Trying to make ends meet rare vintage detroit funk

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trying to make ends meet rare vintage detroit funk

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It was incorporated as a city in Woodward was followed, featuring grand boulevards as in Paris. Prior to the American Civil Warthe city's access to the Canada—US border made it a key stop for refugee slaves gaining freedom in the North along the Underground Railroad.

trying to make ends meet rare vintage detroit funk

Many went across the Detroit River to Canada to escape pursuit by slave catchers. Most notable among them was the David Whitney House located at Woodward Avenuewhich became a prime location for mansions.

During this period some referred to Detroit as the Paris of the West for its architecture, grand avenues in the Paris style, and for Washington Boulevard, recently electrified by Thomas Edison. Strategically located along the Great Lakes waterway, Detroit emerged as a major port and transportation hub. Ina thriving carriage trade prompted Henry Ford to build his first automobile in a rented workshop on Mack Avenue. During this growth period, Detroit expanded its borders by annexing all or part of several surrounding villages and townships.

Ford's manufacturing—and those of automotive pioneers William C. Durantthe Dodge BrothersPackardand Walter Chrysler —established Detroit's status in the early 20th century as the world's automotive capital.

trying to make ends meet rare vintage detroit funk

With the rapid growth of industrial workers in the auto factories, labor unions such as the American Federation of Labor and the United Auto Workers fought to organize workers to gain them better working conditions and wages. The labor activism during those years increased influence of union leaders in the city such as Jimmy Hoffa of the Teamsters and Walter Reuther of the Autoworkers.

The city became the 4th-largest in the nation inafter only New York CityChicago and Philadelphiawith the influence of the booming auto industry. The prohibition of alcohol from to resulted in the Detroit River becoming a major conduit for smuggling of illegal Canadian spirits. The Great Migration brought rural blacks from the South; they were outnumbered by southern whites who also migrated to the city.

Immigration brought southern and eastern Europeans of Catholic and Jewish faith; these new groups competed with native-born whites for jobs and housing in the booming city.

trying to make ends meet rare vintage detroit funk

Detroit was one of the major Midwest cities that was a site for the dramatic urban revival of the Ku Klux Klan beginning in It was defeated after numerous prosecutions following the kidnapping and murder in of Charles Poole, a Catholic Works Progress Administration organizer. A total of 49 men of the Black Legion were convicted of numerous crimes, with many sentenced to life in prison for murder. Looking south down Woodward Avenuewith the Detroit skyline in the distance, July In the s the world's "first urban depressed freeway" ever built, the Davison[33] was constructed in Detroit.

During World War II, the government encouraged retooling of the American automobile industry in support of the Allied powersleading to Detroit's key role in the American Arsenal of Democracy. Some European immigrants and their descendants feared black competition for jobs and housing. The federal government prohibited discrimination in defense work but when in JunePackard promoted three blacks to work next to whites on its assembly lines, 25, whites walked off the job.

Over the course of three days, 34 people were killed, of whom 25 were African American. Detroit manufacturers such as Packard and Hudson merged into other companies and eventually disappeared.

trying to make ends meet rare vintage detroit funk

In this postwar era, many African Americans from the South viewed the North as the pinnacle of freedom and opportunity distinct from the strict Jim Crow laws and racial discrimination policies in the South, inspiring the Great Migration. With this huge influx of individuals moving into the city, competition arose for employment, housing, and land.

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Racial discrimination took place in employment keeping the work force intentionally predominantly white. Unequal opportunities in employment created unequal housing opportunities for the majority of the black community. The surge in Detroit's black population with the Great Migration augmented the strain on housing scarcity.

Black people were often turned away from bank loans to obtain housing and interest rates and rent were unfairly inflated to keep black people from moving into white neighborhoods. These racist policies were further reinforced with the concept of redlining which encouraged white people to further guard the racial divide that defined their neighborhoods.

This marginalized the agency of black Detroiters—another important aspect in the history of postwar Detroit. However, this construction had negative implications for the residents involved.


Many of these highways intentionally tore through black neighborhoods mostly low income or blighted neighborhoods displacing these individuals without considering the repercussions that this would bring to them. It was the last line of what had once been a mile network of electric streetcars.

In at peak times, a streetcar ran on Woodward Avenue every 60 seconds. The metro Detroit area developed as one of the most sprawling job markets in the United States by the 21st century, and combined with poor public transport, resulted in many jobs beyond the reach of urban low-income workers.

Tryin' To Make Ends Meet - Rare Vintage Detroit Funk CD

Over the next sixty years, the city's population declined to less than 10 percent of the state's population. During the same time period, the sprawling Detroit metropolitan area, which surrounds and includes the city, grew to contain more than half of Michigan's population. In JuneRev. Martin Luther King Jr. While the civil rights movement gained significant federal civil rights laws in andlongstanding inequities resulted in confrontations between the police and inner city black youth wanting change.

Longstanding tensions in Detroit culminated in the Twelfth Street riot in July The result was 43 dead, injured, over 7, arrests, and more than 2, buildings destroyed, mostly in black residential and business areas.

Thousands of small businesses closed permanently or relocated to safer neighborhoods. The affected district lay in ruins for decades. The NAACP argued that although schools were not legally segregated, the city of Detroit and its surrounding counties had enacted policies to maintain racial segregation in public schools. The NAACP also suggested a direct relationship between unfair housing practices and educational segregation, which followed segregated neighborhoods.

The party got shutdown and I was ticketed by cops a couple times.

trying to make ends meet rare vintage detroit funk

I was sick of planning a warehouse party all month and then at the last minute getting shut down on some bullshit. I couldn't book performers if I had to risk getting shutdown by cops. I also didn't want to put all the performers and party-goers at risk. Moving to the Majestic allowed us to be sure that the party would happen.

No worries about raids. It is also built for performance, so it is very accommodating for all artists involved. The music is what brings everyone together. It's a universal language. Funk and soul music speaks to people, young and old no matter what their background. Many records from the discography have quickly become collectibles grabbing high prices on places like eBay.

We started by putting out two 45s with Billy Love. After those two records were released, I instantly became obsessed with putting out new records and the rest is history. Since the party has been on hiatus, I have focused a lot of energy on the label.