Lets make a deal meet 2016

Let's Make a Deal

lets make a deal meet 2016

Hosted Meets. Start, Meet , Lets Make A Deal, Adair, Annalee, 2, , , , , , Allen, Kalli. _ _ _ 07_ _ _ _ For years, Presidents have been coming to these meetings and talked about Prior to last year, where I attended my first meeting, it was going down .. call me and they're going to say, “Let's make a deal,” and we'll make a deal. December , November , October , September , August.

Let's Make a Deal/The Price is Right: October 31, 2016 (HALLOWEEN SPECIALS!!)

Well, thank you very much, everybody. And we really accomplished a lot, with respect to NATO. For years, Presidents have been coming to these meetings and talked about the expense — the tremendous expense for the United States. And tremendous progress has been made; everyone has agreed to substantially up their commitment.

lets make a deal meet 2016

Prior to last year, where I attended my first meeting, it was going down — the amount of money being spent by countries was going down and down very substantially. And commitments were made. Only 5 of 29 countries were making their commitment. The commitment was at 2 percent. So we are — we made a tremendous amount of progress today. To see the level of spirit in that room is incredible.

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I think that we probably will be able to. The people in the room think so, but they nevertheless — they really stepped up their commitment, and stepped it up like they never have before. The Secretary General, Stoltenberg, will be giving those numbers sometime today, probably in his concluding press statement.

We have our Secretary of State, as you know, and we have — John is here. So if you have any questions for the three of us. Mike Pompeo just got back from a third trip, as you know, to North Korea. And he gets along very well. Can you tell us whether or not you warned people that the U. And now, people are going to start and countries are going to start upping their commitments. So I let them know yesterday, actually.

lets make a deal meet 2016

But yesterday, I let them know that I was extremely unhappy with what was happening, and they have substantially upped their commitment, yeah. And do you think that your rhetoric helps NATO cohesion, or are you worried that people might think that U. There are a lot of people who say they were worried and stressed by what you did yesterday.

Well, they were probably worried because the United States was not being treated fairly, but now we are, because the commitment has been upped so much. So now they are. And I was very firm yesterday. You have to understand, I know a lot of the people in the room. I was here last year. And then today and yesterday, I was probably a little bit more firm. I think NATO is a very important — probably the greatest ever done. But the United States was paying for anywhere from 70 to 90 percent of it, depending on the way you calculate.

Our farmers have been shut out of the European Union. People are paying money that they never paid before. And the United States is being treated much more fairly. Did you win concessions in your meetings and discussions with the German Chancellor when it comes to German defense spending and also with this issue of purchasing energy from Russia?

I think that NATO is much stronger now than it was two days ago. I think that NATO was not doing what they were supposed to be doing — a lot of the countries. And we were doing much more than we should have been doing. Frankly, we were carrying too much of a burden. And they are putting up a lot. Germany has increased very substantially their time period, and Germany is coming along.

I brought it up; nobody brought it up but me, and we all are talking about it now.

WPC 2016: Let’s Make A Deal Dinner

And actually, I think the world is talking about it now maybe more than anything else. But — and, frankly, maybe everybody is going to have a good relationship with Russia so there will be a lot less problem with the pipeline.

But, to me, that was a very major point of contention. We discussed it at length today. We had a very good relationship with Angela Merkel.

Margaret Talev from Bloomberg. After all these years, I know, Margaret. He thanked me actually.

Remarks by President Trump at Press Conference After NATO Summit

He actually thanked me. And everybody in the room thanked me.

lets make a deal meet 2016

So, yeah, very unified, very strong. President, Jonathan Lemire with the Associated Press. You have said previously you wanted the countries to step up their spending to 2 percent. Yesterday there was a suggestion it might be 4 percent, or perhaps 2 percent at a much quicker timetable. Can you clarify, what did they commit to doing?

Is that satisfactory to you? Now, you have to understand, some of them have parliaments, they have their own congresses, they have a lot of things they have to go through. Some are at 2 percent; others have agreed definitely to go to 2 percent.

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lets make a deal meet 2016

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