Defusing a bomb scene on meet

defusing a bomb scene on meet

Taking care of business: Meet the bomb-disposal experts . times, pitting himself against a tactically astute insurgent to defuse their IEDs. . to watch the Olympics , they will once again be standing guard behind the scenes. Fifteen officers from the Explosive Ordnance Disposal Bureau (EOD) worked through the night to defuse a kg (1,lbs) wartime bomb. struggle over which wire to cut so as to defuse a bomb and avert catastrophe. Other films and their wire-cutting scenes just barely missed the cut despite . that were timed to detonate if a terrorist's demands were not met.

  • Meet the heroes behind the 50-hour wartime bomb disposal operations in Hong Kong

Roberts took part in the two latest operations, spending his birthday on Saturday disarming the first device. How did two American-made bombs from the second world war end up in a Hong Kong subway construction site? Hong Kong has not suffered a catastrophe from unearthed wartime bombs, but there have been numerous accidents overseas. Four were women, all reservists. Their tasks extend beyond bomb disposal to post-blast investigation, underwater operations and the handling of chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear incidents.

The unit carries out over operations each year on average. These tend to appear in former battlefield areas that are now country parks. To qualify as EOD officers, they had to undergo four years of training, even learning how to build a bomb. They could spend weeks and months in Britain or the United States, where the skills they learn include evidence collection and handling court cases. A team usually consisted of only two people — a bomb disposal officer and an assistant, referred to simply as No 1 and No 2, Roberts said.

For now, though… Yep, a biological weapon with a plastic explosives chaser, and the only thing that stood in the way of an F. A bookish lab rat with no field experience, Goodspeed was a crack chemist and reliable in a pinch: The Rock introduced Goodspeed in his element, however, and showed just what the guy could do when chemical agents, explosives, and a shortage of time were involved.

Top 10 Wire-Cutting Bomb Moments in Film

Agent Goodspeed was called in to advise and examine a package that had been intercepted on its way to a Bosnian refugee camp. Although the bio-med suits they were wearing protected Goodspeed and Marvin from the gas, the corrosive nature of the stuff ate away at their suits, and threatened to kill them before the plastic explosives got a chance to.

With just a few seconds to spare, and with water raining down upon him, Goodspeed cut the right wire and deactivated the device, an action that saved the lives of everyone within a one block radius, if not more Christ knows what that Sarin gas might have done if the bomb exploded.

Factual proof that Saturday Night Live characters transition poorly to the big screen as if more was neededMacGruber snuck in a few laughs, but ultimately failed to buoy its premise out of the shallow one-note pool from whence it sprung. The film followed his efforts to track down a terrorist, Dieter Von Cunth Val Kilmerwho stole an X-5 missile with a nuclear warhead and planned to use it to bomb the U.

defusing a bomb scene on meet

State of the Union address. Although the film stretched the basic components of its plot and main character to a thin, almost translucent point, as stated earlier, it did have a few funny moments.

To his horror, the missile was a jumble of wires and circuit boards whose complicated design mystified MacGruber. As he looked at the mess, and tried to figure out what to cut, MacGruber explained that he was more of a two wire guy, and that the complex nature of the device was a bit much for him. In the movie, Simon called up the N. A retail shop and a subway train were targeted early on, presumably as preludes to the main threat: Arthur Elementary, and sent in their best bomb disposal man, Charlie Kevin Chamberlinto tackle the big bastard head-on.

The bomb was hidden inside a big-ass fridge, and Charlie bore the weight of his own potential demise along with a couple hundred innocent children on his shoulders. Charlie was a cool customer, however, and almost seemed to thrive on the moment. Earlier in the film, he giggled with excitement as he handled and played with highly explosive substances, something that set the guy up as a man who thoroughly enjoyed his work.

The device he squared off against in the school was massive, however, and the chalk he used to keep his hands dry was a testament to the tense environment he found himself in. Still, it was a tense moment that involved an alleged bomb and some tense-as-fuck wire cutting even if the bomb was fake.

For that, Die Hard 3 and Charlie got a nod. After he received training to cloud the minds of others, and manipulate their perceptions of him, he returned to New York to take on the villainous Shiwan Khan John Lonewho trained under the same master as The Shadow, yet held on to his atavistic qualities.

Khan had developed a rudimentary nuclear bomb with the help of a scientist, Dr. The tense bomb scene came near the end of the film, when Dr. Reinhardt and his daughter tried frantically to access and disarm a cylindrical bomb. This was no easy task, and the round bomb had a tendency to roll when cut loose, which is precisely what happened when they tried to defuse the thing.

The bomb, about the size of a small desk, finally got into the hands of Dr. Reinhardt, who had to remember which wire to cut so as to deactivate the thing.

With only a handful of seconds remaining, he cut the green wire, not realizing that he had intended to cut the other red one.

Top 10 Wire-Cutting Bomb Diffusing Scenes in Movies

The thing of it was, even though he built the thing, Dr. Reinhardt was colorblind, thus his memory of which wire to cut was flawed to begin with! It also involved Ian McKellen, which is worth something all by itself: Throughout the film, Mr.

Jack Edward Nortongrappled with the commoditization of his generation while experiencing an existential crisis in the midst of a complete psychological breakdown. Tyler was the person Jack wanted to be, the man Jack yearned to grow into in spite of his social anxiety, spiritual abandonment, and professional castration.

As he stared down at the electronic timer and detonation panel attached to the nitro, Jack argued with Tyler himself that he had every confidence in his ability to disarm the bomb via the pulling of the correct wire, as Tyler had built the thing, and Tyler and Jack were one. Juggernaut An entertaining yarn that seemed to have been pulled out of the discarded James Bond script pile, Juggernaut boasted an exciting story, crisp direction, and stellar cast.

One of the devices went off just to prove that the bad guy was serious: This was a tense game, as Fallon went to each bomb with the knowledge that the wire he was cutting could be his last, and that the ship, its passengers, and his team were all relying on his instructions and the results of his actions. Everyone involved had the good luck of having Fallon on the case, however, for he was wildly proficient at his work, and a clever cookie to boot.

defusing a bomb scene on meet

At the end of the picture, when Fallon was forced to decide between two different colored wires, he had the actual master-bomber on the phone, giving him instructions on how to defuse the thing.

Fallon sensed that something was off, however, and did the opposite of what he was told, an audacious but ultimately correct move that saved his life.