Disneyland where to meet characters at

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disneyland where to meet characters at

Meet Moana at Adventureland. Character Experience, Disney PrincessesAll AgesHong Kong Disneyland Park, Adventureland. For the first time ever, characters at Disneyland are able to talk take on the meet-and-greet service by allowing some if its characters to. Who doesn't love to meet characters at Disneyland? Well, besides small children who are absolutely terrified of humongous Goofys and the like.

disneyland where to meet characters at

There are some very good attractions that you won't find in other Disney parks, and I think DLP has a charm of its own, so still well worth a visit. There can inded be some pushing and shoving by some visitors to meet Characters in the parks when they don't have a proper queue line, but from my recent visits this seems to be improving, although it can depend on the actual Character or their CM Minder.

On my last trips I noticed that the Character was calling people forward individually from the gathered crowd, and ignoring those trying to force attention. We waited patiently to see Goofy in the Studios and he beckoned us forward after a while, so he did seem to be noticing who had been waiting. It would be better if the CM Minder organised a queue line though.

I find the Studios Park is usually better for meeting Characters who can appear anywhere without notice, as well as the proper queue line for Mickey in the Front Courtyard, and 2 or 3 others in Toon Studio which are listed on the park programme with times.

It is also worth visiting the 6 Disney hotels in the mornings, to see which Characters are there, for photos and autographs. These usually have a proper queue line, and sometimes a Disney photgrapher as well. The Characters tend to be more laid back or casual than in the USA, and to some extent do what they feel like doing at the time!

Some do act in Character, so when daftmum says that Stitch walked off and faced a tree, he could have been acting in his naughty Stitch persona, but I am only guessing as I was not there to see. In the Wild — My family is big fans of seeing characters in the wild.

Meeting Characters - Realistic Expectations??? - Disneyland Paris Forum

A little girl who just happens upon Aurora when she turns a corner is usually mesmerized. Not impossible but harder to come by! High Traffic Areas — Characters often hang out in high traffic areas. They know where their fans are! Hollywood Land is a good example. The hub in Main Street, U.

A is filled to the rim with characters in the afternoons especially. Buena Vista Street near the Storytellers Statue is becoming the same way. The lines can get long, precisely because of the high traffic, but the payoff is good. Special Events — Disney likes to load up its special events with characters.

The characters are out in abundance and are often wearing costumes.

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The Mad Hatter can often be found around 2: We happened upon a Duck Duck Goose game with the big cheese himself one evening. Goofy sometimes impersonates Santa over in Toontown for a picture op in the gazebo. Over at Paradise Pier the gazebo turns into a beautifully decorated Christmas photo op with Duffy. Promotional Appearances — When a new Disney movie comes out, you can usually find their real life?

When Narnia was out, we took pictures with the White Witch over in Fantasyland.

disneyland where to meet characters at

Wreck-It Ralph is coming soon, and Rapunzel was so popular she has stayed. Voice Only Contact — Maybe not quite the same thing as meeting one, but there are a couple of ways to at least talk to a character!