Explain why it is important to meet an individuals communication needs

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explain why it is important to meet an individuals communication needs

skills in supporting an individual with specific communication needs. Explain how own .. Why it is important to meet an individual's communication needs? 3. Explain the importance of meeting an individual's communication's been able to find assistance with basic needs at a local church or shelter. Explain the importance of meeting an individual's communication needs Poor lighting, individuals with poor sight are unable to see you; Background noise.

Some aids can turn small movements into written word and then into speech, such as the voice box most famously used by the scientist, Professor Stephen Hawking. They have many uses in health and social care.

explain why it is important to meet an individuals communication needs

For example, they enable emergency response teams to coordinate their efforts, allow a surgical team to contact someone awaiting an organ transplant, gather and send information etc.

Answer Having difficulties expressing on self can lead to both physical and emotional problems. Individuals who experience a gradual loss of effective communication may become increasingly withdrawn, depressed or isolated. An individual, who is born deft or lose their hearing while they are young, may well have built their own society in the Deft Community based on communication through sign language.

But someone who has lived in the hearing community for most of their life, then loses their hearing in later life, may feel they have no place where they can fit in. They may begin to feel that there is no point in trying to express themselves, their needs or their views, when no one appears to be listening or attempting to understand them.

Unsupported communication needs can result in the individual being denied their rights. As a society, if we deny an individual their rights in life we are in effect abusing that individual.

Answer At my day centre I contribute to aiding the communication needs of my service users by: Diabetic not given too much sugar or sweet, or those with hypertension watch the amount of salt intake in their diet identified and cultural norms of using the left hand is frown up on. Ensures those who practice their faith are given the opportunity to engage in such practice on a weekly basic.

By providing this service to them. Indicate the individual like and preferences and what is important to the individual and how best to meet their needs. Through developing a working relationship with an individual I am able to understand a number of cues with indicate what or how they are feeling through, facial expression, gestures that indicate that the individual is upset annoyed or confused example when an individual look at family photos they want to talk or visit their love ones.

Which entails their hope dreams and aspiration. Ensuring individual have the access to hearing aid, optician to provide them with aiding with visual needs to improved their communication needs.

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Talking books,and large printed and Bridle books and other technical aids to help with their communication needs through partnership work with deft blind society who provide magazine to informed and update service users and their family on the latest aids that would best suit their needs. Informing and updating service users on all the activities that has taken place and will be happening at the centre.

By taking photos of all the various events we are enabling service user are seeing hearing and reading all that is taking place in the day centre.

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Example who celebrated their birth day, what events will be happing inside and outside of the centre and pictures of who attended. Service user are able to see and read about events and obtained information that is of interest to them or others they can shared with. Provide service users with Information and Advice as to where and how to obtain information on other services and community resources they can get access to. By asking closed questions you will be able to confirm that they have understood what has been said.

Also by asking them to repeat what you have discussed you will be able to confirm their understanding. Use appropriate body language such as nodding, smiling and leaning towards the individual. Avoid using jargon Be aware of the different meanings of words e.

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Jam, could mean a preserve or could mean a blockage as in traffic jam. Keep communication simple 4 — Be able to promote communication between individuals and others 4.

For communication to be effective everyone involved will need to have the same understanding of the communication method used. When supporting individuals with their communication you may need to support others with whom that individual wishes to communicate.

explain why it is important to meet an individuals communication needs

This could include other carers, family, friends, peers or professionals. For communication to be effective all the people involved will need to have the same understanding of the communication method used.

How to Support Individuals With Specific Communication Needs

Support may involve the use of human aids, symbolic aids and technical aids. You will need to explain the appropriate communication method and also show the others how the communication aids work. Wherever possible the support given should encourage the individual to do as much of the communicating as independently as possible.

All blind and visually impaired people are entitled to a health and social care assessment from their local council. The local social services department can put them in touch with a rehabilitation worker, who can help individuals to communicate more easily 5. When one is able to outrage more in-depth conversation then it is important to ask a question, for example, would you like the drink? When a person has, unmet communication needs they are in fact feeling isolated and depressed.

This is a barrier to effective communication participation. When one fails to understand, the other, it can result in misunderstanding. Here a person can be said to have mood swings that are challenging.

explain why it is important to meet an individuals communication needs

This may lead them to withdraw from others. This says of the specific needs that the client has in every area of their care. We complete the care plans, with the customer to help them during their stay. Keeping a keen eye on them is a good way of getting information. Individuals with acquired brain injury may use a smart phone to take pictures that act as a reminder of what they did. In addition, an easy tool to share information with their families Cornelissen