Nice to meet you in spanish feminine french

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nice to meet you in spanish feminine french

In this free video language lesson, you'll learn how to say the French word for " pleased to meet you": "enchanté" or, for women, "enchantée. For instance: Nice to meet you - Enchanté (M) / Enchantée (F) Do I say enchantée because I'm a female even though my counterpart is male?. It is, like Spanish, French or Italian, a Romance language, and people who hear it for Like nouns, -a usually indicates the feminine form. . Nice to meet you.

However there are a few instances where you really need to be careful. Pollo is chicken, however, polla is something entirely different read here. Make sure you remember this at 5am when you are drunkenly ordering a chicken kebab, otherwise it can lead to some pretty awkward moments.

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Club When Americans come to Spain, one of the first things they do is hit up the crazy night life here. Tons of bars and clubs where you can drink and dance til dawn, Spain has a plethora of night spots to chose from. However, once you have finished at the bars and you want to go get your dance on, you head out to the club.

Except dance clubs in Spanish are discotecas or discos. To put it mildly, a club in Spanish is usually a whorehouse on the side of the highway aka puti club. Estoy caliente One of the biggest problems where Spanish and English differentiate is when you cannot translate word for word. Rather I just find it baffling! So confusing, can someone please explain?

nice to meet you in spanish feminine french

Preservativo This one is another false friend in Spanish. BUT, I've never had to use French in a business situation, and if there's anything I learned about Spanish when I lived in Mexico, it's that there's often a disconnect between what I learned in high school and actual etiquette. Any other quick suggestions for business etiquette? I know there are plenty of guides online, but I don't have time to read them and prep for my meeting If it matters, I am a something female addressing who are likely to be 30 or something males.

I'm fairly sure I've heard it around the office when new people are brought in, and it's a standard response to an introduction. It suggests a level of interest that you probably don't intend. If I were a man and were addressing a considerably older woman say, I was 40 and meeting an 80 year-oldI might use the term as a kind of "polite" way to show respect and acknowledge the beauty of a woman beyond a certain age. As a woman, I wouldn't use it. It's the men who are supposed to be enchanted by me, not the other way round!

My experience is also in french canada, however. I was brought up in a French Canadian household, went to French Canadian schools, and I work in a bilingual office. Again I say that it never had any flirtatiousness attached to it, ever, and I was taught it was a common reply to an introduction. Perhaps women are taught differently.

nice to meet you in spanish feminine french

But I clearly recall receiving that very reply, more than once, in professional settings. He is a polite man. El es un hombre educado. That girl has good manners. Isn't it interesting that education in Spanish means knowing how to act correctly in society? He is an educated man. Other words used for describing having good manners in Spanish, such as courteous and courtesy are cortes and cortesia respectively.

You are showing good manners in Spanish with these phrases.

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You can also use the response: Often when a native speaker in Mexico extends his hand to greet you, other than just saying his name you may hear: Those two phrases basically mean "at your service". Again these normal protocol phrases show that they are being polite in Spanish. When the person says their two last names, the first is the father's last name, the second is the mother's.

It is combined with the first name only, not the last name. Coming from an informal culture such as the one of the United States, some of these phrases may see a little extravagant or too elegant.

However, they are phrases that are typically accepted or expected in normal conversation.

nice to meet you in spanish feminine french

You will be considered polite in Spanish, not exaggerated. While being introduced to people whether man or a woman, it is normal to extend your hand and shake theirs.

nice to meet you in spanish feminine french

Among those who are middle class and richer, it is also common to shake hands and to greet women with a quick kiss on the cheek. Just to be clear: Man to man is just shaking hands. Among the poor, as in a missionary working with the poor, just a handshake and not kissing on the cheek is the most common and least offensive. Asking "What did you say?