Parking garage car meet up

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parking garage car meet up

The New Year meet at Daikoku is possibly the largest gathering at the parking area every year. It gets so full cars end up parking on the exit. JAN Parking Garage Car Meet. Public. · Hosted by Matt CeoDizaster and Luis Tirado. Interested. clock. Friday, January 20, at PM – PM EST. This Parking Lot In Tokyo Will Bring All Your Car Fantasies To Life So if you want to make a trip up there it's best to rent a car. Meets have happened at Tatsumi for years, including during the peak of Japan's car culture.

It is easy to get kicked out if your group leaves garbage behind on a weekly basis, causes traffic jams coming in and out of the shopping center, or generally disturbs your neighbors.

Rules This leads to the most important part of establishing any meet.

parking garage car meet up

Typically the quickest way to get kicked out of a location, or black listed by the local community, is to not police your own meet. You absolutely cannot allow burnouts, revving, fights and so on. While at first this may not be an issue, as you grow you will inevitably attract the random Ken-Block-Wannabe who drifts his way into a curb.

The neighbors hear, they call the police, and next thing you know you are out of a spot. Nor does allowing this behavior win you any points with the community.

Parking Garage Winter Meet

A great way to help curb this problem, is to speak to everyone. Not as a group, but one on one.

parking garage car meet up

Hanging out with your friends is great, but getting to know the new people who take the time to come to your meet is far more important. If they know who is in charge, and exactly what the expectations of people in attendance are, they are far less likely to misbehave.

parking garage car meet up

Plus, why would you throw your own meet if you have no interest in meeting new people? I rarely have interest in coming back, and part of being successful is repeat attendance. You might not enjoy it… Perhaps it is a bit over reaching of me to say that everyone will not enjoy being in charge of their own meet, however I think it is fair to say that it involves a lot more work then you might be expecting.

parking garage car meet up

There are time commitments to showing up every week, cleaning up, being an outgoing leader of your organization and building a community. And while they are worthwhile endeavors, I find that eventually it kills some of the original fun of going to a meet. People talk about professional chefs going home from work and eating instant ramen, and in a way it is very similar to that.

Something that was once a lot of fun to do once a week, becomes very time consuming. Instead I was running from person to person, making sure everything ran as smoothly as possible.

Giant Parking Garage Car Meet

At the end of the day, I put on successful events and was happy with the work I did. The remaining seven levels of parking were for the hearty enthusiasts who braved downtown's shitty, pot-holed streets and got in before the gates closed. Herewith is that gallery.

On Running a Car Meet (Is it for you?)

Our favorite, though, might be the white second-gen. Forester we encountered, lowered and rocking a big-fat rear wing like a proper JDM SUV should it was right-hand drive, too. Enjoy the photo gallery from Superill Meet 2. Another is on the way with the best of the VIP section on the top floor.

Superill Meet - Parking Lot Hunting

Elaine fears that her new goldfish will die in the bag before they can arrive home, George must meet his parents by 6: Elaine begs people in the parking garage to give them a ride around the building to find their car, but no one is willing to help. Kramer badgers Jerry to urinate in a corner where no one can see him. After Jerry reluctantly does so, he is spotted by a security guard and taken to the guard's office.

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George also gets caught in the act of urinating after being convinced to do so by Kramer. Both Jerry and George are fined and released. After the two find Elaine, Jerry convinces George to ask an attractive woman Cynthia Ettinger to give them a lift around the garage. The woman accepts, and they all enter her car and drive off. She kicks them out after George makes disparaging remarks about Scientologynot realizing she is a Scientologist.

They are dropped off right by Kramer's car but Kramer, who has the car keys, is still lost somewhere in the garage. Hours pass by as George, Jerry and Elaine wait.