Where does odysseus meet the blind prophet

where does odysseus meet the blind prophet

Fortunately, he is soon distracted from his weeping by the arrival of Teiresias (the dead blind prophet). Teiresias drinks the blood of Odysseus' sacrifice and then. Odysseus is telling the Phaecians about his story, and how he begins by entering the . What happens after Odysseus finally meets Circe? of the dead, to speak with the spirit of Tiresias, a blind prophet who will tell him how to get home.". how is odysseus able to make the dead souls appear? he pours out a drink who does odysseus meet first? Elpenor blind prophet from Thebes. what does .

Legends and Stories There are two main myths that are commonly associated with Tiresias. Both have to do with alterations to his physical being that would shape his prophetic future. Two Snakes When Tiresias was a young man, he came across two snakes that were mating on Mount Cyllene. For some reason, he struck the snakes and killed either both or one, depending on the version of the myth.

where does odysseus meet the blind prophet

Hera punished him for his actions and turned him into a woman. While Tiresias was a woman, she served as a priestess for Hera. This duty lasted for seven years and she even married and had children. After seven years had passed, she came across another pair of snakes.

where does odysseus meet the blind prophet

Remembering the action that had caused her current fate, she left the snakes alone. This reversed the curse, and Tiresias was turned into a man once again.

Blindness Tiresias was a blind prophet. However, he was not born blind. This came to be when he stumbled upon the goddess Athene while she was bathing in a lake. He found himself unable to turn away from her nakedness and was blinded by her as punishment. But when she tried to restore his sight, she was unable to do so. To make amends for what she had done to Tiresias, she gave him the gift of prophecy. This would point his life in a new direction.

The second version says that Zeus and Hera were having a discussion about whether males or females experienced more pleasure during sex.

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Hera said that it was the male, while Zeus said it was the female. They consulted with Tiresias, as he had been both male and female. Tiresias said that the answer was definitely the woman. Hera was angered and struck him blind. Zeus, in an effort to thank him for his support, gifted him with the ability to see the future.

Tiresias in Thebes Tiresias was from Thebes, the great Greek city. Many of his prophetic tales surround him and those around him in the great city.

The first tale says that he appeared with Cadmus, who was the first king of Thebes and its founder, and warned King Pentheus about denouncing Dionysus as a god. Both Tiresias and Cadmus dressed up as worshipers of Dionysus and headed to the mountain to honor him. When first summoned, Tiresias refused to give Oedipus a direct answer.

Instead, he gave the king hints. He told him that the killer was someone that the king would prefer not to discover.

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Could this be because of a limit of how much blood will pour from the sheep? This means that there would be a time limit on who he could talk to and he chooses Tiresias beause he will be able to tell Odysseus if he will return home to Ithaca or not and what he will encounter on his way.

He notices however that she will not speak to him or even look at him. As Tiresias approaches he asks Odysseus to abandon the pit of blood so he may give his prophecy. Once Tiresias is allowed to drink from the pit he tells Odysseus every detail of his voyange home.

Even that he will lose all of his comrades and return back to Ithaca alone. Odysseus hears all of what Tiresias tells him but yet one important question remains on his mind: Tiresias explains that only the souls he lets near the pit of blood will speak the truth to him. Another point in that the blood from the sheep is a communication bond between the living and the dead.

Family and FriendsTiresiasHeroes and Sufferers The first image is another interpretation of the Underworld, the second image is a picture of Tiresias, both images can be found at this website. The final image depicts Odysseus pouring blood in an attempt to gain advice from the spirit of the prophet, Tiresias.