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Meet the Uber of same-day delivery

meet entrepreneurs

ENTREPRENEURS: Meet the co-founders of Black Beard Technology. These entrepreneurs have created a platform that provides investment. When generating business ideas, knowing a diverse range of people helps. Discover the six best places an entrepreneur can meet influential. 15 Honest Ways to Meet Other Entrepreneurs (FS). We have all felt lost and lonely in a room full of people. Sweaty hands, awkward voice.

She is advising companies to think and plan differently using an Integrated Green Design approach to design energy-efficient, water-efficient and low waste building engineering systems.

Brenda Katwesigye, a Ugandan woman entrepreneur bringing affordable eye care to school children by harnessing the power of virtual reality technology Making eye care accessible and affordable to everyone in Uganda, regardless of their income status, is the vision of Brenda Katwesigye, founder of high impact company Wazi Vision.

She is on a mission to ensure that everyone who needs eye testing and glasses, no matter where they are located in the country, can get access to these life changing services.

Josephine Marie Godwyll, a social entrepreneur bringing the world of learning to young Ghanaian children through digital platforms Young children have the ability to learn quickly and absorb new information and skills that can change their lives, as long as they get access to exciting learning experiences.

But one woman entrepreneur, Jospephine Marie Godwyll, is changing that through her high impact social enterprise, Young At Heart Ghana. Temie Giwa-Tubosun, a Nigerian entrepreneur on a mission to save lives through LifeBank, her blood sourcing and delivery service Hospitals and patients need lifesaving blood supplies, each and every day, but finding safe supplies of blood and getting it delivered quickly in the right condition has been a challenge in Nigeria.

Clarify your target market.

Today, one entrepreneur is changing that. Temie Giwa-Tubosun, founder and ceo of LifeBankis getting safe blood supplies delivered to those who need it most using the power of technology. Benji Coetzee, a South African entrepreneur on a mission to make cargo transportation more eco and cost efficient How many times a day whilst we are travelling on the highways, railways and flightpaths of countries across the African continent do we see underutilized freight carriers.

This results in more expense and a bigger environmental impact.

meet entrepreneurs

But that is about to change with the entry into the marketplace of EmptyTrips. This innovative, digital company is a game-changer in the logistics and freight transportation business.

meet entrepreneurs

Chika Madubuko, a Nigerian entrepreneur using technology to connect the elderly to professional caregivers Getting access to qualified, experienced and fully vetted care for those elderly family members who wish to stay at home can be extremely challenging, but Greymate Care is one company looking to provide a solution.

This adventurous move has led to her becoming a key player in this highly competitive field with the creation of her company Technoplus.

meet entrepreneurs

She is on a mission to innovate for continuous improvement in areas such as education, e-government and entrepreneurship development. Gaby Lobban - The startup story of a South African techpreneur providing an innovative way of accessing professional healthcare advice online The chances are that in our increasingly busy lives, we will need to get health advice and information at short notice and potentially outside of usual medical practitioner hours or without having to wait for clinic appointments, meaning that an alternative is required.

South African techpreneur, Gaby Lobban, founder of Zumbudda, knows this scenario only too well as a busy working mother of three children. Instead they are platforms that can offer a great combination of peer accountability, education and creative thinking in a supportive environment. A mastermind group can help you develop your professional and personal skills at the same time.

Another organization that can introduce you to interesting people is Toastmasters International.

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These groups are dedicated to serving both their local communities, as well as undertaking international endeavors like eradicating certain diseases. I do not recommend joining these groups unless you really want to enlist for serving the main purpose s of the group.

If you really do want to support the many great causes they stand for, definitely join. But, even if you don't want to enroll in them, you should at least go to some of their events as a guest to learn more about what they do and meet interesting people from diverse backgrounds. Business Networking Events Each city with more than a few thousand people should have multiple business organizations that hold business networking events.

These events can cover a variety of subjects like investment, software, biotech or franchising.

15 Honest Ways to Meet Other Entrepreneurs (FS)

There are expensive ones and inexpensive ones, boring ones and not-so-boring ones and, of course, there are those weird ones, i. You will expand your world by meeting many people who could potentially bring a lot of value to your life. Self-Improvement Events There is nothing like being around people that want to improve themselves and are open to suggestions to do so.

meet entrepreneurs

That is why I love these events. I compare it to running a marathon versus running on a treadmill in your home. Sure, you could run the equivalent of a marathon on a treadmill inside your home, but the chances of doing so are slim because there are no other people around to keep you motivated. But, when you are at an actual marathon, there are tons of people vying for the same goal you are, which keeps you motivated and inspired.

It's the same kind of motivation and inspiration you find at self-improvement events. When you are surrounded by people who all share your goal of self-improvement, it's much easier to get into that mindset of making yourself a better person.