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Their damage can reach if you are hit by too many, so make sure to avoid them. Death Sickle are preferred, so that the Servants of Ocram get hit at the same . console version Mobile Version 3DS version; Map Icon Duke Fishron. png. Guide:Lunar Event strategies[ edit | edit source ] Shroomite armor for rangers, as its bonuses allow a player's DPS to reach very high . Don't let the blindness stop you from moving, as that will quickly lead to your demise. . Golem · Ocram Old-gen console version Mobile Version 3DS version; Map Icon Duke Fishron. png. Welcome to my guide for summoning & beating Duke Fishron with a detailed overview of my armor, weapons, and accessories. Make sure to check out the other.

Strategies[ edit edit source ] Fly above him with Chlorophyte Bullets if you are ranged. If you want to use melee, swords that fire projectiles such as the Terra Blade and the Death Sickle are preferred, so that the Servants of Ocram get hit at the same time from the beam. Mages do the same with ranged, except use a magic weapon. It is more recommended to fight it after fighting the three Mechanical Bosses.

Ranged Weapons [ edit edit source ] The ranged set of Chlorophyte armor is recommended. If you can't get it, use Hallowed armor instead. A Megashark or Uzi as well as Gatligator with Crystal Bullets can work well, if you make sure to aim for his eyes.

Guide:Lunar Event strategies

Alternatively, you could use the Flamethrower if you've beaten Skeletron Prime. If you are concerned about your ammo, it would be useful to create a gel farm with a Slime Statue.

If you have not yet acquired any of these swords, an easy sword to obtain is the Chlorophyte Claymore ; it deals good amounts of damage and fires orbs which deal hefty amounts of damage.

Boomerangs such as Light Discs or Bananarangs will work well. If you have managed to get The Horseman's Bladeyou can easily kill the servants with it, and the summoned pumpkins can hit Ocram. If you can get it, use Turtle armor. Otherwise, use the melee sets of Chlorophyte armor or Hallowed armor.

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If you have killed him multiple times before and are planning to farm him, Dragon armor is quite effective. You can also use Flasks ; the most useful are Flasks of Ichor as they reduce Ocram's defense, and Flasks of Cursed Flames for extra damage. Spectre armor for magic users. The Spectre Hood is recommended to help mages survive the Lunar Events.

Beetle armor for melee fighters, as the two chestpieces allow a player to pursue an offensive or defensive playstyle. The Vampire Knives will allow players to regain health if they need to.

Terraria - Guide - How to Beat The Twins (Solo)

However, do not use them against Seleniansas they can reflect the knives. A homing magic weapon paired with the Spectre Hood allows mages to heal quickly while dealing precise damage.

The Stardust Dragon Staffthis minion quickly takes down every pillar, speeding up the lengthy process obtainable after defeating the Stardust Pillar If you are a Summoner and it is your first time dealing with the Lunar Events, some other acceptable weapons are: The Deadly Sphere Staffalthough it has a shorter "detection range" than most minions.

The Phantasmas it will deal huge amount of damage to pillars once they are defenseless and is the best bow in the game. Try not to use them against them. The Nimbus Rod is incredibly useful for dealing damage to the pillars after their shield has gone down since they are stationary.

This should help you maintain focus on staying alive and dealing with its minions. You can also use a Crimson Rod at the same time, allowing for extra damage. The Tabi or Master Ninja Gear will help greatly in dodging the attacks. The Charm of Myths also gives a slight increase in life regeneration. Some recommended mounts are:

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