28 weeks later hospital scene from meet

28 weeks later hospital scene from meet

If they haven't yet figured out what happens in 28 Years Later, done and done. both begin with the main character coming out of a coma in an empty hospital." That scene where Jim sets off the car alarm holy shit, I thought my heart . ran out of gas halfway through (as soon as they meet the soldiers). May 20, It must have been a nightmare shooting those scenes of an empty London 28 days later was more of an indy film while 28 weeks later got the Hollywood run around. Ie character 1 is trying to escape something, meets character 2 and .. Him waking up in the hospital alone had me thinking about a. Oct 9, Jason: The scenes of London are my favorite part of the movie. both begin with the main character coming out of a coma in an empty hospital. 28 Weeks Later continues the story of the first film, although as Rob mentions .. the movie ran out of gas halfway through (as soon as they meet the soldiers).

They cannot take risks. On their journey through the city they meet two other survivors, Frank and his daughter, Hannah.

28 days later and 28 weeks later are some of the best horror movies I've seen. : movies

After spending the night at Frank's flat it becomes apparent that the few uninfected people will not survive for long, given that their supplies- particularly their water- are dwindling and London is suffering a drought. Frank later picks up a pre-recorded radio broadcast made by a group of soldiers who have set up a blockade near Manchester and claim to have "the answer to Infection". Despite reservations, the group decide to leave London to join the soldiers.

At the blockade, Frank becomes infected, and is then killed by the soldiers, barely having time to tell his daughter he loves her before he succumbs to the infection. The soldiers inhabit a fortified mansion, under the command of Major Henry West.

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Jim learns of West's answer to Infection - waiting until the Infected die of starvation, and in order to guarantee the survival of the species, luring survivors to the base to acquire women and satiate his men. Jim tries to escape with Selena and Hannah but is subdued and led out into a forest to be killed.

Escaping his captors, Jim returns to the mansion to rescue Selena and Hannah. He allows an Infected into the house, where it attacks and infects most of the remaining soldiers. As the trio prepare to leave, West shoots Jim in the stomach. West is killed by an infected soldier who is named Mailer, and the trio escape.

28 Days Later

After another twenty-eight days, the Infected are seen dying of starvation. Selena, Hannah, and Jim, who is recovering from his injuries, have taken refuge in a remote cottage. They are able to signal a passing aircraft. Style and inspiration On the DVD commentary, Boyle and Garland frequently call it a post apocalyptichorror and zombie film, commenting on scenes that were specific references to George A.

Romero 's original Dead trilogy. However, during the initial marketing of the film Boyle did try to distance the film from such labels. Much of the soundtrack, however, is based on a heavily edited version of the song " East Hastings " by the post-rock band Godspeed You!

The track is excluded from the soundtrack, due to group ethics. However, the Infected portrayed within the film fit only certain parts of the traditional zombie archetype. While zombies are generally slow, unintelligent, and hungry for human flesh, and are almost universally undeadthe Infected are merely living human beings overcome with senseless rage brought on by the highly infectious Rage virus.

They can be killed just as any human can and possess no supernatural abilities or inhuman strengths. At the same time, the Infected show many zombie characteristics: George Romero's film The Crazies dealt with a small town whose citizens were sent into homicidal rage by a highly infectious, government-created pathogen.

28 weeks later hospital scene from meet

Alternate endings Return to hospital The first alternate ending is fully filmed. In this alternate ending, Jim is mortally wounded after escaping from the soldiers.

28 weeks later hospital scene from meet

Selena and Hannah rush Jim to a local hospital in a futile attempt to save his life. After Jim dies, the two women leave his body at the hospital; this completes an eerie circle for Jim, who began and ended the film alone in a deserted hospital.

This ending closes with Selena and Hannah walking down the hospital corridor, still dressed in their red gowns and armed with guns, as the operating room doors slowly close and conceal them from view.

This ending was included in the first cut of the film and was tested in theatres with preview audiences. It was ultimately rejected for being too bleak, and also because test audiences misinterpreted the ending's intended mood. Garland and Boyle meant for Selena and Hannah's exit from the hospital to imply survival, whereas audiences felt that the women were walking into certain death. The "return to hospital" ending was added in the theatrical release of the film beginning on July 25 It was placed after the credits and prefaced with the words "But what if.

This time, however, Jim is not present. Return to research complex The second alternate ending was not filmed and is presented as a series of storyboards and voiceovers. The story picks up at the point where Frank is infected at the military roadblock near Manchester.

This time, the sub-plot involving the soldiers does not take place. In a radical turn, Jim, Selena, and Hannah take Frank to a local research complex, where the virus was developed.

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Their goal is to attempt to find the cure for the virus, which the radio broadcast had suggested was nearby. A short time after arriving at the research complex, Jim and Selena discover a man who has locked himself in one of the rooms with enough food and water to survive for another week. After asking if he had sent the radio broadcast, the man replies that the soldiers back at the blockade had sent the broadcast, but they have already died.

He refuses to talk to them any further. Having got to Paris, I can't see the virus stopping until, maybe, it hits the natural barriers of the Russian steppes and Middle East deserts. Pure existential horror there; we're just insects who can't foresee the consequences of our actions.

I'm sure HP Lovecraft would have approved! I'm sick of zombie movies, over and over, trying to show that yes, zombies are a threat, but the REAL enemy is other humans. I don't know that you are correct in pegging it as a direct reference for 28 Days Later, but I love it so.

Here's a slightly earlier example that, admittedly, doesn't involve a hospital: I thought that would come up in the discussion. The people who write these films and TV shows seem to have a "Lord of the Flies" view of humanity.

28 weeks later hospital scene from meet

If government ever relaxes its grip on us, we'll turn on each other with a vengeance! It's tosh, or at least I hope it is!

28 weeks later hospital scene from meet

Surely survivor groups and remnant military outfits would cooperate for mutual benefit and survival. This brings out the inner libertarian in me. It also raises the question of how zombies manage to bring down government in the first place. You never see that shown on screen.