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meet cheetahs uk

Results 1 - 11 of 11 Virgin Experience Days is the perfect place for great gift ideas. Click to find Big Cat Experiences that are certain to make a great gift. Our Cheetah Feeding experience is a unique treat for anyone. The experience gives you the chance to meet and participate in the feeding of our cheetahs. Click on the DONATE button to sponsor a cheetah for one year. Please indicate the name of the cheetah you would like to sponsor in the message section of.

CCF was called by a farmer who had hand-captured two cheetah cubs with a third still out in the bush by herself.


The cubs were easily caught, due to their young age and weak condition; it appeared that they had lost their mother. Sadly, her fate remains unknown.

The third cub was caught a week later and reunited with her siblings. Ron is named after one of the characters in the popular books by J. Rowling and although he appears to be the most aggressive, he is the most gentle of the three siblings, so long as there is a meat treat involved. He is the most dominant, and often chases his sisters around the pen for play, preferring to chase them than chasing lures.

meet cheetahs uk

He has a very laid-back personality and is very well behaved. Harry Harry is named after J. She is very shy around people and will wait until her siblings, Ron and Hermione, approach people before joining in the fun. Harry is very golden in colour with dark eyes and is only slightly smaller than her brother, Ron.

meet cheetahs uk

Hermione Hermione is named after one of the characters in the popular books by J. Rowling and is the smallest and darkest of the three siblings…and the most playful.

meet cheetahs uk

She has a small teddy bear face and big dark eyes, by far the cutest of the three. She is very gentle by nature, but not as much as her brother Ron.

Meet the cheetahs & feed them at the zoo- Paradise Wildlife Park

Hermione is the most social and will chase her brother and sister around the pen even though she is much smaller. She is an instigator, but able to hold her own. They will meet visiting school groups, distinguished guests, farmers and other people from all over Nabimbia. Tiger Lily loves to chase the lure and keep company with her siblings and works very cooperatively with her handlers.

Cheetah Experience - Wildplace

Peter Peter was caught by a farmer in the Khomas Hochland area, east of Windhoek, when he was about one year old. CCF does not know what happened to the rest of his family.

meet cheetahs uk

As he was too young to be on his own at that stage, the farmer gave him to a lodge and he was kept there as a companion for their tame cheetah. After training from our animal keeper you will be escorted to our Tiger enclosure.

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Once you and our keeper are happy you will be given a bucket of meat, gloves and a feeding stick, and then feeding through the wire will begin. The session will last for approximately 30 minutes, in which time there will be a photographer to take photos of your special day.


Must be age 16 and over. Available throughout the year — depending on the weather. The Reptiles What happens on your day You will be escorted to the Reptile House where you will be given instructions on how to handle the reptiles. You will be able to hold a selection of our reptiles including our Boa Constrictor, Bearded Dragon, Millipedes and Corn Snakes to name a few.

The session lasts for approximately 30 minutes, in that time we will have a photographer taking photos of your special day. This includes your entry to the park, training, contact session, certificate and CD. Must be over the age of 5. Available throughout the year. Payment must be made at time of booking. Sessions take place on a Wednesday or Saturday and must be booked at least 4 weeks in advance.

To book, please email: But the wait was worth it. I enjoyed the Lemur contact very much; the Lemurs were very friendly and obviously comfortable with human contact.

meet cheetahs uk

The staff were on hand to answer any questions I had, if you enjoy the company of animals then this is an experience not to be missed. I loved it so much I did another one. Many thanks for a wonderful day feeding the magnificent Blizzard and Ladybelle. It is something I will always remember.