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the following mike and max relationship trust

Michael "Mike" Wheeler, portrayed by Finn Wolfhard, is a major protagonist in the first and second seasons of Stranger Things. Max (friend) trusted her to guide them and even developed a close relationship with her. Mike's .. Follow Us. Feb 16, 'The Following': Jessica Stroup reveals Max's 'emotional' past will be revealed and teases her relationship with Mike Weston . What's it like playing a character that the audience knows that they can trust? Oh, that's a good. Mar 4, 'The Following' Season 3 Spoilers: Are Mike And Max Getting Back Mike not to leave, but he did anyway, and that ended their relationship.

Mason only appeared in the Pilot. She was replaced by Debra Parker. Debra Parker[ edit ] Portrayed by Annie Parisse. Her expertise leads to her being called in to head the investigation of Carroll and his cult. She grew up in a cult, fleeing, without the approval of her parents, when she was sexually abused by the cult's leader.

Parker dies in the season finale after being buried alive by a couple of Carroll's cult members, who are subsequently killed by Hardy. Paul Torres[ edit ] Portrayed by Adan Canto. He first appears as "Billy Thomas". Their homosexual relationship is initially a cover to fool Sarah, but Paul develops genuine feelings for Jacob.

He has to share Jacob with Emma and is unhappy with the relationship, often referred to as a "third wheel". After being severely injured, Paul asks Jacob to kill him when it appears that they might be arrested; Jacob obliges. Jacob Wells[ edit ] Portrayed by Nico Tortorella. He first appears as "Will Wilson".

Jacob is Emma's lover and a Carroll follower. Will and Billy pose as a gay couple as part of their cult activities, using the ruse because they believe Sarah will not feel threatened by a gay couple. While Jacob is loyal to Joe, he later reveals that he never killed anyone, which causes friction with Emma and Paul. After Emma abandons him and Paul, Jacob begins to take after the other followers.

However, after Jacob reveals to Emma that he doesn't want to die for Joe's cause, Emma kills him Jacob was born to a successful doctor in Lake Whitehurst, Jacob didn't want to become one himself. He dropped out of medical school, and was persuaded to join Joe's cult. It was suggested in The Curse that he has a difficult relationship with his father.

Mike Weston

Jacob is one of Joe's most long-term Followers, though unlike many of the others, he hadn't killed anyone when joining them. During meetings with the other Followers, he claimed to have killed a girl while he was in high school and dumped her body in the ocean. He told Joe the truth early, but Joe was okay with it and agreed to keep it secret, saying he would commit his first kill when he was ready. He met Emma when she visited Joe in prison and was set up on a blind date with him. He later witnessed her killing her mother and helped her get rid of the body.

Over time, he formed a bond with Paul, a recent new follower who eventually discovered of Jacob's inability to kill. He promised Jacob he wouldn't tell anyone on the condition he return the favor someday.

They later were assigned to keep track on Sarah Fuller, Joe's last victim, and act gay for her to gain her trust. Unknowingly, Jacob was torn for his feelings with Emma and his friendship with Paul due to Paul seemingly gaining real feelings for him. Gaining her trust, they waited for Carroll's escape and delivered Fuller to him, so he could finish his "work.

The two share a room in the country house, and Paul walks in on them making love. Jacob continues to try to control the problem when in a fit of rage and tired of being considered the third wheel Paul brings home a kidnapped girl known as Megan Leeds from a convenience store in The Poet's Fire In Mad Love Paul eventually tells Jacob's secret which is the fact that Jacob lied about being a murderer to Emma Hill, only telling Joe Carroll and Paul about it.

Emma responds by teaming up with Paul and trying to get Jacob to kill Megan Leeds as his first but he was unable to do so even when she was tied up. Later he lets her go only to have her be recaptured by Paul and Emma. Jacob later confronts Emma and Paul in the shower and tells him that he is sorry. They tell him they aren't giving up on him and hug him in the shower. At the beginning of The Siege he wakes up in bed with Paul and Emma as a result of the shower scene from the previous episode.

When he goes downstairs he catches Joey using the phone and pulls him away. He freaks out and later helps the search for Joey with Emma and Paul. Once they find him they meet Hank Flynn and begin to pack up the car; when they find Hank gone they split up and search for him. Jacob is seen in the next episode The Fall which immediately follows the events of The Siege.

Emma escapes the house with Joey leaving Jacob and Paul behind and in the confusion Ryan breaks free and stabs Paul. He rushes out of the house leaving Jacob and Paul for the F. Paul tells Jacob to escape but he refuses to leave Paul's side. Luckily for them Roderick who is the reason Emma escaped, sent two men disguised as SWAT into the house and got them both out safely. Jacob stopped a man's car; beat him up and threw him out and he then helps Paul into the car stating they will get him help.

Paul thanks him for not leaving him to die and Jacob swears he will save him. As Emma parks the car for a moment she answers a call from Jacob who is crying; demanding to know why she left them; she tearfully hangs up the phone without a word.

It is stated in Welcome Home that they are still missing but Joe thinks them to be safe as Emma has not seen anything on the news about their capture or deaths.

This however was a lie, as Roderick pointed out Emma's phone is filled with messages from Jacob, but she has yet to listen to even one. Jacob reappears at his parents' lake house near Arrowhead Lake, Pennsylvania and meets his mother, who shows fear towards her own son about the recent events he's done. She tries to reason with him that he's done a lot of bad things and wants to help him, but begs him to open to her. After she looks over Paul's condition, she mentions Paul will die unless he gets him to a hospital.

After finding Joe's location, Jacob tries to get Paul to go with him, but Paul knows he has little time and begs Jacob to kill him so he can fulfill his promise to him. Despite Jacob's hesitance over killing his best friend, Paul believes in him and declares his love for Jacob as a tearful Jacob smothers Paul with a pillow as his first kill because Paul wanted his death to mean something. After Paul dies, Jacob lightly kisses him on the head and later reunites with Emma seeming to have a whole new outlook on things in Love Hurts.

His reunion with her becomes very sour, after reuniting with Joey and Joe he gives Emma the cold shoulder. Joe asks of him to give Emma a chance despite that what she did caused Paul to die, but reluctantly agrees. As they talk, she tries to tell him Roderick left her no choice and believes Jacob would have done the same, but he states he'd never do such a thing.

Later that night, Emma tries to reason with him that she loves him, which leads them to almost have sex till Jacob keeps seeing images of Paul over him telling him to kill Emma and that she can't be trusted. After "killing" Paul, Jacob, now completely different from before, holds Emma in his arms telling her about what she did caused Paul to die and that he had to kill his best friend because of her.

He grabs her neck and threatens her stating she should watch her back from now on. Currently, Jacob has no idea that Emma willingly slept with Joe.

Since then Jacob now acts much more aggressive and serious, going as far as to throw Claire to the ground stating that he's been ordered to put her in her place for Joe less she refuse.

She says if she wants to see Joey, she'll have to "make an effort". She does so as she has dinner with Joe that night.

As she tries to talk with him about his life and why he's doing this, he refuses to listen even after how he has a golden life. Jacob uses her as leverage to force Ryan to let Joe go in the basement. Later at night, Jacob watches the news as he's on the TV about his choices in life leading him to call his father. His father begs him to tell him where he is, but Jacob hangs up and starts crying instead. The next morning, he informs Joe about Ryan on the news about the deal he'll give one of Joe's followers if they turn themselves in.

Joe tries to persuade them that they aren't in trouble and Ryan is desperate, but Jacob sees more to that. After Roderick kidnaps Joey, Jacob offers to find him with two others and stay outside Ryan's work place. They follow them to Roderick's base and kill him. After Ethan and Michael are killed, Jacob finds Joey and tells him to be quiet and tries to take him back to Joe.

As they run, Joey begs him to stop stating his mom says he's one of the bad guys, but he says that's crazy. Ryan keeps him behind a shed and Jacob yells he has to take him back to Joe, but Ryan tells him Joe doesn't care about him or if he dies, causing Jacob to question everything he's doing. Ryan continues to persuade him to let Joey go which, with tears in his eyes, and Joey tearfully begging also, Jacob finally does the right thing and lets Joey go, but escapes in the process.

At home, he is greeted by Emma, to which he begins to realize they are all going to die soon. Jacob dies by his throat being slashed by Emma.

Maggie Grace portrays Sarah Fuller. Portrayed by Maggie Grace. Sarah Fuller was the last victim of Joe Carroll before his capture. Working as a doctor, Sarah lived a normal life, the only thing to remind her of her past being the scars that remained. Her next door neighbors were a gay couple, their respective names being Billy Thomas and Will Wilson, or so they claimed.

They were actually two of Carroll's followers, Paul and Jacob, and the time they spent as her neighbors was merely a ploy to gain her trust. When Carroll escaped from prison, they kidnapped her and brought her over to a property they owned, the Lighthouse Bed and Breakfast, so that he could finish his work. Joey Matthews[ edit ] Portrayed by Kyle Catlett. Joey is Carroll's son by his ex-wife, Claire Matthews.

Emma tries to manipulate him by telling him that his father isn't really a bad person. He is abducted by Emma, Paul, and Jacob and taken to a farm house where he is told he's on an "adventure" and can't call his mother.

Eventually, he realizes he's not on an adventure and attempts to call his mother but is stopped by Paul. Ryan Hardy finds his location, but Emma, through Roderick's orders, takes Joey away. He later meets his father for the first time and gives him the silent treatmentknowing what kind of person he is.

After being reunited with his mother, Joey is taken hostage by Roderick but is saved by Ryan and Mike. In season 2, Joey and his mother and grandmother have been put in witness protection so that Joe and his followers can't find them. Jessica Stroup portrays Max Hardy. Portrayed by Jessica Stroup. She is fiercely loyal to her uncle, which allows her to overlook some of his more violent policies. Early on, she provides technical support for Ryan and Mike.

In season two, she is kidnapped by the "Huntsman", hired by Lily, in revenge for Mike beating Luke Gray nearly to death. She manages to escape, and she is saved by Mike and Ryan. In the beginning, she is very worried about Ryan Mike's aggressive behavior. She clashes initially with Mike, but the two slowly develop an attraction. By the end of season two, she has become more desensitized to Ryan and Mike's violence, and even helps cover up for Mike's murder of Lily.

She kills Luke when he tries to kill Mike in the final showdown of season two. After Ryan has Joe arrested, she and Mike kiss. In the season three opener, she has joined the FBI, and has dissolved whatever relationship she and Mike had. This is primarily due to Mike's obsession and inability to move on from Mark Gray, who is the only one left alive after being responsible for the death of Mike's father.

She, along with Ryan and Mike, are targeted by Mark for the death of his family. Even though, she keeps the secret of Lily's murder within the inner circle, she is obviously bothered by the secrecy.

She sontinues to be the conscious voice of reason between the three of them. This is exhibited when she stops the guys from torturing information out of a suspect.

Any leweigh she had previously afforded them in their violent tendencies has gone, and she is no longer willing to cover up the darkness. Max is hit especially hard when Mark and his friends kill the crew members of her deceased fathers fire company. The intense feelings lead her to temporarily reconnect with Mike, as she now understands his feelings about Lily better.

She is beaten and critically injured by Daisy after being abandoned by Mike when they arrested Strauss. She later discusses details of the cover up with him, unaware of the fact that Tom is still watching her on the cameras set up by Kyle and Daisy.

While recovering from her injuries, she ends up alone with Strauss' best student while investegating the infiltration into the FBI's servers. The police show up just as she is about to be stabbed by Sam a. She becomes extremely worried when Ryan suffers from PTSD and starts drinking again after his altercation with Carroll. She finds out that Tom has betrayed the bureau, but only after he kidnaps Mike and hands him over to Mark, Daisy, and Theo.

She punches Ryan when she finds out that he knew that Mike was taken, but he loops her in. She and Ryan save Mike. After their debriefing, Mike declares his love for her,and she and Mike kiss in the parking garage.

the following mike and max relationship trust

She invites him over, but just as she is about to leave, Mark comes up behind Mike and stabs him multiple times. She tries to get out of the car to stop him, but he pulls her out and attempts to stab her as well. Mike shoots him just in time. Max is able to kill Daisy when they rescue Gina from Theo. Max returns the declaration of love to Mike while he is recovering in the hospital. Max saves Ryan from Theo and Eliza. When Ryan's body can't be found, she tells Mike, then breaks down as the two cry together.

Max and Mike promise to help Gwen raise her baby, and Max's cousin.

the following mike and max relationship trust

Connie Nielsen portrays Lily Gray. Portrayed by Connie Nielsen. A wealthy socialite, she is initially successful at pretending to be the sole surviving victim of the subway attack and begins developing a close friendship with Ryan Hardy. Hardy eventually realizes that Gray is a Carroll follower. She escapes to the countryside with her sons, identical twins Luke and Mark, whom she unofficially adopted under mysterious circumstances. She attempts to have Joe as a part of her life and in a relationship, but he betrays her and expresses her contempt for her.

After believing Luke to have died, Lily swears revenge on Ryan and Mike, kidnapping Max and attempting to kill her and murder Mike's father. After discovering Luke's survival, Lily hires assassins to save him and kill anyone in their way, and her son reunites with her and Mark. After they find Joe's location, Lily hires assassins to kill the Korban members and to bring Joe to her so she can kill him.

She is found by Mike Weston, who shoots and kills her, avenging his father's death despite Ryan and Max's efforts to persuade him not to. Mandy Lang[ edit ] Portrayed by Tiffany Boone. She lives with Carroll for a year when he stays with her mother Judy, a groupie who communicated with Carroll in prison. Mandy regards Carroll as the father figure she never had and stabs her mother, who has become suspicious of Carroll, to death, in order to flee with Carroll.

However, like Jacob, Mandy is hesitant to murder in Joe's name. After listening to Joe and Emma talk about how they view Mandy as weak and a lost cause, Mandy leaves Joe's cult.

She later goes to Lily and her sons' location, intent on living with them. However, Lily has her sons torture Mandy for Joe's location. They kill her after she refuses to reveal this information. Both portrayed by Sam Underwood. Identical twins, they are the unofficially adopted sons of wealthy deviant Lily Gray. They are the most prominent members of Lily's cult and those whom she seems to care for most. Along with Gisele and Carlos, they carry out the subway murders which occur a year after Carroll's supposed death.

Luke is later apprehended by the FBI, while Mark is left to roam along with his mother, both of whom believe Luke to be dead. However, they discover his location and free him. After their mother is killed, they swear vengeance, capturing Claire Matthews. When the twins find out that Mike killed their mother, Luke attempts to kill him but is shot to death by Max. Mark escapes with his brother's dead body to an unknown location.

Luke, the elder twin, is more outgoing than Mark, the younger. Luke is the leader, obsessed with death, revenge, and hints at being necrophiliac. He is also more psychotic than Mark.

Mark is quieter and more practical but can be just as ruthless. He has a form of Haphephobiawhich is revealed when Emma attempts to touch him before he allows her to. Luke is attracted to Gisele. Despite their differences, the twins deeply care for one another. In season 3, Mark enlists the help of a young married couple, Kyle and Daisy Locke, to take part in a series of murders, manipulating the crime scenes to shadow the deaths of his mother, twin and sister.

He shows signs of schizophrenia, having conversations to himself as Luke and himself. He kills FBI agent Jeff Clarke, who he had recorded on video admitting to allowing a black ops mission to take down Arthur Strauss, among others. After going off the radar, Mark followed Max and Mike to a garage, where he stabbed Mike but was killed by Mike before he could harm Max. Mike recovered from his wounds. Recurring characters[ edit ] Marshal Scott Turner: Portrayed by John Lafayette.

He is an FBI agent assisting in finding Carroll and his cult. In season 2, he is assigned to watch over Claire Matthews and her family in witness protection.

Season 1 Troy Riley: Portrayed by Billy Brown. He is an agent with the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Maggie Kester stabs Riley to death after she is revealed to be another follower of the cult. Portrayed by Steve Monroe. He is a security guard revealed to be a member of Carroll's cult. Once captured, he reveals more information than he intended and commits suicide in shame. Portrayed by Chinasa Ogbuagu. She is an FBI agent working with Hardy, Parker and Weston, mainly tracking and uncovering information about the cult on the computer.

Portrayed by Michael Drayer. He is Maggie Kester's husband and one of Joe Carroll's followers. He is first seen attacking Ryan in Emma's old house. He later sets Stan Fellows, a literary critic who negatively reviewed Carroll's book, on fire by pouring gasoline on him. He helps Maggie trick the FBI into protecting her although her cover is blown when Jordy Raines gives her up by mistake. Rick helps her escape after she kills Troy Riley, but he is shot twice, fatally, by Ryan.

Portrayed by Jennifer Ferrin. Ryan's old girlfriend, she is revealed to be a follower of Carroll. She stabs Ryan and Claire at Ryan's apartment, but Ryan kills her.

She reluctantly serves as Carroll's lawyer, and is forced to send messages out at Carroll's request. He kills her after she helps him escape from federal custody. Warren Kole portrays Roderick. Portrayed by Warren Kole. Carroll's second-in-command, he helps gather the cult followers together. After running away with Joey, he is killed by another cult member. Portrayed by Li Jun Li. She works at a convenience store near where Paul, Emma, and Jacob are holding Joey.

Paul starts chatting her up looking for wine. After her shift, as they are making out, she tells Paul she doesn't want to have sex. But Paul does and keeps trying. She tries to get him to take her home, but he beats her against the car, knocking her out.

He brings her back to the farmhouse, where Emma demands that Megan be killed. Eventually Megan convinces Jacob to let her go and runs out of the house but is caught and stabbed by Emma. Paul and Emma tie her up and lock her in the basement. Ryan finds Megan, and she begs to be let go. She is used as a bargaining chip to keep the FBI and Ryan under control once they invade the house Joey Matthews is being kept at.

Megan is later set free. Portrayed by Tom Lipinski. He is a follower of Carroll put in charge of keeping tabs on Carroll's ex-wife and Ryan's former lover, Claire. After failing Joe twice, Charlie allows Joe to kill him in penance. Portrayed by Annika Boras. One of Joe Carroll's followers. She helps him in his second escape from police custody by killing a bystander. She assists Roderick in kidnapping Mike Weston to get Claire's location.

She assists Amanda Porter's murderous campaign of killing women named Claire Matthews. As the final Claire Matthews is in police custody, Sinclair shoots a police officer from behind to let Porter kill the last Claire Matthews. Ryan Hardy arrives and shoots Sinclair dead. Ryan dismisses the FBI's request for his help and appears to want nothing to do with the situation, much to Mike's disappointment.

However, Mike followed Ryan back to his apartment and discovers Ryan's vigilantly activities of chasing Carlos Perez, which Mike is forced to confiscate his belongings so Ryan won't be arrested. At the same time Ryan finally reveals info on the belief that Joe may be alive, revealing that Joe had a half-brother and that his brother's body may have been used to fake his death.

Mike however, dismisses all of this and tells Ryan to either stay out of the FBI's way or give them his help. After discovering Emma Hill's location, Mike and agent Gina Mendez storm her home and kill 6 followers and take the remaining one to custody.

Ryan was present, but Mike says he'll tell him what happened later.

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However, after Ryan asks for his help on Lily Gray, the only survivor of the subway massacre, they soon discovers her in a lie and with the help of Weston's subway video footage realizes that Lily is involved with the cult.

She escapes after murdering two agents, to which Ryan and Mike reveal her involvement to the public. After discovering surveillance of the missing Mandy Lang, Weston, Mendez, and the FBI discover an image of Joe and Mandy from a surveillance camera, but fail to actually identify the man in the picture as Joe, however, Mike has doubts.

Believing Ryan may be right, he receives a call from Ryan about the location of Lily's home, to which Mike is unable to tell Mendez, as he now believes the FBI may be compromised. Mike travels to Ryan and Max's location on his own. Revealing the image to Ryan, they confirm it is Joe Carroll, alive. Mike apologizes to Ryan for not believing him earlier and the create a plan to lure Joe out.

the following mike and max relationship trust

The plan works as they capture Luke Gray. However, Mike's erratic behavior causes him to rough Luke up after the latter taunts him and what he would do to Max.

While Ryan goes to Lily's house, Max and Mike are at the exchange for Joe, to which Lily never kept her word and brought a hostage instead. After Mike flattens her tires, he threatens to kill Luke after stabbing him twice in the back with a box knife. He begrudgingly lets him go when Lily lets her hostage go and they give chase. When Mike finds Lily and Mark, he is ambushed by Luke, to which he shoots him twice in the chest though Luke was wearing a bullet proof vest. Just as Luke stops him from going after the others, Mike beats him to the ground and brutally beats him to a bloody pulp to the point of almost killing him had Max not stopped him.

They then meet Ryan at an airstrip just missing Joe, as the group now realize Joe is really alive. After hearing of Max's capture, Weston returns to help find Max. After Ryan receives the video of Max on his phone, he questions Luke, who remains in custody at a hospital. Luke reveals the man's name: Kurt Bowlenknown as "The Huntsman" - a known serial killer. Max escapes into the woods, with Kurt chasing her.

Julia gives Joe a lie detector test to ensure his intentions are genuine. Back at the headquarters, Ryan receives a video text message from Lily and puts it on screen in the FBI's office.

Weston recognizes Lily is at his father's house, as the video turns to his father strapped in a chair. Mark slits his throat and kills him. As Weston runs out of the room crying hysterically, Lily teases Ryan that she has more surprises in store for him. Ryan catches Weston weeping outside and holds him.

The funeral for Weston's father takes place, with Ryan and Max attending. When Ryan goes missing, Mike and Max go to find him at Dr. Weston finds Arthur's pupil Cole as Cole was looking for tools and shoots him. Ryan frees himself and then Carrie Cooke. Ryan and Weston tie Strauss to the table and whip his hand until he reveals that Joe had a connection to a female in the FBI. That night Mike and Max begin to bond as she asks how he's been since his fathers death, and Mike seems to now start opening up to him since then.

After he fells asleep, Max was seen watching over him. Ryan doesn't believe she's guilty, but questions her outside of her apartment. Luckily, Jana's friend lets Mike and Ryan in. They find Mendez and have an ambulance called before cornering Jana and questioning her about where Joe is.

Jana proceeds to shoot herself in the head. Mendez is taken away, alive, in an ambulance. After the massacre at the book store, Mike was present watching Carrie plays the clip on her news report, a video of Joe announcing to the world that he's still alive and nobody is to feel safe.

Weston walks Max out and ends up getting into a car with unknown men. Weston is transferred to another car and blindfolded on the way to a location where he meets up with Agent Philips. Philips brings him to a room where he comes face-to-face with Claire Matthews, alive with a new look. Weston catches Claire up on everything and she expresses interest in helping find Joe instead of letting witness protection move her, but Weston insists she stays safe.

He then returns home to assist Ryan finding Joe and expresses his surprise that Max called his mom worried about him. He assists Ryan in finding Mallory. They track her location to a restaurant she used to work at and Ryan tries to get information about where Joe is out of Mallory, but Patrick slits her throat before being shot dead by Mike.

In "Freedom" Ryan and Mike continue researching information on Lily Gray and cults that believe in blood sacrifice. Two men cause chaos after stabbing a group of people at a bakery, sending them all to the hospital.

Mike and Ryan realize it's Lily Gray's work as they rush to the hospital to stop Luke from escaping. Luke escapes the hospital after being chased down by Ryan, though Serena and Decklan, Lily's hired mercenaries, are killed by Mike and Ryan, respectively.

As Mike expresses his frustration over the whole ordeal, Ryan reaffirms him that they will get them and have their lives back. When the return to Ryan's apartment, Mike is shocked to see Scott at the door and Mike panics and tells Ryan that he can explain everything to which Claire is already seen by Ryan.

Left speechless by Claire's appearance, Scott tells everyone to leave, to which Ryan warns Mike not to stay, which Mike agrees knowing Ryan is not in the mood now.

En route, Mike repeateldly tries to apologize to Ryan, to which Ryan eventually understands why he did what he did and gets over his anger at Mike. Mike and Ryan arrive and Mike kills Lucas during the ensuing battle and is stopped by Ryan from killing the students wearing masks that Robert super glued to their faces. Ryan goes after Joe's followers and calls Mike and Ryan tells Mike to take care of Claire and Max before he follows Joe's followers back to the Korban compound. Later on, when Mike returns to the apartment after Ryan ditches him to find Joe, Max once again conveys her worry when she finds Mike has injured his arm.

She tells him Carrie broadcasted Joe's latest video message on the news. Carrie then arrives to see Ryan and Mike asks Claire to go into the bedroom to leave himself and Max alone to deal with Carrie. Claire voices her idea to broadcast her return on the news, as to lure Joe out and thus, find Ryan.

Max believes "it's all kinds of crazy" but doesn't speak against it otherwise. Mike and Max go to meet he preacher whose son Joe kidnapped in the episode before. They discuss how they are both dealing with the situation at hand and Max voices her concern for Mike and her hope that he isn't on some vengeful mission to kill Lily Gray and an attempt to avenge his father's death.

Max's computer alerts her to a lead of Lily Gray, telling them where one of her residences is. Later, when Mike and Max arrives at Joe's cults camp, Mike uses the chance to sneak away to pursue Lily who was close.