Kobeys swap meet stabbing santa fe

2 charged with murder in stabbing over parking space - Los Angeles Times

John Coppola is named VP of promotion for MCA Records in Santa Monica, Calif . (U.N. Plaza) • St. Louis • Sante Fe • Scottsdale Australia • France • German)' .. Murder IncTDef Jam (3) The Great Depression, DMX, Ruff Ryders/Def Jam Diego Sockers, Fine Host Corporation, Ticketmaster, Kobeys Swap Meet and . A man was stabbed in a fight at Kobey's Swap Meet at the San Diego p.m. of a fight and a stabbing at the large parking lot crowded with vendors, in the Father shoots son to save wife from attack in Rancho Santa Fe. meeting 0 ed by an alleged d woman" who offic said the wrt to order her that their Jler who has stabbed, shot .. laranythmg. Chnstmas for adeverylhing. 1 Admmistra: gallon lo de-. f e. Christmas. o c ^ 's Chnstmas stocking on the I replace with thoM of her other swapped defense w . ms slnms into Kick Kobey. U'.

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We re here when you need us. We re new to California, but not to what matters in a bank. Visit a branch or start at Chase. The state attorney general and ex-governor, now eyeing yet another run at the governorship next year, took his quest for millions of dollars in campaign cash to San Diego County last month. Jerry Brown In May, he got Padres owner John Moores to kick in Moores is selling the baseball team due to his divorce, but the names of all the new owners have yet to be revealed.

Two days later, Majestic Realty Co. Majestic is run by Edward P. Roski, co-owner of the Los Angeles Kings and Lakers, who is now hard at work on building a new stadium in Industry. Although neighbors have challenged the project s environmental impact report, many believe the stadium will eventually be the new home of Republican Alex Spanos s San Diego Chargers.

Brown also collected a lot of non sports-related local money, including a total of 13, on May 22 from La Jolla student Anthony Barkett. Three years ago, their daughter Jacqueline, a star in My Super Sweet 16, an MTV reality show about wellheeled teenagers and their extravagant parties, nabbed an internship in the Capitol offices of Senator Harry Reid of Nevada. Brown also received 13, from Anakam, Inc. Brown has recently come under fire for accepting 48, from relatives of Darius Anderson, a longtime Sacramento lobbyist whom Brown s office is now investigating in connection with public pension fund corruption allegations.

As reported by the Sacramento Bee last week, Brown got the money in December of last year but has declined to refund it in the wake of the investigation. Keeping the money would be a mistake. Anderson denies doing anything wrong. Un-cowed La Jolla s Scripps Research Institute, which has built a million branch on the campus of Florida Atlantic University in Jupiter, has become a target of students there opposing animal research. Not a lot of FAU students know that Scripps does cruel animal testing.

The paper reported that Scripps was conducting research related to mad cow disease on macaque monkeys but had no further details. Scripps released a statement denying any animal cruelty.

Sally Ride Scripps Research supports the humane treatment of animals in all of its research projects. Scripps Research strives to maintain the highest quality animal care and use program. Good science and good animal care are inseparable.

2 charged with murder in stabbing over parking space

Meanwhile, also in Florida, Charles Kennel, former director of Scripps Institution of Oceanography, has been named to a federal panel that Macaque monkey will review future plans for human space travel.

The Obama administration, contemplating a possible junking of manned space plans left over from the days of George W. Bush, created the group. Matt Potter The Reader offers 25 for news tips published in this column. San Diego s civil servants have shown a remarkable capacity to misstate, misrepresent, control the facts, says Heywood Sanders, the scholar who has shown that convention centers nationally are grossly overbuilt. They have done it on pension benefits, city finances, sewage treatment plants, the ballpark, and they are doing it again on the convention center expansion.

The San Diego Convention Center Corporation would like to addsquare feet of exhibit space, square feet of meeting rooms, an 80,square-foot ballroom, and perhaps a hotel at a cost Neal Obermeyer that hasn t yet been determined.

Mayor Sanders s real estate czar was approved for a seat by a vote Copley Building Sold for 4. It appears the building has gained significant value in about a month s time And even some members of the task force loaded with corporate welfare advocates are skeptical of the propaganda being shoveled out. In other cities, convention centers are financed through taxes on restaurant meals, auto rentals,and airport departures; hotel and sales taxes; special tourist development district taxes, and the like.

San Diego has an aversion to taxes. Tradeshow Week So San Diego may well try to build a taxpayer-financed hotel and claim that revenues from it will pay for the expansion, says Sanders.

They will find anything to make it work, he scoffs. Nevertheless, the plan passed its first smell test. The City presented it to the local planning board at its July 19, meeting, explaining the venture as another way for San Diego to capitalize on renewable energy. The undertaking calls for a private company to truck compressed methane gas from the wastewater plant at Point Loma to remote sites, where ultra clean fuel cells can burn the gas to produce electricity.

The Point Loma treatment plant uses an anaerobic digestion process to break down biodegradable material that s removed from sewage before sending it out to sea. In the oxygen-free interior of digester tanks, microorganisms go to work on sludge.

A by-product of the process is methane gas. Small portions of the gas are used in Caterpillar engines on-site to produce electricity to run the plant. This excess gas is flared by [the plant] in low emission, temperature controlled, state of the art gas flares. Flaring the methane produces a significant amount of greenhouse gas.

Instead, Linde Merchant Production, Inc. The company will build a facility where impurities can be removed from the methane, which can then be pumped into long cylinders and loaded onto trucks. From there, the trucks must first head south on Gatchell Road and negotiate a sharp switchback onto Cabrillo Road. The trucks will turn right onto Canon Street and snake down the hill to Rosecrans Street. An alternate plan has the trucks turning from Catalina onto Chatsworth Boulevard to Lytton Street for an eventual left turn onto Rosecrans.

There will be six round-trips a day. The City will even make money from the private firm s purchase of the gas. The plan, according to the City, will also lower the creation of carbon dioxide in fossil fuel power plants by over tons per year.

It will produce 3. The City s goal is to install 50 kilowatts of renewable electricity generation by Members of the Peninsula Community Planning Board were impressed. During the board meeting, Metropolitan Wastewater Department and Linde officials asked the planners to devote their facilities subcommittee to assisting with issues of transport, routes, safety, etc. The board chose Katheryn Rhodes, a civil engineer, to chair the subcommittee. In return, Wastewater promised to return periodically with Linde officials for updates and elaboration of the program.

But within 12 days, and without an update, the digester-gas plan appeared as a consent item at a city council meeting. The consent agenda consists of routine items not requiring discussion. Citizens can request the council to discuss consent motions, and that s what Rhodes did. On September 4,in a unanimous vote,the council authorized the City to carry out the plan. I ask Rhodes, who no longer serves on the board, if she wanted to give the council information on the safety of trucking methane gas through residential neighborhoods.

No, said Rhodes, who has often testified before the council on downtown earthquake issues. I have no expertise in gas safety. I only wanted to hold Wastewater to their promise to keep us informed. At the meeting, Dan Daneri of the park and recreation department apologized to the community for removing the benches without consulting the Sunset Cliffs council beforehand.

Though the specific regulation the City acted in accordance with remains unclear, liability issues was the reason given. The council membership then discussed the issue. The determination that some benches were within park boundaries and some in the city streets jurisdiction led to a motion to ask the City to replace the guardrail benches that had been removed from the parking lots along Sunset Cliffs Boulevard; those are within the park s boundaries.

Vendor stabbed at swap meet in Midway District

Before residents went to check on the man they saw lying on the pavement, was called. The victim was a Latino male of approximately 30 years of age, found facedown in a small pool of blood and breathing heavily. He may have been suffering a heart attack. While waiting for officers to arrive, the man stopped breathing. Police officers used a bag valve mask to assist the man with his breathing until paramedics and a fire unit arrived.

Paramedics began CPR and administered at least one shock via defibrillator before transporting the man to Grossmont hospital. El Cajon police reported that the man was pronounced dead at the hospital. The apartment manager said the man had a history of heart trouble and had been told by his Outside Bella Vista Apartments doctor not to drink alcohol. The manager said the man drank late into the night with friends.

At some point he drove away from the apartment complex and then, on his return, suffered what was likely a heart attack. The fact that downtown San Diego s posh Hotel W is going into default may not even drown the ludicrous idea. At a recent task force meeting, a consultant hired by the City, Steven Spickard of Economics Research Associates, was the skunk at the garden party.

A committee member, architect Mark Steele, asked him if revenues from the expanded center would pay off the debt service on bonds floated to build it. The convention center would have to rely on a third party to do the financing. The shills for the convention center were pissed that Mark asked the question because [Spickard] gave a straight answer, and they didn t want to hear a straight answer, says Don Wood, a longtime waterfront-planning activist.

The center s previous sugar daddy,the Unified Port of San Diego, can t pitch in this time, says Stephen Cushman, port chairman and also cochairman of the convention center task force.

The Port wrote a million check for Phase I, and the Port agreed to pay 4. That first expansion was a joint effort of the Port and the City. The Port also subsidized the Hilton convention center hotel to the tune of The Port can t kick in this time. We re trying to find where to come up with [funds] for the North Embarcadero project. City hall says the bucks can t come out of the general fund.

They have to find financing outside of San Diego taxpayers. The City s deficit for the fiscal year is 80 million, he says, and the ailing state could grab local funds, adding another 35 million to that deficit. The shortfall is staggering, says DeMaio, pointing to the monstrous pension obligation. Fred Maas, chairman of Centre City and a member of the convention center task force, says the ultimate decision lies with the Redevelopment Agency, whose board is the city council.

It will be interesting to see what novel things they [the task force] come up with. Somebody is going to have to take some risk. The people who know the City from the inside know that we are not sustainable economically, says Norma Damashek, president of the League of Women Voters.

Local politicians are arranging to finish out their terms and go on to the next job before the collapse. The task force has brought on the Minneapolis-based municipal financial firm Piper Jaffray to come up with alternatives. This firm specializes in corporate welfare projects such as sports stadiums and taxpayer-backed hotels. Spickard s statement was an educated opinion, allows Cushman. In the task force s upcoming meetings, devoted to possible financing, The rubber hits the road, he says.

There are many options that governmental entities use for large capital improvements. Everything is on the table. If we build it, will they come? Whether it can happen,i honestly don t know. And that is the key question: After all, many San Diegans haven t even seen the convention center and don t believe they get any benefits from it.

The jobs it creates are generally low paying: Good luck on that. It s the downtown rah-rah crowd. Nonetheless and astonishingly for San Diego in late March, the task force admitted that some of its members characterized the information presented thus far as overly scripted and biased toward a foregone conclusion in favor of expansion.

So Heywood Sanders, professor of public administration at the University of Texas at San Antonio, author of the seminal Brookings Institution study showing that convention centers are vastly overbuilt, was invited to address the task force on May 5.

Using charts and graphs, he showed how centers keep being built and expanded even as attendance drops off. One member asked him if he had ever been inside a convention center. Hopefully,Sanders s appearance will be an eye-opener for citizens of San Diego.

Please don t be a weirdo

Before arriving, he was supplied with spreadsheets on the convention center s performance. He found many misleading statistics. They succeeded in reclassifying it to make performance look better, says Sanders.

In fiscalattendance at a design automation event was listed at 10, The officially audited figure for attendance wasbut the center touts the higher figure. He has found several other examples of statistical distortion. What the convention center is crying out for is not a task force but a serious independent audit and analysis of the center s performance, says Sanders. The center s performance needs to be verified independently because, right now, all people have to go on is what the convention center management tells us.

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Loan pursuant to CFL license. C Stop Home Foreclosure Ch. Peace of mind is within your reach! Cervantes' girlfriend, Brenda Rangel, 19, has also been charged with murder. Whittier Police Officer Brad White said that the swap meet was a busy venue where parking could be difficult but that police had never before seen a dispute over a space turn violent.

The killing occurred Oct. Yanez had intended to take a quick trip to buy a few items at the swap meet in the block of Alondra Boulevard, her son said. As the family circled the parking lot on the busy Friday night in their Hyundai Accent, they drove down a narrow one-way lane to an open space when the Chevy SUV came from the opposite direction, Crable said.

Crable said he thought the altercation was over when he offered up the space. Everyone had returned to their vehicles when Crable heard someone shout, "Get out and see what happens. He is trying to stab me and I am trying to step out of the way. He slashes me in the chest. And when he goes to stab me in the head, he hits me in the face with his fist I turn around to run, and in that split second I lose sight of my mom and sister.

Cervantes and Rangel were arrested Saturday. Cervantes has prior convictions for robbery and receiving stolen property, according to court records.