How to say nice meet you in albanian

Albanian Phrases

how to say nice meet you in albanian

Albanian also enjoys regional status in the Republic of Macedonia. To pronounce the sound, place your mouth in the position you would when you say ' oo' as in Pleased to meet you. (meer-muhn-JEHS); Good afternoon/Good day. Respect is the best gift you can give when meeting an Albanian or Kosovar and is also the best Thank you: Faleminderit (the cool kids say literally “flm“, which many also use on It is nice to meet you: Kënaqur që u njohëm. 'nice to meet you' in Albanian? Here's a list of phrases you may be looking for. How to say nice to meet you in Albanian. How do you say 'nice to meet you'.

Albanian has 36 letters, as opposed to English's The Albanian alphabet is: Rruga has 4 letters, not 5. I know, weird, right? Albanian is a seriously clitic language. You will hear clitics in almost every single sentence. Even in the smallest sentences such as E di, which means I know. The clitic e is added in there, to literally mean I know it or I know that. Such as A shkove? However, when that same clitic a is added to the end of the sentence, it usually marks surprise and usually used when the speaker told the listener not to do the action.

Apparently, Albanian has verb forms that are called miratives or admiratives.

how to say nice meet you in albanian

They show surprise most of the time, but can also show doubt or irony sometimes. They can be translated by using the word apparently. The road is closed.

Albanian Phrases

Apparently, the road is closed. Albanian is a case language, there are 8 cases in Albanian, but only 4 are used in everyday speech. Nominative, Accusative, Genitive, and Dative. These aren't so hard, because the Accusative is basically just the Nominative except you add an -n to the end of the definite form of the word.

They use different forms of the word to symbolize number and definite forms. Just like the Scandinavian languages. Genitive is also made by just adding the correct clitic based on the word whether its masculine or feminine to the beginning and using the Dative form of the word.

So you just have to learn the Nominative and Dative forms! Since Albanian has an accusative form, word order is flexible.

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If you're talking about someone eating apples, you don't want to say that the apples are eating that person! So, I hope I interested you in the Albanian language after this! If you are interested, feel free to comment, like this post, give a lingot actually don't give lingots, I have too much. Content of texts and dialogues: You will accompany the two main characters of the language course on their holidays and in their day-to-day lives at home in 42 different dialogues.

Together with them, you will encounter important situations that could happen on your holidays or at home with your partner.

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In the many dialogues provided, you will practice sentences that you can really use. When you work with the dialogues provided in this course, you will improve your conversation skills day by day. Our two main characters get to know each other during their vacation. They introduce themselves and tell each other where they come from.

Surprisingly, they discover that they both come from the same country and, in fact, from the same city. They decide to do something together. As they are staying in the same hotel, they agree to have a meal together. You learn which words are needed at breakfast and how to read a menu at dinner. You can, of course, do a lot more on holiday together than just share a meal: A city tour and an enjoyable day in the downtown make for a wonderful holiday experience.

how to say nice meet you in albanian

If you happen to lose your way in the city, you can simply ask someone for directions. Not an easy task: The two main characters buy train tickets in Albanian. How should the trip continue? Good thing the weather forecast comes on the radio. It helps you to decide what to do next in your travel plans. You learn vocabulary that helps you to easily solve this situation: Reserve a hotel room and order breakfast for the next few days. The two main characters can get together once in a while now that are back from their vacation and at home once again.

But before one can invite his travel friend to dinner, one has to refill the fridge at home. You accompany the main character to the supermarket and help find everything on the long shopping list. They get to know each other better on a weekend trip. An evening together at the movies: What a fantastic film.

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Accompany the two main characters downtown. Help make the right decision when buying new clothes. Both characters are invited to a friend's birthday party. They had to stop on the way to the party: There is an accident A visiting the gym keeps you healthy.

But which of the many training methods would you like to choose? The decision is difficult In this language course, you will find many fantastic, fun and interesting dialogues. You learn how to build simple and clear sentences in the foreign language. All of the text was recorded for you by a native speaker.

how to say nice meet you in albanian

From the beginning, you learn an authentically and currently spoken language. You will get a very good feel for the sound and pronunciation of the foreign language through this course's recordings.

how to say nice meet you in albanian