Wallace and gromit meet shaun the sheep tv

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wallace and gromit meet shaun the sheep tv

Aardman's Shaun The Sheep Movie is a lovely, lovely thing; a genuinely INSURGENT "The # 1 Movie in the World" - TV SPOT Wallace & Gromit creator Nick Park makes a cameo as this twitcher, about to be attacked by a pair of birds. . all the way through the end-credits and you'll meet a sheep doing the vacuuming. after his screen debut supporting Wallace and Gromit, Shaun the Sheep In Shaun was launched as the star of his own TV series on the BBC . and a pizza parlour; the family butcher has fake meat hanging in the. Shaun the Sheep is a British stop-motion animated television series. The series stars Shaun Shaun the Sheep's first appearance was in Wallace & Gromit's third short feature, the Academy .. from the show, as well as meet other characters from the Aardman filmography including Wallace and Gromit, as well as Morph.

The Farmer is a bespectacled, balding man who runs the farm with Bitzer at his side and acts as the flock's primary if unwitting nemesis.

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His livestock's main concern is to ensure he remains completely oblivious to their unusual sentience, a task made easier by his conventional, unobservant nature but complicated by his enthusiasm for picking up new hobbies.

He can be heard frequently making wordless noises or muttering under his breath just audibly enough for the viewer to pick up on his meaning. His disastrous attempts at dating are a running joke of the series. In the movie, he is referred to as Mr.

wallace and gromit meet shaun the sheep tv

X by those who don't know his identity. Shirley is the largest member of the flock. A gentle giant, she is usually seen placidly eating, though she's intimidating enough to have defended Shaun from Pidsley the cat. She's so big that large objects routinely disappear into or are deliberately hidden in her fleece, and she quite often gets stuck herself, needing the other sheep to push, pull or even sling-shot her out of trouble.

wallace and gromit meet shaun the sheep tv

However, her size can also come in very handy when what's needed is a battering ram or similarly immovable object. Timmy, Shaun's cousin, is the flock's only lamb, and thus often the innocent centre of the chaos. He appears to be a toddler in this series, and is often seen sucking a dummy.

wallace and gromit meet shaun the sheep tv

The spinoff series Timmy Time chronicles his later adventures in preschool. Timmy's Mother, Shaun's aunt, wears curlers in her topknot and is a bit careless about maternal duties, even using Timmy once as a makeshift paint brush.

But when her offspring goes astray, she is inconsolable until he is safely back in her care.

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Nuts is quite an eccentric, but useful sheep and usually like the rest of the flock, accompanies and helps Shaun. But the thing that makes him stand out from the flock is that he has two different shaped eyes and a different shaped nose. Hazel, Hazel's nerves often get the better of her — she's a timid little sheep who jumps at the slightest thing and can frequently be heard bleating nervously.

A Close Shave The Birth of Shaun the Sheep Wallace and Gromit

When Farmer's caravan rolls off towards the city, Hazel can barely contain her fear — this is the stuff of nightmares! But when she finds herself carried along with the rest of the Flock in hot pursuit of a runaway caravan, Hazel discovers she's much braver than she ever imagined, and that while life in the city might be scary, it's good to face your fears every now and again. The Flock, like typical sheep, tend to follow Shaun and one another, are obedient to orders and generally form one big happy if sometimes fractious family group.

Unlike Shaun, however, they are not particularly bright, which becomes a problem when combined with their ongoing fascination with the human world. It's usually Shaun and Bitzer who sort out the resulting mess. The Naughty Pigs, whose pen is adjacent to the sheepfield, are bullies to Shaun and his flock, always trying to antagonize them and get them into trouble.

They are, however, scared of Bitzer though they still take the chance to bully him whenever possibleand they get told off by the Farmer in "Pig Trouble". Pidsley is the Farmer's orange cat, a minor character without fur in Series 1 and the main antagonist of Series 2. He desires to be the sole recipient of the Farmer's attention, and thus is jealous of Bitzer. He also dislikes the sheep, thinking of them as stupid and beneath him. Other[ edit ] Mower Mouth the Goat, who first appears in the episode of the same name, is an unstoppable eating machine.

A reserved man who does not waste his words, Starzak is a legend within Aardman.

wallace and gromit meet shaun the sheep tv

Metal 'joints' help with subtle manipulations of the figures' movements. Jonathon Williams Starzak and Burton devised a story that takes Shaun and his pals into a big city. It begins with Shaun feeling irritated with his humdrum life and being constantly bossed around by the farmer. There is also a pantomime horse, an appealing orphan girl and a food fight. But can the film attract audiences beyond the very young? The producer Paul Kewley thinks so, citing anecdotal evidence that lots of adults watched the television series.

The BBC is known to have received complaints from adult viewers that episodes finished long before they got home from work. Some of them are in university now.

wallace and gromit meet shaun the sheep tv

I always hope to do more. To achieve this a lot of duplication is necessary. Thus there are three identical farmhouses on as many units, complete with rolling green meadows.

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There are a dozen Shaun models, so he can appear in multiple scenes being shot at different units on the same day. Characters have a variety of teeth, to give expression to different emotions.

Jonathon Williams Many of the animators and model makers have worked on the TV series, so getting the characters away from the farm and into the city was a fresh and welcome challenge. Part of the miniature city stands in one unit, and the attention to detail is extraordinary.

Then there is the fact that models of the main characters in Shaun the Sheep have multiple hands and mouths, detachable from their models. Different hands are used in individual close-ups, and the mouths are swapped every couple of frames to express a variety of emotions.

It is a highly sophisticated industrial process, though slow-moving and labour-intensive. Yet there is also a personal touch to each frame. For instance, I love comedy and comic timing, so I enjoy working on the farmer and Bitzer, and their relationship.

They started making Shaun backpacks and nodding Shauns for the backs of cars.