Mwave meet and greet topp dogg goon

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mwave meet and greet topp dogg goon

Topp Dogg on Crack Was P-Goon wearing a thong? . chose my tile and read my message on Mwave Meet and Greet back in June It was the happiest day of. The members of Topp Dogg spoke to Johnny about their growth as artists Xero – Firstly, we're very happy to meet you and thank you for taking the time P- Goon will tell us how much we have grown as an artist over the two. Banda · Kdrama · P-Goon Topp Dogg Toms, Banda, Kdrama B-J00 chose my tile and read my message on Mwave Meet and Greet back. More information.

Personally this change in concept does not indicate the true Topp Dogg colour, but is a process of revealing our true colours.

  • Interview: Topp Dogg (South Korea) talk about their comeback album and their career so far

I think the fans will enjoy such changes as well. Tell me about your interactions with your fans Topp Klass? Do you have any stories to share about your experiences with fans?

Hansol — As we are preparing for a comeback, we were not involved in any concerts or television programs. So our members interact with the fans a lot through SNS such as Twitter.

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As for myself, I have recently started an Instagram and there is an episode with this. So I accepted every request, and the fans were able to send me direct messages. I got nervous so I asked my friend what I should do and he just told me to ignore and delete them and thankfully the fans stopped sending me messages after that. What would members of Topp Dogg like to achieve in their careers?

mwave meet and greet topp dogg goon

Sangdo — Firstly our goal as Topp Dogg is to reach the top in the music industry. For me, all our members becoming an outstanding artist is my hope and my goal. I have seen the potential of our members to become leading artists so I believe in them.

How has life as an Idol changed you? Yano — The first change is that I am able to hear my own voice and song on the Melon chart. What do you know about Australia?

mwave meet and greet topp dogg goon

When will we see Topp Dogg in Australia? A-Tom — As we are touring around the world, I think we can visit Australia some time soon.

mwave meet and greet topp dogg goon

Talking about Australia, I have friend called Sam and he told me baseball and soccer are famous in Korea but in Australia football is more popular. Do any members have any ambitions outside of the music industry?

Yano — Most of our members are interested in doing variety shows and some members are taking acting lessons to help them build another career in that path.

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The remaining two months for Topp Dogg would be a very busy one — we have to prepare for comeback and get ready for performances. The two months will be a foundation for next year and we will have busy times preparing. We also want to be busy to work hard. Do you have a message for Topp Klass?

We put our best efforts in for preparing the new album ready to show new and better sides of Topp Dogg. Amongst the answers were ski jump which nobody got and Star Wars where they got 2 light sticks from the audience. The team who were not playing would sit and watch on my side of the stage. While the boys were watching the opposing team play charades, despite not being allowed to, they were still picking up fan gifts from the fans which was awesome!

P-Goon was dancing on the side while on the sign. Words cannot describe how amazing Topp Dogg are live! They took cameras and phones from other fans and took selcas with them.

mwave meet and greet topp dogg goon

I felt bad for B-Joo since all I wanted was a selca and he wanted a high touch. While waiting in line, I was literally shaking and on the verge of tears. Fast forward to when it was my turn to meet the boys, the first person signing and doing the high touch was P-Goon. That night he won me over and he ended up being number 2 I still consider Seogoong number 1 despite not being at the showcase. I wish I can remember exactly how he reacted, but he was happy. Of all hands during the high touch, Gohn stood out the most.

Although it was a simple high five, I remember his hands being rather small and dry. The rest of the boys, I remember many of them were happy and enthusiastic. I know they kept saying thank you.