Victoria and JT become engaged in Days later, a pregnant Victoria is in a coma after being hit by a falling piece of rock during the Clear Springs explosion. Her baby was delivered prematurely via C-section. It is announced that JT is the father of Victoria's baby. JT names the baby Reed Hellstrom after Nikki and because a reed is strong but bends in the wind.

the young and restless 2005 ending a relationship

Victoria wakes up soon after. Reed is baptised and Nick and Phyllis are named his Godparents. Victoria's Marriage to JT Hellstrom. Their marriage is very happy until the couple faces problems inwhen JT kisses Colleen Carlton and Victoria sleeps with Deacon Sharpe in retaliation. Victoria then believes she needs a break, so she goes to Dubai, reluctantly leaving Reed with JT.

While she is away, JT grows close to Mackenzie Browning.