Meet rich guys los angeles

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meet rich guys los angeles

He formerly worked at the Philadelphia Inquirer and the Los Angeles Times, where he participated in Pulitzer Prize-winning coverage of the. If you are not wealthy, look for exclusive spots where the rich and famous might mingle. Los Angeles in particular is home to many famous clubs and lounges. If you're in Los Angeles, this is a great place to meet rich men, talent agents, and movie stars. Craft is located near the offices of two of the top.

Unless the party is meant for an intimate gathering, most establishments will accommodate outside guests. If you're unable to get on the guest list, show up at the door and plead your case to the bouncer. Many bouncers are less likely to enforce a guest list toward the end of a party.

How to Meet Rich Men in Los Angeles - Date Millionaire Guys in LA

Read entertainment magazines to find out where celebrities have been spotted hanging out in California. This will help you create a pipeline of areas to visit during the weekends. If you're uncomfortable in this setting, look in your local newspaper to see if there are any upcoming business mixers. In this environment, you're dealing mostly with professionals; as a result, you will likely have an easier time talking to people because the other guests will be trying to make business contacts.

Making an appearance at these functions doesn't matter if you're unable to make any contacts. Be bold and socialize with people that you might be interested in. Once you've met a potential bachelor, find out what he is doing on the weekend.

meet rich guys los angeles

If he's interested, he might invite you to join him during his weekend activities. The best part about these places is that their informal atmosphere helps the rich guys to relax and thus makes them more amenable to a social encounter.

The X Bar located in the Hyatt for instance is a great place to bump into not only the super-rich but also the super-famous from the entertainment industry.

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Among other lounges popular with the jet-setting crowd are the Elevate Lounge at Wilshire Bld as well as Viper, best known as the brainchild of Hollywood sensation, Johnny Depp. Nightclubs Los Angeles nightlife is one of the trendiest in the country and when it comes to the rich boys letting down their hair, this is the city to be in. While many of the dance clubs in LA are built around the Hollywood theme, there are those that relish punk, hard rock and Goth as well and where you may find a millionaire or two reliving his wild days.

City events Los Angeles is the hub of American entertainment industry which makes its social and cultural calendar packed with exclusive events. So look for premiers of movies, television series and award shows which the rich and famous are sure to attend.

Post-premiere parties or post-award functions are in fact ideal venues to mingle with all those guys who appear to be loaded.

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The Nokia Theater is a regular venue for hosting award shows and programs while other movie theaters in the higher price bracket are the Arclight and the Landmark. Niche events Most millionaires have their pet interests and philanthropies.


Clubs The nightlife in LA is the best in the country, and the club is a great place to meet rich men in a relaxed mood. Events in LA The US entertainment industry is based in LA, so there are many exclusive events filling up the cultural and social calendar all year long.

Be on the lookout for TV series and movie premiers as well as award events that attract the famous and wealthy. Some of the best places to rich men are the parties that take place after these events.

meet rich guys los angeles

Some of the venues that host these kinds of events are the Landmark, the Arclight and the Nokia Theater. Expensive Neighborhoods You must do your research if you want to meet wealthy and available men.

If you go to these places and attend parties, hang out on the beach, shop in the stores and eat in the cafes you just may find that man you have been fantasizing about.