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return to oz scarecrow meet

―Jack Pumpkinhead in Return to Oz (). IMG Jack Pumpkinhead meets Dorothy Gale " Dorothy, can I call you. Dorothy and her dog had an extraordinary adventure in the Land of Oz. where they met the courageous Lion (Toby Lane), a Tin Man with a big. Dorothy returns to Oz and gets frisky with oiled up Scarecrow in man, who is crucified and covered in straw when she meets him on the.

The Tin Man's makeup originally contained aluminum powder which got into Ebsen's lungs, bringing him to the edge of death. He was rushed to a hospital and had to give up the role. Despite this, and the fact that the Tin Man's makeup was changed to a safer aluminum paste, Ebsen went on to outlive both Bolger and Haley. Haley based his breathy speaking style in the movie on the voice he used for telling his son bedtime stories. His portrayal of the character is by far the most famous.

There is no explanation in the film of how the Tin Man became the Tin Man.

'Return To Oz': An Accidental Live Blog Of A Very Disturbing Movie

It is subtly implied that he was always made of tin; the only reference to the tinsmith is the Tin Man's remark "The tinsmith forgot to give me a heart". Unlike the costumes of the Scarecrow in the National Museum of American History and Cowardly Lion two sets in private handsthat of the Tin Man "was largely destroyed".

Screenwriter Noel Langley created this character for the film. Unlike Zeke, Hickory and Hunk Scarecrow's alter ego lose their hats with Uncle Henry as they struggle to open the cellar when the tornado approaches the farm. He reunites with Dorothy when she awakes from being unconscious. In the original Broadway version of The WizTiger Haynes played the Tinman, a human woodcutter who became tin after the Wicked Witch of the East cursed his axe to chop him up as in the book.

Nipsey Russell played the Tinman in the film adaptation of The Wiz. In this version, as in the movie, there is no explanation of how he became tin, just a reference of the "genius who created me". He worked as the carnival barker and when the park was closed, he was abandoned, rusted and squeezed by his fourth wife, "Teeny" a heavy tin sculpture of a fat lady. He was saved by Dorothy and the Scarecrow. This version portrayed him as a construction worker on whom the Wicked Witch of the East developed an unrequited crush.

When she found out he already had a girlfriend, "Bertha", she became so jealous, she turned him into a heartless tinman. The Witch boasted afterwards that if she couldn't have his heart, then no one could.

Other notable actors who have played the Tin Woodman include Oliver Hardy in a silent version of The Wizard of Oz directed by and starring Larry Semonin which a villainous farmhand briefly fell into a tin pile and emerged as a "Tin Woodsman" [sic]. In subsequent scenes the tin was removed and he became "Knight of the Garter". In the television adaptation of The Land of Ozhe was played by vaudeville comedian Gil Lamb; in the film, The Wonderful Land of Oz he was played by Al Joseph; and in the film Return to Ozhe was played by Deep Roya little person who was able to fit inside a costume that looked nearly identical to John R.

In the s, the Tin Woodman appeared in a series of short animated educational films about heart health from Joleron Productions. In a episode of Scooby-Doo and Scrappy-DooScrappy is dressed as the Tin Man after a tornado took him, Shaggy, and Scooby to "Ahz", a direct spoof of Oz with a different spelling by its enunciation. Inthe Tin Woodman appeared in the educational film Act on Arthritis as well as in promotional commercials.

Roger Daltrey portrayed this character in the television stage performance The Wizard of Oz in Concert: The Kansas farmworker Hickory does not appear in this production. Daltrey performed a rock and roll tempo of "If I Only Had a Heart" in which he swung his microphone mimicking his Who persona. Toward the end, he hugged the Wizard Joel Grey saying to him "Thank you from the bottom of my heart! Inthey made a cartoon animated The Oz Kids.

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He has a son named Tin Boy. Like his father he can cut wood with his ax. And he has to be careful with water and snow or he'll be rust.

His voice played by Andy Milder. Me and My Shadows. In this version, he is the Wicked Witch's research assistant, transformed into a robot to prevent him wanting a day off to marry Camilla. Gonzo's other role is himself. He appears at the end of this film in the Muppets' show. Inthe Tin Man was the protagonist in a pair of television commercials for Chef Boyardee brand canned Beef Ravioliin a costume identical to the design used in the Oz film. In the commercials, the Tin Man played by Australian actor David Somerville is pursued by groups of children due to the fact that an oversized Beef Ravioli can label has been affixed to the back of his cylindrical torso which he doesn't notice until the midpoint of the first commercial ; thus, he appears to be a very large, mobile can of ravioli.

In the first ad, the Tin Man escapes from his pursuers only to discover that the building he ducked into is an elementary school cafeteria full of hungry children and a teacher. The second ad begins with the Tin Man running through a residential neighborhood, accidentally adding to his pursuers when he stumbles across a backyard birthday party; after fleeing across a golf course while dodging balls from the driving rangehe is cornered in another backyard and threatened with a garden hose playing on the Tin Man's classic weakness of rusting.

As the scene shifts to the image of a Beef Ravioli can, sounds of water hitting metal and the Tin Man's cries for help are heard. Based on the story of his own parents, who moved from Redding to Los Angeles, in hopes of making a better life. His father wanted to work for the forest service, and his mother wanted to be a cook, but their baby was born with a rare heart condition. They were forced to give up those dreams, and make choices that would give them insurance and stability.

It is a somewhat modernized retelling that takes place at sometime in the s, in the town Verton, rather than Oz. However, the book of the same name, which tells the origins of the character, is cited by opening intertitles as the source. Although the basic premise is nearly identical, much of the details and all names and locations have been changed.

This is partially due to the film's satirical look at criminal reenactments, as it states at the beginning that names "have been changed to protect the innocent. This film won a short filmmaking award at Sundance. A CG animated short film called "After Oz", [10] produced by the film students at Vancouver Film Schoolcentered on a stylized version of the Tin Man, after he has received his heart from Oz. The movie shows him moving through a colorful Oz city with his brand-new mechanical heart, before meeting a reddish female Tin Woman or robot?

She proceeds to cruelly play with the heart. M Films, and completed in InWhitestone Motion Pictures [11] produced a minute live-action short film, Heartless: The Story of the Tin Man. In the film, the Tin Man appears to be more steam- or coal-powered.

His chest cavity is covered by a door which reads "Pedudoe Tin Co. The movie was made available for free viewing online and free downloading of its soundtrack. In the prequel, Oz the Great and Powerfulalthough the Tin Woodman does not physically appear, the film introduces his creator, the Master Tinker, portrayed by Bill Cobbs.

return to oz scarecrow meet

Hardytells the backstory of the Tin Man, using puppetry, movement, and music. The play has received multiple Off Broadway productions, and won a Obie Award for Ortiz's puppet design. When it is revealed that Tip is actually a girl whose true identity was suppressed by a potion, her strained emotional state causes her to push Jack over a balcony after he kisses her.

Jack is subsequently found and rebuilt by scientists in a cyborg-like state; his head and right arm are still organic, but his heart and the rest of his body has been replaced or covered by mechanical armour.

return to oz scarecrow meet

When two bullies show up to harm Zelena, Stanum helped to fend them off. Years later, Stanum comes to Zelena for help. He tells Zelena that he is slowly turning to tin after he was cursed by the Wicked Witch of the North for cutting down a tree in her area.

Stanum states that the Crimson Heart artifact might be able to help him, but needs Zelena's help to get by the beast that guards it. When close to its location, Stanum is attacked by a lion who is then fended off by Zelena. When they get to the heart, Zelena picks it up and felt some of her magic draining.

He also stated that Zelena once claimed on the day they met that she would be happy being a normal human. As Stanum fully turns to tin and is unable to move, Zelena takes the box containing the Crystal Heart and leaves while telling Stanum that perhaps Dorothy will meet Stanum and free him.

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Unsourced or poorly sourced material may be challenged or removed. The first verse and refrain state: One of the story's protagonists, Wyatt Cain played by Neal McDonough in the title roleis a Tin Man whose past left him hardened and distant from others. In addition, he is first found by Dorothy imprisoned in an iron suit that replays a non-stop loop of the capture of his wife and child.

Verses of the Future Islands post-pop, synth-ballad Tin Man contain numerous metaphorical, Tin-Man related references. The song also features a powerful and climactic end chorus consisting solely of the repeated line - "I am the Tin Man". He appears in the form of a man named Nick played by Billy Boyd. A episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation is titled "Tin Man.

Dorothy has now told the chicken at least five times that she thinks that they are back in Oz. I'm starting to think perhaps Dorothy did need electrical shock therapy. So, we just met the villain in this movie, I presume, and it is a talking rock monster of some sort. Dorothy is being attacked by a group of agile looking folk with wheels on their hands and their feet.

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They call themselves "The Wheelers," naturally. Dorothy has met a mechanical man, who, I think, also doubles as the logo on the Pringles can. I want to meet the person who decided, "No, the dog worked too well in the first movie. Let's try a talking chicken that Dorothy has to carry around for the entire movie.

I wish James Franco were in this movie. Dorothy has just met a witch named Mombi who has the ability to remove her head and replace it with an assortment of other heads. This seems much more impressive then "disintegrating when splashed with water. Not surprisingly, Mombi turns out to be evil never trust anyone who can remove her head and imprisons Dorothy and her chicken in the attic.

I can only imagine the intensity of the electrical charges coursing through Dorothy's head right now. There is a character in this movie named "Jack Pumpkinhead. Jack Pumpkinhead is perhaps the most frightening character that I've ever seen on a movie screen.

Dorothy, Jack Pumpkinhead and the chicken escape the attic by Jack Pumpkinhead just asked Dorothy if he could call her, "mom. I'm going to reiterate: I am officially fascinated with Jack Pumpkinhead. I can't even quite explain what I'm watching.

I feel like I'm the one receiving electric shock therapy. The best I can explain: Dorothy, Jack Pumpkinhead, the Pringles logo and the chicken just escaped the witch on a flying moose of some sort. Only the moose has tree branches, I think, as wings? And his torso is some sort of Jack Pumpkinhead just said, "Good night, mom," to Dorothy. Why are you so creepy, Jack Pumpkinhead? This movie isn't necessarily terrible, it's just so disturbing and weird.

All of the characters were all just presumably falling to their death, but all landed without harm. I can only assume that A gravity is not as strong on Oz and, because of this, B maybe Oz is in space. Oh, good grief, Jack Pumpkinhead, please stop calling a year-old girl, "mom. Dorothy is falling to her death, again -- this time inside of a mountain. She seems strangely calm. I realize he's the villain in this movie, but the rock monster seems nice. I just now realized that the moose's name is "Mr.

I want to meet the person who decided, "No, people liked The Scarecrow too much. In this one, we'll have a guy with a pumpkin for a head who will act like The Scarecrow, only a lot creepier. The rock monster is holding the actual Scarecrow as his prisoner. The rock monster is making the characters play some sort of twisted game in exchange for Scarecrow's release.

The rock monster is wearing the ruby slippers. Ruby slippers are not a good look for rock monsters. Seriously, what am I watching? I honestly have no idea what's going on anymore. Oh, I see, the rock monster wants be human. Well, that seems reasonable. The Scarecrow and Jack Pumpkinhead are sharing a scene together. So, the greatest scene in cinematic history just occurred.

The rock monster was about to eat Jack Pumpkinhead, but the chicken, who was hiding in Jack's head, pooped an egg into the rock monster's mouth. It turns out that eggs are poison to rock monsters.

The Tin Man and the Cowardly Lion came back to life after the rock monster died. This version of the Cowardly Lion looks like a real lion and this version of Tin Man looks like it was drawn by Mort Walker. Dorothy is explaining that she has to go back to Kansas.